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  1. I have one that is also glued for the same reason. Somewhat permanent, but whatever works!
  2. Like BlackHellHound said, velcro works pretty good. Another way could be a couple of zip ties.
  3. I run across that issue occasionally. Not sure what the cause is but I'm guessing a bug.
  4. Probably better to go ahead and remove the IR filter, there are some videos out there on how to do it. The other thing you might want to check is to see how isolated the led's are using the cleyetest program. You want the background as dark as possible, and at the same time the led's as bright as possible. OT won't work with this program running, so remember to close it after you are finished with any adjustments.
  5. Yes, a filter made from a piece of floppy disk, or exposed film, will help kill the background lighting issue. I haven't tried modifying the newer PS3, I would just try the filter first. I am in the process of building a new clip myself. My SIL printed a 3d clip for me, now to wire it up. Lots of satisfaction to be had when making your own.
  6. It's not the ordinance. It has to do with the durability values of the targets. IIRC, the default values are pretty high. Take a look at this thread:
  7. I had actually thought about the flight being inside the zone, but then forgot to try it out. Will look into the check zone trigger, I can see where it may have some advantages. Thanks for the complex trigger info re multiple times being triggered, and also for the redundant comment, should have figured that out myself. That definitely simplifies that aspect. Still learning, but with your manual, and assistance here on the forum, I'm beginning to make some further progress with the ME. Thank you!
  8. Thanks Jim. I couldn't find anything wrong with the trigger, uses obj entered to detect. I've attached a copy of the mission. This mission is not mine, I was working on it to help a friend who could not get the il2's to attack. I got that working and then the flak not spawning issue arose. I really appreciated your help! Moscow attack.zip
  9. Ok, I'm back with an issue that has me stumped. I have a deathmatch mission with an axis airfield that has parked planes as targets, the airfield is also protected by a flak battery consisting of three guns, controlled by a complex trigger (i think there are other ways). I have two allied patrols, and they cause the trigger to activate as it should. If I fly there myself the trigger also works. However, I added and allied AI bomber flight (il2's) set to attack ground targets on the airfield. When these Il2's get close enough to the trigger, the flak is not activating. The Il2's do conduct their attack but for some reason the flak doesn't spawn until either I, or one of the patrol planes gets within distance. Any thoughts or ideas?
  10. Got the same error here and I just ran the launcher again and the game updated.
  11. I had the same issue and just started the launcher again and it updated. This was the non-steam version.
  12. Your players go to multiplayer menu, select coop, and they should see your server in the list. It is easier to be on coms, TS for instance, to kind of coordinate things. There is a countdown timer for players to join. I don't think anyone can join once the mission has started, but they should be able to enter gunner positions. Keep in mind that once a player dies they cannot reenter the current mission.
  13. Thanks Gambit and HBB*Hunger! Started with a new map and now focusing on how to utilize the mission tree. It actually simplifies working with the editor. Just have to focus on how nesting the groups works, and I definitely see the benefits of a well organized mission tree.
  14. Sounds great! I'm just starting out with the P-47.
  15. So, in the mission tree I can select a block, make it a linked entity, set the durability, but no way to change the country unless you go into the advanced properties? Gambit, do you mean put the blocks in their own group ? I'm not quite clear on the "own folder" idea. Edit: Ok, it seems that if you select multiple blocks you can change the country for them all. Edit: Ok, selecting the target blocks and making them a group puts that group in the mission tree. Baby steps still as I dig deeper into the ME.
  16. So, doing it this way allows you to set the whole block at one time, great! I'll check into the durability values. Between the two manuals and the forums I must have missed this. Thank you for the information.
  17. As I continue my foray into mission building I have a question concerning object groups. So, I start a new mission, set-up the map, and then load in the needed groups to populate the map (and delete the stuff that is outside my intended AO). So at this point in order to make a fuel dump, for instance, a target, I have to make it a linked entity and then assign it a nationality in the advanced properties menu. Is that the correct way? I mean it worked, but it seems like there should be an easier way (probably not though) to set these up.
  18. Just create new shortcuts to both exe's and updates will be fine.
  19. Well, after some experimenting, I figured out that there are at least 100 ways to skin a cat! All joking aside, the more I work with the ME, the more intriguing it becomes. Trying to determine the logic is like a brain puzzle, good mental exercises for an old guy! As far as the AI issue, it just varies from method to method. But I would caution anyone contemplating mission building, it can get addicting!
  20. Thanks Jim and Gambit. Will give those a try.
  21. Thanks to everyone who provided ideas/suggestions for me. I have tried them all, and although they all work, the AI just doesn't seem to want to attack, unless I go after them first. I'll keep working at it, could just be a brain cramp. At least I have been able to create a AAA battery, and a Naval convoy, that both work. Of course they have both become group files for future use.
  22. Thank you BlackSix! I will look into these solutions.
  23. Thanks BlackSix and Thad. Waypoint priority is set to low. Interestingly enough, it does work, if I attack the patrol then they will engage me. But thanks again to you both. Some more trial and error work needed. Time to dig a little deeper into the manuals/guides.
  24. So, I set up a 2x 109 ai patrol to intercept enemy planes that enter the attack area. The ai are set to ace, but initially when they appear they don't seem to want to attack unless you first go after them. If you don't engage them you can fly right past. Is this just a limitation of the ai capability or am I missing something? Attached is a pic of the group as it shows in the ME. Just starting to learn how to use the ME so bear with me as I learn. This setup was taken from Prankster's guide and differs somewhat from the approach seen in JimTM's manual.
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