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  1. Could you just use a timer set for the length of time needed for mission success, and when the time is up generate the mission success message? Unless of course the mission failed due to x number of units being killed. I don't think it's a small and useless difference at all. 

  2. You can use on-killed events to count units destroyed. Lets say you have four arty pieces and the goal is to keep the losses at 50% or less. Using counters set to 1, tie one to each unit. Have all four counters then activate a counter set to 3. Once that counter reaches 3 the mission will have failed. The reason for separate counters for each unit is that some units will produce more than 1 on-killed event which messes up the count. Once the counter reached 3 you can use it to trigger a message. Here is an example for counting destroyed vehicles in a convoy:


  3. 32 minutes ago, DracoArgentum said:

    I'm having a weird issue that I can't find a fix for on google. I've got opentrack and a Track Hat clip. In opentrack the pitch axis output goes from -90 to 90 as I move my head. In DCS world the camera goes from looking straight down to straight up. But in IL2 its about 45 degrees down to 45 degrees up. Does anyone know what might be causing that?

    In the opentrack mappings make sure the pitch is set to max 180.

  4. I already have the KA-50, Huey, and Gazelle. Haven't really flown them in quite awhile. I have to re-map all of the DCS controls, my own fault. I always had a blast in the Gazelle, but it may still need some love. The helos are definitely a blast to fly around in, even just to sightsee and practice flying skills. As for controls I have the T-50 grip/base and the T-50 throttle. The stick/base for two years and the thottle for 18 months. Both have performed flawlessly, and surpassed by expectations. A bit pricey I know, but well worth it. I'm retired, and as they say, on a fixed budget, but I deemed them worthy of the costs.

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  5. I had four ships linked to the counter, on one occasion the counter triggered the subtitle for objective complete, and all four ships were still alive. I tried to figure out if there was any rhyme or reason, but I could not. As a test I just bombed one ship and when it was destroyed, the trigger fired with the 3 remaining ships still alive. I tried a couple of other ways to bomb but the results were all random, no set pattern emerged.

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