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  1. Maybe realistic sounds are still to be found. But this new video compared to my previous one, proves that I don't have anymore the problem of exaggerated breath (that the majority doesn't have). You have to listen to one after the other to better compare. Maybe also I recorded this one with too high volume sound setting .
  2. Since several days I try to solve my sound problems, alone or almost... If it seems that the majority is happy with this improvement, some of us have troubles and many of them don't express on this forum, some no longer dare. Hoping to get a fix by a clean game, I uninstalled (with a cleaning of regedit too) and reinstalled the game on a new drive yesterday (26GB). But I have solved... nothing at all by this way, the problem staying the same In fact the bad sound seems to come from the engine noise as well (for me). I deduce this because when I stop the engine in flight
  3. I don't have a sound card (included in motherboard). I don't think I can manage treble or bass. I never needed it before. Thanks anyway.
  4. Already tried. Same problem : the deep rumble is staying, just lower, + it decrease all of other sounds in game (bombs, cannons, gears...). I tried to manage W10 upper and lower, in game also, in my headset too, it's a failure so far. Thanks anyway.
  5. Here my video performed few minutes ago (it's a raw take, obviously). It's what I hear since the new sounds (W10 = 50%, sound in game = 100% like recommanded). Please, tell me if your sound is the same like mine. If the response is not, let me know the difference. Thanks https://youtu.be/Na2tbv62CXo P.S : I never used any mod.
  6. ... and in a plane with a ~1/4 (if Yak 52) or ~1/6 (if Yak 18) horse power compared at a ww2 fighter. The engine noise of a ~1500 hp engine can't be compared with the one with ~300 HP. And since I flew this plane too owned by a friend, I know that the cockpit a these Yak are not at all windproof. You can often see the ground betwen cockpit and fuselage (and also hear the pneumatic mechanisms like nowhere else) They are rustic planes built like in another time, it's often better to be warmly dressed to fly in it And don't forget this : your camera doesn't have a closed helmet which
  7. Yes I do. You can't admit the obvious and try to argue by calculations. Compare at all speeds you want, your level of wind noise is too high or may be it was made rather for Flying Circus at 1st. Other comparisons (the wind noise is barely audible or not at all): https://youtu.be/JGhMGQst4lo https://youtu.be/HUwZwAJovoI Like many others, I don't play for 15 minutes or 1/2 hour. If I play it is for 2 hours sometimes more. This sound is unbearable during these long sessions for me now. So I no longer use IL2 (I used it almost every day since many
  8. Rather to make calculations, compare your video with this one, it will most efficient and obvious imo : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/67848-game-version-4504-discussion-rough-terrain-visualization-new-cockpit-sounding-gfx-improvements-and-other/?do=findComment&comment=1037628 The new wind sound is too high in ww2 planes now and not only a bit imo.
  9. With switch on the wind sound looks like most of the one we can hear in a biplane with open cockpit.
  10. Thanks for this video. I would be so happy if I had your video sound in my simulator. I hear that the engine noise is clearly higher than the wind noise that you can barely hear. It's rather the opposite in my simulator. The wind noise in a closed cockpit is very lower beside the one of a ~1500 HP engine with free exhaust at 6 feet of the pilot's head with a closed helmet, it's obvious and your video prove it. This "improvement" should be probably most adapted for planes with small engines and with open cockpits like the ones of WW1. I flew in a
  11. Thank you for this more respectful response. For me and in the level of what seem the priorities, I would not have thought about the wind noise in the cockpit, but rather about improving the appearance of the clouds.
  12. Hi Kestrel, I challenge anyone to use my simulator since the new patch at your values. The volume of my Windows is 50% and the one of the game at 10%. And I already can't stay flying 1 hour. My headset is a Logitech G432 and I tried to remove the Surround and play with the other settings but nothing has improved my problem so far. I gonna try with an other headset soon, but I don't noticed any change on my other softs. I can't use IL2 anymore in current conditions.
  13. I know it, I fly in real since 1982 on many plane types. I noticed if I'm not alone to got this problem, I'm among a very few number. But this would not be the first time that corrections are necessary after your upgrades... that's why I thought of a bug and hoped in a future correction. It's no longer possible for me to play several hours as before and unfortunately, I have already pre-ordered Normandy like all time when a new operation theater is announced. If I had known this problem I wouldn't bought it. I wouldn't have bought it either if I
  14. After several restarts and finaly of my PC too, I can hear my engine again now. But this wind sound is always too high IMO. So I decrease the sound of the game because it's an annoying and tiring noise for me. I hope a correction soon for that.
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