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  1. Agreed. They need to stop drinking, or I need to start to understand where this is going. Choke yourself?!? What?!?!
  2. And that’s what is awesome about humans as well. We come together to help others here through the common bond of their love of flight.
  3. Thanks for the help, this is all new to me, and I'm having a go at getting it sorted out. Frustrating but not over my head. i hand build somewhat complicated industrial electrical panels worth thousands, from nothing but a schematic and a box of parts, often "correcting" a customers Engineers theory when they don't get something right, but a silly joystick has me confused, lol. Attached is a picture of a panel I built last week for a customer for the first time, and had to correct the Engineer"s schematic (blueprint) in about 10 different places to get it to be properly wired. This is easy. Joystick is hard. Go figure...
  4. I was just wondering, is there any site I can download the equivalent to what the CD had on it when new? I would think Logitech would have a way to download the same program when you get the stick new, but I sure can't seem to find it. I did go to their site and download some sort of mapping software, but it doesn't have anything close to what the original manual talks about.
  5. thanks everyone, Ill try joy2key and see if it works for me. I like the stick, but support is garbage. currently saving for the warthog, its going to be a while though. I need TrackIR first.
  6. Hello All, I have purchased a used Saitek X52, which came without the programming software. I have downloaded the latest drivers for the stick off their website, but it does not seem to be the same as what I've seen that was supplied on a CD, most notably, there is no way to change the brightness level or time and date on the stick. I can bind for BOX, but I would like to attach the pinky key to the shift key, which I cannot figure out to do. I am a fabricator by trade, but very naive when it comes to programming and computers. Its not that I can comprehend the information, I just can figure out where to find the information. any help or links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, James
  7. Amazing work! As My favorite bird is the IL-2, this really holds my interest. I would be definitely interested in a way to build this.
  8. I've just scratched the surface so far, but definitely liking the new rocket sounds! Lots of new goodies to be had, quite unexpected but graciously thankful the older games are just not being forgotten! Thanks for for the hard work for all involved. I will show my gratitude once again come this Friday, which is payday. 😜
  9. anyone have any links to a winter version? maybe a little weathered or in the vein of "scratched nose" from the official skins. I'm in the middle of BOM career moving mud with the M41, and would love to see some nice skins for this airframe. I'v downloaded Krills and Foxbat"s excellent skins, I'm just looking for some worn winter ones right now. Thanks. I'd love to see these made public!
  10. if you speed it up to x8 speed and watch him, it looks as if he has earbuds in and grooving to some music! You might tell him to stop rocking out and start watching for Ivan!
  11. I love the generosity and intent! It's nice to see you support Shamrock5, I've been to the site a few times and have read his reviews. The aircraft is well made and fun to putt around in. I haven't worked through a mission yet, but the winter months are coming, and a perfect excuse to get some hours in. just nice to see the community support each other!
  12. Awesome! This was exactly what I was looking for. I will mess with it tonight after work. Thank you!
  13. Bump to see if anyone has the answer. I know it's a simple procedure more than likely, I just haven't been able to find it yet.....
  14. Welcome! I too am new here, and express the same gratitude for many that take the time to make everything from tutorials to graphics. Without their dedicated work, these games would be much different. As I become more immersed in this sim and soak up some of the vast knowledge here, I learn to appreciate everyone involved more every day.
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