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  1. Hi, This evening and for the 1st time I got a singular problem never seen before. Only the WoL server seems frozen in my lobby : blocked à 82/84 pilots, ping at 72 during +20 minutes before I give up. No variation while this time (82/84 and 72). Enter in the other servers in this same time for me was ok but impossible for me in WoL. Any idea to ident the problem?
  2. Maybe it's happened in history, yes, like miracoulous rare case. Our problem in this simulator is it happens each day... since long time :
  3. Lol! Few dozen 20mm + something like 370 x 7.92 hit for 64% damages... Only in dream or in this simulator I rather think No, this is Mozart's 1st recording (if you believe me, you can also believe the story of the only 64% damage for 407 hits) 🤡
  4. Thanks to Riksen and Artur for your answer
  5. Hi Gents, I can't understand why I'm banned for limited time after last mission finished few min ago. Thanks for explaination
  6. Thanks for the answer. Since all time when I flew in multiplayer session, I used a simple shortcut to get in and out statistics. Now I have to hit Esc and scrolling to statistics and push Enter for finaly hit Escape for turn back in game... Less practical :(
  7. Hi all, I got a small problem since the new patch : I can't access anymore to stats by shortcut keyboard in game. Am I the only one...?
  8. Yesterday few guys like me was identified like banned at the moment of connection (red icon beside my callsign), and so immediatly kicked. But after several try (4 / 5 for me), it was ok... May be a little bug.
  9. Like I said several time in previous messages, WoL is oldest server and pilots are used to fly in since ... long time. Naturally many return back in more easily, disavantaging others younger servers which offer similar missions and rules. I agree, it's not the only one reason. But what I meant by this comparison is that let the '' gps off '' obviously doesn't seem to be a hindrance on success
  10. Today on TAW, which doesn't use the gps. To use it seems not to be the recipe of success... Soon many guys will be tired by the limitation of planes rule in TAW. They will search an alternative full real server, without these kind of silly rules... Hurry up and drop this gps in trash, his true place when it's about ww2 simulator 😜
  11. Otto_bann


    If it's how you imagine navigating without gps, I understand better why you voted for gps on...😅 Please, don't teach this to your newbies, they would be disgusted for ever. You choose to go to the worst result of the poll (6%)??? So it was an inverted effect poll... LoL If you offer missions equivalent (or almost) of what other older servers do and which players are used to go, they will return to these older servers most easily. This is what is happening right now: with shorter range missions (+ gps on), the difference with WoL is less and Kota seems already to interest less players since few days. I think that's a large part of why. Tried to connect 2 time this evening : no one on Kota with gps on (~ 8 PM and around 10 PM or something, Paris time and same time in evening when the server was almost full few days ago). I looked quickly yesterday (without connect), no one too. Flying 2 days ago : ~10 guys (gps on too). One more proof that GPS on is not what make success of servers. Offer a choice of missions looking alike what older servers give since few years, with gps on, is an error imo. It will not be different enough for guys to want to change and the other pilots waiting something new will not connect on a ghost of WoL (or about an other server). Keep long range missions (like when the server started), gps off, without silly rules (reservation, limitation of planes, etc...) and let the time doing his job...
  12. About planes number limitation: Number of planes seems to be limited now. Are you sure it's a good idea? Last mission I took 1 F2. Between TO and landing I got several ground targets, 1 or 2 arti too and 3 planes (1 vulcher into). After landing, the 19 others F2 was already downed, crashed or something (with poor results yet, if I trust what I have read). Not possible to me to fly again my own F2 landed safe yet. I feel this not credible, nor fair too. I can't believe at ww2 when LW pilot landed safe, his plane was confiscated because the others had crashed their own. Imagine Hartmann forced to fly on an E7 because a wingman broke his own plane should be a funny story for cartoons, but... 🤡 I feel it wasn't what it is happened
  13. Hi Disarray, When I said anachronism, it's because the gps system wasn't born (1973) at ww2 and I don't see an other exemple of this kind of anachronism in you speech. If I follow your reasoning and if other examples of anachronism systems exist (something like ''turning off gps means we have to turn off the ohter existing anachronisms too''), anyway it will work at reverse way also : If the anachronic gps has to let it on, why don't turn on the external views, tags or HUD like our jets use now?
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