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  1. 4 hours ago, RedBravo65 said:

    What is the difference between the Attack Ground and the Attack Ground Targets settings?  I'm assuming that the Attack Ground Targets is for AI to attack linked targets at the airfield and the Attack Ground is used for just dropping bombs on a point on the ground regardless of targets in the area.  Am I correct?


    Also, is there a certain distance you want to make the way-point target marked to the Command Attack Event or does it not matter?

    That is the way I interpret how the Command Attack works.  As far as the distance, I have one set at 3500 m from the waypoint to the command attack and it works fine.

  2. Okay, I seemed to have gotten this worked out. Rather then importing a bomber group and modifying it (as I had done) I deleted it, and built a new group from scratch. The new group performed exactly as I thought it should. The bombers flew to the waypoint, rec'd the attack area command, proceeded to the airfield and dropped their payload! 

  3. 5 hours ago, IckyATLAS said:

    I only wished at least just one large marshalling yard with something like 10 parallel lines for creating nice bombing/strafing missions. I did not find any in the map.


    The biggest rail line I could find was in Frankfurt, it has only three tracks that lead into the main passenger station. I'm pretty sure this will change once the final map gets completed.

  4. 3 hours ago, dog1 said:

    does not open in admin priv mode

    Which program IL2 or OT?


    Not a windows 32 issue for sure, I've been using OT on Win 10 64 since it was released. Another old issue that used to come up had to do with a setting in the startup.cfg file for IL2. This is the entry:

    [KEY = input]
        exclusive = 0
        input_map = "input.map"
        mouse_plane_control = 0
        old_trackir = 0


    If your old_trackir entry is 1 try changing it to 0, or to 1 if it is currently 0. Have not heard anything about this in quite a while, but you never know.

  5. It is. Doing some more testing with the game settings. Thanks.


    Edit: OK, after playing around with the IL2 settings, and checking things on the GPU, I am happy to report that the GPU boost now kicks-in as would be expected. I'm not sure exactly what I did...but it is OK now. Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. I have an Nvidia 1070 ti that has a base clock of 1607 mhz and goes to 1683 mhz in turbo mode. I have discovered that flying IL2 GB does not push the GPU into turbo mode, however, DCS World and the Heaven Benchmark easily push the speed to around 1800 mhz. So, am I right in assuming that IL2 is not taxing the GPU enough? I guess I could OC the card and try setting it at 1683 mhz to see if that improves the performance in IL2. Any thoughts, or ideas, from the GPU guru's ?

  7. On 7/28/2019 at 10:06 PM, JimTM said:

    You're welcome Gramps.


    FYI, there may still be a bug with checkzone triggers in MP missions started from IL-2 (rather than a DServer). 

    I just came across this issue helping a friend out with a mission. Turns out that a human pilot's plane will not trigger the check zone, however, an AI plane will trigger it.  I think I saw something about this in another post but I couldn't locate the post.

  8. You can search the manuals for relevant information, which is a big help, but when time permits, reading further into them is beneficial. My somewhat geezer mind can get cramped-up pretty quickly learning the ins and outs of the ME. The videos are also a big help in that you can start small and expand as your knowledge increases. It can be fun, but it requires the patience of a saint. Good luck! 

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