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  1. By and large I say IL-2 has developed into a great and exciting series. And the devs keep improving various aspects of the sim, which is something I appreciate a lot. Sure, it's not perfect, but perfection is something you'll never get, for everybody anyway. There'll always be someone who complains about something. That's just life. In Japanese there is a saying -"junin toiro" literally meaning "10 people, 10 colors" - just an expression to say that everyone is just different. But in a way that also makes life more interesting imho. Anway I'm quite having a ball playing IL-2. And for that VR experience that IL-2 is providing I just feel grateful. I'm sure that whatever next theater we gonna get, it'll be exciting. Keep up the great work, 1C!
  2. Well, that's one the things I really enjoy flying in my present Me262 campaign. After you done with whatever you did, you just head home with a big grin on your face trying to imagine the cursing that must be going on behind you.
  3. I remember a tutorial I saw on Youtube a while ago. Don't remember who made it, but the guy claimed that only the needle giving direction was working. Thereafter I didn't pay much attention to that instrument until I acccidentally noticed that the other needle showing distance is also working. Today I also checked with the Me110-G2 and the Me262, on Kuban and Rheinland maps. The needle is working on both planes/maps. Don't know if the devs added this recently, but it's certainly a nice to have feature.
  4. Yes, I heard that before also. Interestingly just yesterday, while flying in a FW Dora, I noticed that the vertical needle did move also, which took me be suprise. I haven't tried that on any other planes yet.
  5. When it comes to Italian aircraft you may be right. But I think Italy should make for a nice looking map. Lot's of hilly country and lot's of coastline - much like the Kuban map. And that one is a beauty.
  6. Oh yes, experiencing IL-2 in VR is just that - a true and amazing experience. With VR you're no longer "playing" a game, you're "piloting" an airplane.
  7. Yeah, it's especially annoying when you fly the Me262 and the recon planes you're supposed to intercept turn out to be a flight of Spitfires... Unless the Spitfire pilot has fallen asleep, I don't think there is any way for a Me262 to shoot down a Spitfire, although in the Me262 it shouldn't be difficult to make sure the Spitfire won't shoot you down, either. In conclusion, such a mission setup seems to me pretty pointless.
  8. Exactly what I've been thinking about this topic, too. Very well said!
  9. While I do think that the present career mode is not that bad (and I have been spending quite some time playing that), I heartly agree with you here. Right now the missions you get during a campaign seems to be happening in some sort of a vacuum. There is no connection between missions, so there is no sense of been part of something bigger. Mission results are only reflected by the progress of your own personal career (or lack of it). But as the battles are taking their course regardless, mission results are otherwise meaningless. And your own AI buddys don't get thinks done either, so you just stop carying for them, too. So overall yeah, I too wish the devs would improve the career mode.
  10. One thing that I noticed is that now during career missions air turbulences have become much more frequent in appearance and also appear to be quite stronger. And I thought I've already mastered landing techniques...
  11. Yeah, I noticed that, too. However IMHO they should keep those cut scenes more simply & shorter (e.g. lower cost) but on the other hand having them more frequently during the campaign.
  12. I think what those "old" games achieved was to make you "feel" more involved. In those days, campaigns appeared to be more dynamic, even if they really weren't. It's hard to put this words, but it's probably all those little things like briefings etc. that just adds to the atmosphere. IL-2 certainly took some steps into the right direction. The pilots bio's and newspapers are all nice touches imho. I just believe that the single-player carrer mode has much more potential.
  13. Yeah, I'm also missing those good old games, which were so immersive. A good military flight sim is not only about properly simulating the planes, as important as it is, but in a way been a "pilot sim", too.
  14. There are two different versions available, PWCG for BoS 7.1.0 and PWCG for FC 7.1.0. For this title, you of course will need the second one.
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