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  1. VR all the way!! With VR you no longer just "play" a game, instead you "experience" it. Especially with titles like IL-2.
  2. Not only that, but missions for the Me109 on the Bodenplatte map often pushes the limits of how much gas that airplane can carry without droptanks. For other planes I think this is less of an issue.
  3. I really like that list - well said! Besides making the career mode more dynamic in a traditional sense, I think there is also room for IL-2 to further increase the immersion of SP gaming, which can also provide, in a way, a dynamic feeling to the overall experience without been truly dynamic in nature. For example, been able to contact your home base or other friendly bases by radio or having a ground controller guiding you vocally to the enemy flight (and having the option for the player to contact him as well) could make the whole environment become more dynamic. IMH
  4. Yeah, well that just shows how immersive an experience IL-2 can be in VR.
  5. I consider the D-9 to be my most favorite plane in IL-2. Looks great. Sounds great. Feels great. Smells great.
  6. What's the best VR set depends a lot on what your hardware specs are. I think the perhaps best cost/performance solution presently available is the Rift S. Well, that's what I'm using anyway, and I'm happy with it. There are VR sets with higher resolution. But those require considerably higher PC "horsepower", too. Installing the Rift S was easy. The installation program will guide you through. The set-up only took me a few minutes.
  7. That was a great and very interesting Podcast indeed! My heartful thanks to both of you.
  8. Not to mention that the AI pilots can blackout just as you as the player can. You can even achieve kills this way by forcing an enemy AI pilot to take such hard manoeuvres that he will actually pass out. At low altitudes he might then hit the ground. I've seen this happening. Oh, and welcome to the (indeed very addictive) VR club!
  9. I can also confirm that with career based missions, the AI overall has improved quite a bit (I mostly play on medium difficulty). The only exception I noticed is that once the enemy flight is getting inferior in numbers, they are getting much more defensive, which to me makes sense. But when they are superior in numbers (which is the case at the beginning of most encounters), they often really go for it.
  10. Just installed the new pack and I really like them new buildings. I was already using your previous mod. Now this one will stay. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Merci beaucoup!
  11. From my own experience it seems that you have to be quite careful with all the Me109 engines. In contrast, the engines on the FW190 series seems to be capable of taking much more abuse from the pilot - up to a point, of course.
  12. Hmm, I don't know if this happened by chance, but since the latest patch, I have been PK'd twice - by my own AI pals!! In both cases, I was right behind an enemy fighter, just shredding it to pieces, when suddenly the same thing happened to me from behind. As it turned out, I was twice blasted out of the sky by one of my own AI squadron mates who obviously didn't gave a damn that I was actually inside his line of fire - he pulled the trigger anyway. I guess he figured a Ritterkreuz is just more important...
  13. Same here, but the AI already did so before the latest update, so the patch 4.005 probably won't have anything to do with that issue.
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