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  1. Thanks folks, appreciate the suggestions! I'll check them out
  2. Greetings Pilots, Can anyone give a good recommendation for a normal skill level server? I've played flights sims on and off for many years but lately, after an operation for a detached retina, my vision is not what it used to be. Trying to pick out tiny little black dots is getting really hard. Funny side effect, after surgery I see occasional "floaters" tiny black dots and squiggles, that have messed me up more than once. I upgraded my monitor to 27" but still doesn't seem to help. I need the indicator arrows for vision in order to play successfully. thanks for any
  3. Thanks Fellas, appreciate the welcome and tips
  4. Single Player to get my bearings but Multiplayer eventually. Is there any place that lists what items are still not in the beta? For example I can't seem to find the Arras Sector Map. THanks!
  5. Hi All, Just picked up Flying Circus. I don't have any other of the WW2 mods yet. Any good guides that I can check out? I'm an old hand with the original IL-2 but it's been years!
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