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  1. Well, here in Japan the situation still doesn't look especially threatening, although we have probably been exposed almost from the beginning by lots of Chinese tourists, who just kept coming even weeks after the first announcements (last few years has seen a BIG increase in Chinese tourists coming to Japan). So I think compared to Europe and North America we got a "head-start" of perhaps 2-3 weeks with the virus. Yet so far only about 40 people have been reported dead due to COVID-19. To me that doesn't look that dangerous (last year alone, about 3000 people in Japan seems to have died due to "ordinary" flu). Sadly, mass media generally prefers to report only negative news. For them, bad news are good news. I believe that one of the most important things right now is to keep yourself in good shape, both physically and mentaly, as it has been shown that most people who got into trouble with this virus are older and often also have already been sick with other diseases, e.g. people with a poor immune system (those people definately have to be careful). In this sense, I'm not so sure about the wisdom of locking everyone inside their homes, as that could very well weaken many people, making them more vulnerable to the virus. On the other hand, a certain degree of discipline is required for everyone to make sure we won't infect other people. Well, just my two Yen.
  2. Having experienced plenty of earthquakes here in Japan myself, including a couple of "heavies" (magnitude 6+), I know how it feels when one hits town. I really hope you guys are okay. It will probably take some time for that terrifying feel in your guts to go away, especially when afterquakes just keep coming. Stay safe!
  3. I just got another one: Airfield: Nidda Squadron: II/JG2 Date: 1945.1.24
  4. I play as the Germans too. Playing fighter careers on BoBP map on medium difficulty and flying free hunting missions with 6 planes (instead of the 4 as proposed by the game), I sometime run into only one flight of 3 enemy planes. When that happens, my own AI pilots have them for breakfast.
  5. No, not always. Especially in career missions when your own side has the superior numbers of planes, your own AI pilots often just blow the enemy aircraft out of the sky in no time. On some of those missions, I couldn't even get any kills because the friendly AI chaps were faster.
  6. That chap most likely did that because he either passed out before the dive or will trying to get out of the dive. I wouldn't call that a quirk. Oh, and I haven't seen any AI pilots flying into hills. I have been flying many career missions on the southern part of the BoBP map which is very hilly (and beautiful) country. Many of these missions were fighter bomber intercept missions, were the whole flight is staying very low (max. 500m). The AI pilots have no problems flying these missions.
  7. I just ran into the exact same problem with the Gross-Ostheim airfield. Squadron: III/JG11 Date: 1944.12.23
  8. No problems with taking off in all versions of the FW190, including the Dora. The only exception is when there is a strong cross wind.
  9. I totally agree with you and I can also confirm your statement. Especially with the BoBP map, it usually doesn't happen in my career missions that the enemy is following me back to my base. The only exception is with the Me262, where you frequently encounter a flight of Tempest trying to rat catch you. Since they did so historically, I don't see any problem with this. Bottom line is, depending on how you approach your SP career, the base game can in fact be quite playable (read enjoyable). Just give it a try and BoX a chance. This game deserves it!
  10. Ah, the Ta152! Now I surely would LOVE to have that one in IL-2. Right now I'm reading an account by Willi Reschke, who actually flew the Ta152 in combat (and even made I think two kills while doing so). If you aren't familiar with his account, here are some of his impressions: * Acceleration on take off was so great that once body was pressed against the seat back. * The Ta lifted off after only a few hundred meters. * Initial climb rate was enormous. Oh, and the Ta had a 30mm in it's spinner, together with two MG151 in the wing roots.
  11. Same here. As far as prop planes go, the Dora 9 is my absolute favorite. I especially love the ingame engine sound. I was also wondering why there is only a counter for the MG151. Regarding your original question of why a 30mm wasn't used in the spinner, I think that was because the Dora was designed to mainly engage enemy fighters, for which the armament installed was quite sufficient. Adding a 30mm would have been overkill plus a decrease in performance.
  12. Each time the AI had an issue with the take off I was NOT the flight lead. If my memory serves me right, all 4 times I had the problem the whole flight was flying the FW190-D9. What's happening is that the AI pilots rev up their engine, then roll a bit and then they start turning to the left. After about a 270 degree turn, they sit there on the air strip blocking the take off path for the other a/c. The fourth time this happened I noticed that there was some cross wind of 9m/s. I skipped that mission and on the very next one, the cross wind was only 4m/s and all the AI pilots took off without any hitch. I don't know if this problem is only limited to the FW190-D9, but something must be wrong with the AI.
  13. All the comments in this thread (with the exception of the original poster and myself) about the "OP" so far have been focused solely on what the player ought to do. No one made any mention about weird AI behaviour on take off, which I personally have so far experienced 4 times during campaign missions. Such missions become virtually unplayable unless you either switch to air start mode or go flying solo. Else, all you can do is to skip the mission and hope for the best with the next one. Granted, this is no game stopper, but because I believe the devs at least ought to take a look at that, I just wanted to put more focus on this particular problem.
  14. I wouldn't go THAT far, but basically I agree. There are many castles on hills and near rivers like the Mosel and it would indeed be nice to get at last a few of them here and there.
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