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  1. Hi Gents, Is someone playing on our favorite simulator on a large Oled TV like the LG C9? If yes and since i'm thinking about this option, i'm looking to be sure it's not a bad idea. Some tests exists like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6M85rboYy0 but not on our simulator. Your feelback will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I use Afterburner too. I follow settings like here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6firZckwlQ8 The 2 images below for the same settings on 2 differents Afterburner skins : https://i.goopics.net/K40KY.jpg
  3. Small bug? Saw on track + in flight on Combatbox few min ago (51s wheels doors stay down) : https://goopics.net/i/A3aKg
  4. Easy to deduce : Twisted point of view, twisted behaviors, twisted arguments... at least we admit one thing : it's coherent
  5. The historical argument is most often an excuse to hide the desire to obtain an advantage. In any case, many historical parameters cannot enter in this simulator and others would harm the game. It is therefore a bad idea.
  6. Exactly mister hypocrite, you will never succeed in making me believe that vulching is anything else than search easy kills. Your clumsy explanations are only pretexts and bullshit.
  7. Yes Mister the lawyer of the vulching : for exactly the same reasons there were shoot on parachutes but maybe it already exists. And to specify that not to shot the planes on the ground is not limited to the spawn bases but everywhere on the ground : I was shot again when I was ditched in the wild few time ago (maybe you will tell me this guy wanted probably to be sure that I can't retake off immediately from my ditch to try to intercept its bombers)...
  8. It's good for you too, because you would often be banned :))
  9. Can't you understand that such practices make empty servers? There is no interest in doing it apart from satisfying the noobs and incompetents who cannot make kills otherwise. The server does not aim to reproduce exactly what history has known but to bring fun to the greatest number of us. Jump on an other server if you want to shoot planes on the ground, here it is prohibited.
  10. Certain rules should not need to be written and you will never progress with such pitiful strategies. It's a simulator of air combats played between friends sharing a same game. It's not a simulator against the fair-play. Fight with honor is the best way for all to have fun long time, firstly for you.
  11. Millimeters??? Lol! No : 1 meter minimum! Multiple printscreens for make lags was one of oldest cheating knew in online games long time ago when our bandwidth was weak (are you so young?). Now and since many years already, cheaters got an other method (check mp) 😉
  12. +1: the best way to be sure it's to take a track of each combat. After read them, it appaers the major part of times, that our eyes have simply lost the opponent. For me a problem it's more those who make some quick printscreens or something to make freezes / lags for escape of your sight and guns at the good moment, what is impossible to do in real life. These guys who cheat and log out are just lying to themselves and nobody else. They can be at the top of the statistics pages, but they are just cheaters who dodge their limited skills by questionable methods (proof that statistiques are often misleading)... @ aminx : Kill / Death ratio + Kill per Hour
  13. Hi Guys, My new video card is coming this week and I planed to change my monitor soon to a 4K. When I went from HD to 2K I was surprised at the most picture quality of 2K and I imagined it would be the same if I buy a 4K. But, this video makes me doubt ... I'm sure some of guys here are playing in 4k at native resolution : please tell me if this video tells the truth or not because buying a 4K to don't see better than in 2K would not be a good deal ... https://youtu.be/ehvz3iN8pp4
  14. No, I have not tried it on a larger screen but it will be the object of my next expense (I am being delivered my new video card this week). If this can help someone, here are my settings (it's in French but I think everyone will understand). These settings allow me to have a good image / fps / sharpness ratio with my old msi 1070 ti. My Asus monitor is on Scenery mode :
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