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  1. Attached is a small file that contains a small arrow, and a large arrow group. You'll have to take a look at how they are set-up in order to determine size and direction. Can't recall were I found these, although I sure it was here on the forums. I also seem to remember a post about using arrows but can't for the life of me remember where it is. You can extract these to the template folder for importing into missions. arrowgroups.zip
  2. I was not able to get this to work no matter what logic I tried. I'm pretty sure that it may have something to do with the formation command. Only on the bridge does a damaged/destroyed tank prevent the convoy from continuing. It would be way to much work to make up a convoy of individual vehicles that has to navigate through a city. I just going to leave it as is for now, as long as the allied fighters do their job the convoy will make it across the bridge. Thanks to everyone for their advice and suggestions!
  3. Thanks Habu! One version I tried was a direct link from the vehicle to the delete command, which did not work, hoping that the timer changes things. I've recently found a couple of other items that need the timer for them to function correctly.
  4. I set the damage threshold at 5, so even minimum damage would trigger the event. Thanks.
  5. Thanks IckyATLAS! I just tested and unfortunately it does deactivate the whole convoy. I was thinking along the same line as you at that point, making the convoy up from individual vehicles. More testing to be done later today. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Thanks Zooropa_Fly! Will give that a try. I agree that the columns can be frustrating and they sometimes have a mind of their own!
  7. I've noticed that a convoy on a road will navigate around damaged/destroyed vehicles that are in the convoy, but once on a bridge a damaged/destroyed vehicle will not be passable by any remaining vehicles. In this particular situation I have a convoy of tanks/halftracks and once on the bridge the lead tank sometimes loses a track due to enemy fire, which stalls the rest of the convoy. Try as I may, I have not been able to figure out how to delete the lead tank so the convoy can proceed. I've tried ondamaged/ondestroyed events connected to delete and disable but they do not work. I know a destroyed vehicle should delete after about 8 minutes, but that does not help. I'm wondering if the fact that it's a convoy, with a formation command, has anything to do with it. As a side note you may want to look at the screenshot I posted in that forum that shows the outcome of the convoy.
  8. No_85_Gramps


    Looks like a roadrunner and coyote where hanging about!
  9. Thanks Gambit! Sometimes I think I just over think an issue.
  10. This one has been cramping my brain for a few days so I thought I would ask here about the logic. Lets say I have a convoy of 4 vehicles (just for example), I need to know when all four are damaged/killed. I know I could use a counter set to 4, to be triggered by ondamaged/onkilled events. If 2 vehicles are damaged, and 2 killed, the counter would trigger. Problem is this doesn't tell me if all four have been hit. If veh 1 is damaged, the counter increases, if veh 1 is subsequently killed the counter would increase to 2, when in all actuality only 1 veh has been accounted for. This could easily cause the counter to reach 4 without them all being damaged/killed. Is my thinking correct, or am I missing something? TIA
  11. Would be nice to be able to adjust the Y, setting a flak gun on a bridge tower/abutment for defensive fire would be nice.
  12. It's being worked on. There is another thread, that I can't seem to find, indicating fix may be forthcoming, or not until next update. Found it::
  13. I use a homemade clip and OT and everything is fine in those planes for me. Could it be that the default view for those planes was inadvertently modified? If you just start IL2 w/o OT what view do you get in those planes? Something you could try, with OT operating, is toggle OT off, use the keypad to get back to a straight forward view and then press F10 to save that as the default. Toggle OT back on and see what happens. In the IL2/Data/Luascripts/snapviews folder you'll find the current view settings and a folder named "defaults" that contains the default view settings for each plane/vehicle.
  14. No_85_Gramps


    4 Pak40s take out a convoy.
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