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  1. I haven't noticed any head movement in VR.
  2. Would be awesome if this generator could be extended to incorporate Flying Circus!
  3. While I do consider the present career mode to be decent, I also think that it still has lot's of undeveloped potential. Would be nice if these would be addressed by the devs some day.
  4. I think so, too. I for one am pretty sure that whatever the devs will come up next with, it'll be exciting. Really sorry to hear about the accident. All the best for the team member. May he have a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.
  5. szelljr, your skins are absolue gorgeous! Love them all! Thanks for sharing!
  6. The manual says: "Cover me: orders your flight to remain in formation and provide protection against enemy aircraft" But I also wonder whether this should/does apply to the whole flight or only your wingman. I noticed that after giving this order, the AI sometimes does reform on your wing (in case you are the flight leader).
  7. Gretsch_Man


    Same here. After sitting on the fence for quite some time, I finally got FC just yesterday. Well, I heartly second your statement - WOW indeed! Gotta add that I play in VR and boy what a ride FC is. I sincerly hope that vol.1 is going to sell well so that we might see vol.2 coming with a full blown carrer mode eventually. A big THANK YOU to the devs!
  8. Ah, never mind - I got it to work from Steam.
  9. Hi guys! I just bought FC. I already own BoS, BoM and Bok, all three of which I bought from Steam. I was expecting that after activating the key of FC here at IL-2, I could fly those planes from my Steam version. Unfortunately this did not happen. Am I doing anything wrong or is this just normal procedure? Thanks for any info.
  10. I can also confirm that you can definately continue your carrier after finishing your BOM campaign. As LukeFF said, you just have to choose a new squadron. That way you could also completely switch aircraft types (e.g. from fighters to bombers) if you wish.
  11. Great looking spinners indeed!
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