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  1. Thank you 😁. I downloaded the files individually. I'm not able to download multiple files at one time. Apparently, you must have a MediaFire premium account to do that.
  2. There appears to be only a single file at that URL. A preview.png file.
  3. Do these integrated packs include the less weathered cockpit versions or default?
  4. The textures appear to work just a well as before the 4.006 patch. I checked the Bf 110 G2 and BF 109 G6 cockpits and can still discern the wonderful improvements.
  5. @The-Doctor, You can remove me from your list. Good luck everyone!
  6. I mention the various states of the gear doors because I build P-51 models and I noticed that most photos I found showed then in the up position for parked aircraft. I wanted to present my model in a typical pose. I found this link which contains a multitude of stories about flap and gear door procedures. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/35864-p-51-landing-gear-doors-a-totally-unscientific-survey/ This was an interesting post from the above link:
  7. Was there actually a step in the check list to release the hydraulic pressure from the system? I have seen many pictures from WW2 of parked P-51s with the gear doors in a variety of states from all the way up, partially down and all the way down.
  8. I agree completely. At first I thought I did not have this issue. But then I realized that do not tilt my head like I saw in the proof demo. When I did tilt my head like that I saw the same problem. I do have the roll axis enabled I just don't roll my head that much when I look back. I suspect that everyone using TIR and equivalent have this problem with 3.001, those that don't see just do not realize it there.
  9. 60. Looks like I'm near the outer edge of the envelope.
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