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  1. I wonder if part of the issue is your host computer using a dynamic IP address? It appears that most computers get assigned a dynamic IP address that can get changed each time you connect. When you set up port forwarding, and add your device, it picks up the IP address currently in use on your device, if the IP address gets changed then port forwarding fails as it still has the old IP address. Setting up a static IP address is supposed to remedy that problem. I just starting to look into hosting a coop mission and found the above info while researching port forwarding. It may not matter at all, for all I know, but it does make sense.
  2. This was a nice find amongst the hoopla of the new update!
  3. My navigation skills are still lacking but I felt the need to step-up my game. Took an A-20 up and went after some gunboats, which I missed (need to practice bombing), but more important, I found the target, and managed to navigate safely back home! Just have to keep reminding myself to pay more attention to the map as I fly. I think I found a new home!
  4. I've been on the road the last ten days and haven't been playing at all. With coconut's servers coming down tomorrow, based on a discord post, I just wanted to take a minute and express my gratitude for all of his work in maintaining these servers. Countless hours of fun and comraderie, coupled with great missions, made this the place to be for a lot of pilots. Dog fighting, bombing missions, ground attacks, it had them all, and did it greatly! I flew on the normal server, but I'm sure those guys on the expert server have the same feelings. My best wishes to Coconut for whatever the future holds for him!
  5. I take it you have no dead zones in OpenTrack? If not, and you are using the accela filter, check the filter settings. IIRC there are some default dead zones in the settings. Not sure this is the cure, but no harm in trying.
  6. I have to agree with the OP's comments. I've had mine for about 8 months now and absolutely love it! Other than the snafu with the pre-ordering, I don't have any complaints.
  7. Because the in-game recorder allows you to edit the track, so you can switch views, zoom in/out, etc. Recording direct w/OBS you lose that ability. I will say though, OBS is perfect for recording that final take.
  8. Do the AKA servers have a discord channel, like coconuts, that provides mission info (this also lets you determine time remaining in a mission)? I have seen players from coconut's normal server, me included, testing the waters on AKA Normal. Also, tried registering for the War Dogs forums but I get the message "registration disabled", or something similar. With the end of coconut's servers not too far away, I think a lot of pilots will look to the AKA servers for their "fix". Looking forward to many happy hours on the server.
  9. That setting indicates that the camera mic is the default mic, not the mic on your headset. You want to try and make the headset mic the default. You can test the microphones in Windows. But in the end it may just be an issue with windows itself.
  10. Ok, that looks right. Have you checked in windows sound devices to see which mic is set to default?
  11. In the cl eye test program, under devices, make sure the only thing selected is the camera. Not sure this is what's causing your problem, but no harm in trying.
  12. Will definitely be checking this weekend!
  13. I never use the "y" axis, so switching it to "pitch" comes in handy. Works great for looking at the gauges in the I-16 too. This tip was from another forum member, somewhere in this thread IIRC.
  14. If you are not using the "y" axis for anything, you can change that to "pitch" and add some for when you look down, if set right, when you look down you will also squat some. You should also be able to set the "x" axis so you can move sideways and then look down.
  15. Great tutorials Requiem! Well thought out, plenty of good tips, with a clear, concise presentation!
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