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  1. The option to change the limits was removed, quite a while ago IIRC. The values are present in the startup.cfg file, so I guess you could change them. Not sure I would recommend that, no telling what could happen. To be honest, I don't recall anyone questioning the removal back when it happened.
  2. A few months back I returned a grip for repair. Same p/u by DHL, and then returned by FedEx. About two weeks tops till it was back in my hands. The switch to DHL/FedEx has been a game changer as far as shipping goes.
  3. Not to date myself, but the first jeep i drove, in 1973, was an M151. An original M151, no turn signals and with the vacuum wipers. Traveling the autobahn during the rain was a trip, down hill the blades moved faster than the Flash, up hill, slower than a snail in molasses.
  4. You can always map the zoom functions, not the same as head movement, but they work.
  5. The ones on the right are from the in-game FPS counter. Top one is FPS, don't recall what the bottom number is. You can turn those off using the backspace key, which is the default. Okay, second number is field of view.
  6. I have a mission where 8 PZIII's travel along a forested road and move into an open field to deal with two AT guns. When one gun gets destroyed, 3 Shermans spawn in on the flank of the PZIII's. Second AT gun get destroyed and the panzers and shermans go at it. Sometimes the panzers win, sometimes the shermans win. This is w/o any attack area and/or force complete commands. They just rely on their built in logic I guess. What surprised me was how random the battle unfolds. Now, the AT guns never fire, I'm still experimenting with them and will try a force complete with them.
  7. Virpil's shipping methods have improved immensely. To the US they ship via FedEx, and for return shipments they use DHL. A far cry from the 45-60 day mailing times from a few years ago. It may cost a little more but it is well worth it.
  8. I don't think it's an IL2 issue, plenty of pilots here use it, myself included. Do you have different ini (profiles) files for BOX and ROF?
  9. Roger, wilco, over and out...
  10. I've only tried one of my MP missions and it was fine.
  11. In your startup.cfg file, located in the data folder, go to the [KEY = input] section and set exclusive to 0. [KEY = input] exclusive = 0 input_map = "input.map" mouse_plane_control = 0 old_trackir = 0 turrets_dc = 0
  12. Thanks Beebop, forgot about that info being in the manual.
  13. I recently had a similar problem with trains leaving the rails, turned out that the waypoint causing the problem was not centered between the rails. Also, maybe move the waypoint back a little as I'm not sure it stops exactly on the waypoint.
  14. I'll keep that in mind Gambit, thank you.
  15. Thanks JimTM! More than one way to skin a cat, or work with the FME.
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