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  1. Finally, support fixed my problem and linked mySteam ID and IL-2 account. I can play now. Thanks for all your helps ! It's very kind. See u in the sky
  2. Yes, Steam give me the error #2 (master server connection) and the game give me error #4 (wrong email or password). That's what i think too. The account is probably corrupt or something like that. That's lucky ... I'm waiting the support reply and i will keep you informed... Cheers
  3. @RedKestrel After all, thanks for your reply. I think the issue is due to my account. Maybe the link with steam account? On IL2 website, i can see the BoK Key activated (gift by Gordon), but i don't see the BoS Key (bought through Steam). I reply at your question below : 1. I use Windows defender and Windows firewall. And i just installed Avast. I tried with all of these desactivated, but the issue is still here ; 2. I'm 100% sure of my username/password ; 3. I mean i can log into the Store and main page AND the forum ; 4. I can't launch the game from the client in offline mode because the game requires me to sign in once before i can play offline ; 5. I opened ports 80 and 443. I don't know what else to do on that part. Finally, yes i tried the CCleaner tip from above. And that's not effective too. Thanks for your help guys.
  4. @RedKestrel Ok bro. Unfortunately it never worked for me. I was never able to start the game...
  5. @Gordon200 So... The support asked me my steam ID and a screenshot of the main menu. When i try to login through the client (not steam), this error occurs : "#4 Wrong email or password". But i can log with my id and password ont the website,so...i don't know what happen. The key of Battle of Kuban is activated Through steam, i have the same issue than before (#2)...
  6. @Gordon200Thanks a lot for the gift and for the help. I installed the client. Now i try tolink my account and launch the game, but it's not working so far. I'll try again later and i'll tell you if it's ok. Cheers
  7. Hello all, I have the same issue. But all solutions i tried are not effective. See my post there : I send a ticket to the support. Could you please help? Thanks, HeWA
  8. I'm afraid to find a lot of similar topics on the forum : I tried to fix it with the CCleaner thing explained there : It didn't work. I tried to turn off the firewall, and it's not working neither. I tried to uninstal Nvidia geforce experience,...and it's not working. I can't find a real solution so far...PLEASE HELP!
  9. Hello, I bought the game yesterday on steam, and downloaded it. I can't play. This message appears when i click on the "I just bought the game" button : "#2 Your connection to the masterserver was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection." My connection is working properly btw. Could you please help? Thx, HeWA,
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