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  1. Not sure if this is the fix you are looking for, but with opentrack you need to make sure the pitch max output value is set to 180. No problems looking straight up or down here.
  2. In the states these were called Erector Sets. Probably got mine when I was around 8 - 9 years old, close to sixty years ago. Countless hours of fun at that age.
  3. With OT running open the mapping window and select the yaw tab. Yaw left and watch the motion of the marker as it slides up. When you have turned your head as far as is comfortable for you observe where the marker is, you then want to slide the top point to the left until the marker moves to the top when your head is turned. You can use the same for left/right, or make separate mappings for left/right. This is artificial for sure, but it will give you the movement you are looking for.
  4. Wow! That is a great tutorial Sketch! Concise and to the point with great instructions!
  5. What exactly is the issue with looking up/down? If you are not getting the full 90 degrees up/down go into the mapping and make sure the pitch is set to 180 degrees.
  6. If OT is running when you start the game then F9 only gives you centered. The game sees OT which overrides some of the view mappings. Starting the game with OT completely shut down gives all the view options when using F9.
  7. Try enable both first, and then the other options if enable both doesn't work.
  8. This has got me stumped! Are you using the Steam version of the game? Starting OT before starting the game? Check the settings here:
  9. Are you running both IL2 and OT with admin privileges? If you just open OT up and start tracking does the octopus rotate as you are moving? You can watch these videos to see if maybe you missed something.
  10. It's been reported before. The check zone and proximity triggers do not detect player controlled aircraft using the in-game dserver. Last I heard from DED_Rapidus was that maybe later on this year. I was looking for the fix in the last two updates but it has not been implemented yet.
  11. In the ME mission properties window, in the name field, change the name of the mission at the beginning. For example I have a mission named Velikie Luki Train Raid, if I resave it as Velikie Luki Train Raid Axis, they both show up the same in the game. If I name it Axis Velikie Luki Train Raid, it shows up correctly in the game.
  12. I was curious about this also, Google translate worked. Have to give this filter a try. No recommended settings but a good description of the filter properties.
  13. What, if anything, is showing in OT? Remember that you cannot run CL-eye-test and OT together. Once you make any adjustments in the cl-eye-test program, shut it down, and then run OT.
  14. I get the same. Only thing I can think of is the activity on C is related to the pagefile usage.
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