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  1. It was reported fixed in the last update. I have not tested it myself though.
  2. This hit the web on Saturday. This driver did fix the gsync issue with the new Samsung 27" monitor for me. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5046?linkId=100000013757276
  3. They go in the folder that matches the plane. These folders are empty by default, they are for user skins. So for a P-51 skin, place it in Data/graphics/skins/P51d15.
  4. Mission builders should appreciate this: 64. The double triggering of onKilled events in the mission script shouldn’t happen again Alas, no fix for the check zone/proximity triggers when using the in-game dserver. Oh well, there is always hope for the future.
  5. Be careful, if it says your PC is not quite ready, it could be due to driver issues. Just make sure you have a good image of your current system just in case.
  6. I gave it a quick test w/IL2 and I found I got more stuttering with it on. Nothing scientific, just an initial observation. Some reports around the web say it works, others say it doesn't. Will probably take another look at it in a few days. The driver itself is fine, nothing really new to report there.
  7. It's not that hard to build your own. My son-in-law 3d printed the clip for me. Ready to attach to my headset.
  8. Planes, ships, vehicles will often send multiple on-killed events. In one mission I was working on, I had 4 ships, each tied with an on-killed event to a counter set to 4. One time the counter made it to 4 with only 2 ships actually destroyed. The work-around was to use a counter, set to 1, for each ship, that way only one on-killed event would be counted. The 4 single counters were then tied to a counter set at 4.
  9. Why would you not want the check zone/proximity trigger to detect player planes in MP ? If it works in missions on a DServer, should it not work with missions on the in-gamer server? Those two items use less resources then the complex trigger, and provide more flexibility in mission building.
  10. OK, got them to work. Might have been too deep in the mission tree? Anyway, I tried them both and the P39 is not triggering either one, but the AI PE-2 does. I saw Coconut's comment, maybe we just have to wait and see if one of the devs chimes in. Thank you again for all your help!
  11. I tried running both of these mission but they just lock up the game. In task manager, while the mission is loading, about 3/4 through, it shows IL2 not responding, then a few seconds later it starts responding but once it gets to the map it hangs the game. Tried resaving the missions but that did not help.
  12. Thanks Jim! Will take a look at these later on. Would be nice if they added/fixed this so they would work for player detection in the in-game dserver missions.
  13. Thanks Jim! That was the one I was referring to. Rapidus: Thank you for the reply. So the proximity trigger is also not available in dogfight? For an example: AI convoy moving along a road, when it is attacked I want to do a panic stop. Using a proximity trigger linked to the lead vehicle, the trigger would fire based on the location of the lead vehicle. If you use the complex trigger it would fire based on the location of the trigger, not the location of the lead vehicle.
  14. What about the proximity trigger? The complex trigger is fine but eats up a lot of resources. Also, from what I understand, if I run a deathmatch on a dedicated server those will work. Could you explain the reasoning behind this? Not trying to be difficult, just want a better understanding of this.
  15. I know it's not a high priority but can we maybe look forward to this being fixed? This from an Aug 2019 post: Checkzones and Proximity MCUs do not work with the "In Game" Dogfight Server software. These will only work online with the "In Game" CoOP Mission software or through an "Independent Dserver" Period. Has been this way since the Dogfight and CoOP software were introduced to BOX several updates ago and duly reported as a bug. Thank you!
  16. I only had time to make a quick test and was unsuccessful. Will be back to see what JimTM comes up with.
  17. Did you activate the waypoints and link them back to your vehicle?
  18. That's how it went for me a few years ago. Camera has been working perfect since I did the removal.
  19. I myself was curious about this, wasn't sure if it would work! Thanks JimTM!
  20. From Tx_tip's scripted P-51 campaign.
  21. Missed this somehow. Will definitely be giving it go! Thanks Tip!
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