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  1. Keep the setting on relatively easy, don't take it too seriously yet, play quick missions and careers. A game like this takes a long time to get competent at let alone good. I am new to this and fully expect it to take me months. I have a life, a job, and cant spend hours at it. But I knew all this before I bought it. Learn from your mistakes. Watch videos on the basics of flying and controlling the plane. Don't worry too much about dogfighting yet. Just learn to take off, fly, land. Shooting can come later.
  2. If you are talking from initial/early South East Asia point of view onwards, then how about:- Ki-27 Ki-43 Ki-30 Ki-21 With the prospect of the Ki-44 & Ki-61 coming later in the time line. Of course you may also have the Ki-45 in there as well which could possibly replace the Ki-30. Especially as the RAF sent Beaufighters to the theatre (mid 43 I think). How's that for starters? Obviously from the allied side, the two early fighters would be the F2A Buffalo and Mk.IIb Hurricane. Not sure when the P40 Tomahawk arrived in theatre. Initial Light & Heavy bombers, not sure on that.
  3. I would love to see the Hurricane in IL2 as a collector plane. As long as the MC.200 is added at the same time.
  4. I would not expect them to do a Pacific release, until they can do it justice. No matter how much I want a Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki, I will wait as long as it takes. After all, I have only just got into IL2 and still have a lot to learn/play.
  5. The issue of value is down to the individual. Some would happily pay double for a collector plane. Others wouldn't pay half the current costs. As far as any 109 goes. At the end of the day they all fly similar. Of course there are differences here and there. But essentially they are pretty much the same experience. If I had a map to play them on I would buy both the Bf109 G-6 and La-5FN. But I only have Moscow & Stalingrad. The rest can wait for another pay day.
  6. All I am going to say is HS 129 B-2. You may as well put me in an old school US muscle car and get me to do some donuts. You will end up with the same result. 😂
  7. Plus throw the Ki-44 in somewhere with an appropriate map, and you can take my money now.
  8. I have no problem with a Korean War map/expansion. Its an attractive scenario, both geographically and technologically. I just don't want to play modern jets with all their modern systems. Never have. If others do, and want the complexity of DCS then fine. That's why DCS exists.
  9. Dam right they would. The MC.200 has a history on the eastern front, I don't know enough about the Buffalo though. But still, a couple of interesting planes.
  10. DCS can keep all the F18's and SU27's. If I wanted to play those planes I would be in DCS. I have no desire to run around at supersonic speeds while shooting missiles at people. The reason I started playing IL2 is because its WW2 and the eastern front. Plus there is plenty of room for expansion within the confines of WW2. The Pacific, Italy and the Mediterranean, North Africa, etc.
  11. Italy and the Mediterranean would suit me fine.
  12. If the two new, not yet revealed, collector planes are indeed for BoBP, then look what we do know about BoBP. The planes that will be included are:- 109 G-14, 109 K-4, 190 A-8, 262. P51D, P47D, Spitfire IX, Tempest V Plus P-38J & 190 D-9. With that in mind, why would any of the two unannounced planes be yet another 109? A Spitfire XIV is possible, assuming it served in those areas in that time frame. Both the 410 and Mosquito can make a case for inclusion. If you squint, turn around three times and cross your fingers, maybe even a Meteor. Even though they would not allow it to fly over enemy territory. Maybe a new twin engined bomber. But the one thing that makes me wonder is this. BoBP is currently on early access. I am assuming it will be fully live by early next year. What if the two new planes are not for BoBP? What if they are for a different 'early access' chapter? Unlikely I know. But still.
  13. I hope so. Burma, China, New Guinea, would be interesting as far as the variety of planes and setting is concerned. Ki-43 Ki-44 Ki-61 Ki-45 I know. I like the Japanese Army planes. But I can only give my own personal opinion. Not carrier battles please. While they may be historically important, I dont really fancy a carrier only based setting. Maybe a campaign. Landing on a grass airfield is hard enough though.
  14. A mosquito would definitely sell well. It would also be nice to have something from 1941, so it could be used in BoM.
  15. Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki. But I guess we will need a new theatre of operations (Burma/China) for this one.
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