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  1. Great tutorials Requiem! Well thought out, plenty of good tips, with a clear, concise presentation!
  2. Definitely sad news. Thank you Coconut for all your hard work providing these servers. They will be missed!
  3. Cam forgot to mention that we flew together today on at least three other servers without any issues. Including the AKA normal and Unprofessionals.
  4. It may very well have to do with your CPU. 2.6 ghz is slightly below the recommended minimum of 2.8. Although it hasn't been discussed recently, the topic of IL2 being CPU bound pops up every now and again. Kuban may just be pushing the limits of your CPU.
  5. Press enter, type your message, press ctrl+enter to msg only your team.
  6. A few people have been having the same issue on different servers. A new fix (not for sure) is to make sure "seed when downloaded" is unchecked in the launcher.
  7. This is the stats page for the normal server: http://coconutside.eu:8081/en/?tour=8
  8. No luck here on the series 35. No problems with the 87. I'll try again later today and report back.
  9. Microprose F-15 Strike Eagle on an Atari. 1984 if my memory serves me well.
  10. I figure it was one of those one-off's, only happens when all the planets are aligned and a hundred things in the game just mesh at once. I'm still mad I didn't think to record it.
  11. Earlier today I was on Coconut's normal server. I spawned in at Kubinka with a Mig-3. Pressing E to start the engine and I immediately hear gun fire. It wasn't from my guns and there was not another plane anywhere to be seen. What made it so strange was at the time I heard the gunfire I saw empty shell casings dropping to the ground right in front of my plane. This kept up for a few minutes with the shell casings appearing once or twice more. I wished I had thought to hit record. After a couple of minutes the gunfire stopped and I was able to take-off. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  12. Just seems to make things smoother. IIRC pre-rendered frames that back-up in the queue get dumped if not sent to the CPU (I'm probably wrong). Experiment with it to see if it makes a difference.
  13. Set the game up as you wish with the game settings. In the Nvidia control panel add the game exe to the manage 3d settings under program settings. Only thing I changed in Nvidia is set max pre-rendered frames to 1, and power management, prefer maximum performance.
  14. Lots of videos showing how to do that if you search google. There are two different versions of the PS3 eye cam, one is a little easier to modify. It's been a few years since I did mine, but IIRC, I ended up cracking the IR filter and removing the cracked pieces. Some people have reported that it will still work w/o removing the IR filter, just put the darkening filter (piece of exposed film/old floppy) over the outside of the lens.
  15. An article I read years ago stated that the problem arose due to the Russians training the dogs by feeding them under tanks, Russian tanks, so I guess the dogs associated food with the Russian tanks.
  16. On the 35's you can't do it, has to be done via keyboard.
  17. This is one of those "Now why didn't I think of that!" moments. I am now experimenting with those settings. Thank you very much Roblex!
  18. I think we all pretty much agree on this. Coconut also mentioned on the forum something in regards to this change.
  19. Thank you very much for the new update! Has the issue of MP players getting frequent disconnects been looked at ? I don't have this problem myself, asking for some friends who are experiencing it.
  20. Glad you got it sorted out. I had the t50 stick and then when I got the throttle I had an issue similar to yours. With the help from Virpil I got it sorted out. And like you, I am leaving it alone, don't see any need for updates. Not saying I won't in the future, but I doubt I will. I hope you will enjoy your throttle as much as I enjoy mine.
  21. Now that was just too cool! Thanks for the link.
  22. That's what I am seeing. I know Coconut thought there were some things that changed in the recent updates that might impact on how the missions worked. I'm guessing he found some items that needed changing. Hopefully, it won't be too long before they are back up.
  23. Try posting on the Open Track GitHub: https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack
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