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  1. Allthough it is nice, if a few hardcore guys are coming back, this will not give enough sells to stay the series alive I would try another approach: Cheap "VR experience" version / 4 scenarios (1 fighter and bomber on each side) / only SP / easy controls / all set up for VR (no setup) So it is something for "non pilots" - but giving them a great VR experience over Stalingrad. Maybe as well with very easy controls: If someone decides to stay, he will buy the full version. If not, 10 times more sells for 14,00 USD would double the total sales. There is nothing to loose anyhow. Changing nothing will be the end:
  2. I accidently took the wrong side at registration. How can I change sides ? Or delete the account to do it again ?
  3. What graphic card do you have ? You should be able to turn on grass again, if your GPU supports DX11. Check here: http://solidlystated.com/hardware/list-of-directx-12-and-directx-11-compatible-video-cards/
  4. I have the same problem. Maybe a "reset FFB" command to be set on a key would solve it.
  5. Only FFB sticks move the neutral position with trim. That is more important to me, than force and shake effects. Using FFB2. Down side: Does not work on all hardware anymore, as BoS doesn't offer to swap FFB axis.
  6. I have the same problem, making the great stick useless. I have to fly without force
  7. I prefer the BoS 190 over the DCS though. Every model is different. It is very subjectiv - no sense to compare anyhow.
  8. CTD when pressing Apply after change of force/shake value in "input device"
  9. Is this bug only new on my side: CTD when hitting Apply after changing force/shake value ?
  10. correct - look online: you sometimes don´t know, wether they taxi or take off - and then they ground loop
  11. At least half of the first customers will resell it, because they get sick. So there should be cheap ones on ebay soon
  12. Do you guys already have an idea, who is willing to invest ? It would need a few millions, I guess. Better invested would be some ideas, how to get at least ten times as much players into MP. How many would come due to better eyecandy, allthough it is already the best looking WW2 sim ?
  13. Don´t take the CH pedals. They are much too close. I did ditch mine after a week. Take the Saitek, or invest in good quality pedals.
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