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  1. I'm d/l the update as I type this.
  2. I just came across this and what an amazing piece of logic! Thanks Stoopy!
  3. Glad it worked out for you. I wouldn't be were I am without the help of JimTM, Prangster, TIP, Gambit, and some others whose names I don't immediately recall. I still have a lot to learn, and it can be a struggle at times, that's for sure.
  4. If you want to try the complex trigger look at this. I find it easier to just list the countries for detection. Now click on add event, select on object entered, and for the target select the timer that triggers the waypoint. US or GB plane flies within 1000m's, complex trigger fires, sets off the trigger timer that triggers the waypoint that starts the train moving. Just replace the mission begin MCU with the complex trigger. I, and many others, have struggled with the ME. It's complicated for sure, but with the help of others here, I started to slowly figure things out. And you can always ask questions! I asked quite a few myself when I first started.
  5. You don't always need two waypoints. One at the stop point is generally enough, but I needed two here due to the severe curvature of the tracks (with only the last waypoint used the train would de-rail shortly after moving. One of those weird ME things...). Think of enabled/disabled like this: Enabled - train all steamed up and ready to move, enabled un-checked - train on the track but not steamed-up.
  6. Here is a simple train group photo. The train is set to enable, when the mission begins there is a timer that links to the waypoint, the waypoint then links to the train to get it moving. When it reaches the waypoint, it triggers the second waypoint. If your train is not set to enabled (train advanced properties), it would have to be trigger activated before the waypoint gets triggered. If you replace the mission begin mcu with your complex trigger it should work.
  7. It's been a while since I've seen that problem crop up.
  8. A few weeks ago I was working on a bomb group of 87's and they attacked as they should, I added two more groups (110's/Ju88's) with a random trigger. The trigger worked but then none of them dropped bombs. I exported the group, deleted it from the mission, saved the mission, re-opened the mission, added the group back-in and still no bombs dropped. Finally I deleted the group and re-built it from scratch and now it works fine. Just one of the pitfalls in working with the ME. I spent quite some time getting it to work, but could never pinpoint what caused the problem. I still think the ME can be fun, but I have a warped sense of humor!
  9. That might be something that can be modified with the virpil software, dangerous ground for me. Try the virpil forums for info on how to modify the thumbwheel.
  10. Ok, that's what I thought. I can bind the wheel on mine to the gunsight, not sure why you cannot bind your thumbwheel. Hopefully someone with the same model will chime in.
  11. The first one released, or the current model? Is the thumbwheel on the outside of the right throttle? I have the first one, there is a wheel on the front of the right throttle, not really a thumb wheel, so I suspect you have the newer model.
  12. I've had the VKBIII's for over 2 years. Plug and play, haven't had to do anything since I installed them, still work perfectly.
  13. Have you target linked the first waypoint to the second and so on? Sounds like when it(they) reach the first waypoint that the second waypoint doesn't get triggered.
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