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  1. You're welcome. Don't think I quite got it figured out. I'm a rookie with the ME, maybe one of the more experienced mission builders will respond.
  2. Could you just use a timer set for the length of time needed for mission success, and when the time is up generate the mission success message? Unless of course the mission failed due to x number of units being killed. I don't think it's a small and useless difference at all.
  3. You can use on-killed events to count units destroyed. Lets say you have four arty pieces and the goal is to keep the losses at 50% or less. Using counters set to 1, tie one to each unit. Have all four counters then activate a counter set to 3. Once that counter reaches 3 the mission will have failed. The reason for separate counters for each unit is that some units will produce more than 1 on-killed event which messes up the count. Once the counter reached 3 you can use it to trigger a message. Here is an example for counting destroyed vehicles in a convoy:
  4. Don't think it's possible to zoom on the mini-map.
  5. Great! You need to calibrate your set-up and probably make some adjustments to the mappings. Read through BlackHellHound1's guide. I know it's aimed at opentrack, but should be similar to hattrack. If you don't succedd with hattrack just switch to opentrack.
  6. Make sure you close the cleyetest program before running Hattrack.
  7. Not sure where you d/l'd the driver but give this one a shot: https://mega.nz/#!QkAjnBwD!-ULu08uFwGK5hl7ugbFZfuAw2hIdFpwVtn-jewThrN8 Also, check this forum entry:
  8. Yes, the developers are aware of this glitch. For me it happens occasionally.
  9. Ok. Isn't that the same movement you get when you lean in/out on the z axis? Looks the same to me, but I do see your point in that ins/home will not function w/OT running.
  10. If you are talking about the in-game zoom in/out, I have it mapped to a hat switch on my joystick and with the z axis working in opentrack I have no problems.
  11. Here's a link that takes you to the download page.https://www.trackhat.org/trackhat-opentrack I was able to d/l the current version. Trackhat is just a stripped down version of opentrack, so if the link doesn't work just d/l opentrack.
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