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  1. The enemy AI is generally pretty decent, besides some particulary bad individual pilots. It flies its plane to it's full potential, doesn't do stupid maneuvers, is quite accurate. On the other hand, my AI wingmen are terrible. They can't stay behind their target, won't hesitate to enter a turn fight with much more maneuverable enemies, will dump all their ammunition all over the place but anywhere near the target... I don't know if I'm giving them bad orders, I'm flying with the worst pilots of my squadron or what, but they are only good as distractions for the enemy.
  2. IMO, the inability to control our wingmen effectively in Single Player is the biggest problem Il-2 BoX has right now. I don't know if it's an inherent limitation of the RoF engine, I hope it's not.
  3. I wonder what "do like me", "cover me" and "continue with mission" actually do. I think I've seen AIs "covering me" leave me as soon as they saw enemies on the other side of the map.
  4. I thought pressure altitude was simply putting the altimeter to 29.92/760 and reading the measurement
  5. Current OAT is crucial for calculating true air speed from IAS and viceversa. AFAIK, careers show only temperature at ground level, and I've seen an OAT gauge in the He 111 only. Also, only the Me 262 has a TAS gauge. Are there any other ways to finding OAT or TAS from the cockpit or without looking at the map? EDIT: if map icons are enabled, finding out ground speed shouldn't be too difficult. IIRC, each grid square is 10x10 km, so you just have to time it and do a bit of math and conversions. But that's a bit cheaty, and some multiplayer servers don't have map icons enabled.
  6. The game used to log in with Steam automatically at start, but since the last update it doesn't. However, after I close the error message window and click the green button to log in, it does so with no problems.
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