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  1. You just got to love the mission editor! Crazy how some things work for some, but the exact same thing doesn't work for others. 1500m was the altitude I used and it works fine in my mission, a friend used the group in his mission and it worked. In the post by Hucky he posted a mission and I tried that and it worked.
  2. Thanks Gambit! Will have to give this method a try. Please post a group when you get the chance.
  3. Once an object, or an object group, receives the attack area trigger when does the timer start? Is it immediately, or once the planes are over the target? Per Jim's manual: "Time - The amount of time that the attacking object spends looking for and attacking targets.". If it starts immediately then maybe that is the source of issues we see cropping up. If my flight of bombers hits a waypoint, and gets the attack area trigger, which is set for say 5 minutes, but it takes 8 minutes to reach the target area, the timer would have expired before the flight arrives. I wonder if that is why we see the question pop-up "bombs not being dropped".
  4. Okay, here's a screen clip showing the general layout of the group. The waypoint and attack area icons are off to the right and not visible. I've also uploaded the group as a zip file so you can import it into your mission. Currently there is no logic for the bombers after they attack, should have added that but I forgot. B25x3group.zip
  5. Okay. I'm at a loss right now. I wonder if may have something to do with the snap view settings for those planes?
  6. In your freetrack output settings what interface are you using? Try enabling both.
  7. In your mapping properties for pitch, what is the output setting? If it isn't 180 then try that.
  8. That is the way I interpret how the Command Attack works. As far as the distance, I have one set at 3500 m from the waypoint to the command attack and it works fine.
  9. Okay, I seemed to have gotten this worked out. Rather then importing a bomber group and modifying it (as I had done) I deleted it, and built a new group from scratch. The new group performed exactly as I thought it should. The bombers flew to the waypoint, rec'd the attack area command, proceeded to the airfield and dropped their payload!
  10. Anyone else run into this issue? Running a mission on Bodenplatte, group of 4 ai b-25's, formation gets to the target area (airfield w/lots of targets), bomb bay doors open, but bombs never drop. Tried a few different things, including swapping the B-25s for A-20s, but the result is the same.
  11. The biggest rail line I could find was in Frankfurt, it has only three tracks that lead into the main passenger station. I'm pretty sure this will change once the final map gets completed.
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