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  1. Thanks, I think my order was also on the 22nd. Hoping something good shows up in my email today!
  2. Took a Yak up looking for a train and along the way found a railroad bridge, that I took out with bombs. Flew back around and one span of the bridge was collapsed but there was no notification, and no credit given. This was on the normal server. Not a big issue, just wanted to let you know.
  3. Great news! I'm hoping to get a tracking number soon. Just out of curiosity when did you order yours?
  4. Gramps

    Tips Pe-2 Missions

    Thanks again Tip for making these missions. Lots of fun, lots going on during the missions, and a few surprises thrown in!
  5. IIRC the 18th was the first day. My order was placed on the 22nd...so hopefully not too much longer.
  6. Gramps

    Model Pilot

    The models and craftsmanship at the IPMS National always blows my mind. I've had the opportunity to attend two of the Nationals when they were held in Virginia Beach, VA. Hopefully it will return to that venue in the near future. Thanks for sharing Jason!
  7. Gramps

    Question Regarding AAA over airfields

    Interesting info/comments. I wonder if anyone recalls being shot down by friendly flak? If there are no chances, in game, of being hit by friendly flak that presents an advantage to them. Of course, and I am guilty of this, running for the protection of a friendly airfield can save your butt as Godspeed mentions.
  8. Just curious but shouldn't the AAA protecting airfields stop while a dogfight is going on over the field ? If not, then what are the chances of flak hitting a friendly plane?
  9. Gramps

    Tips Pe-2 Missions

    Thanks again Tip! First mission is great, and definitely a lot going on during the flight. Will give this new one a run later on today.
  10. Gramps

    Can we give away our promotional codes ?

    Check your PM.
  11. Gramps

    A20 Bombsite shaking issue

    Is it shaking, or rotating forward/backwards rapidly? I had this happen on one mission the other night, really strange as it has been the only time it happened.
  12. Saw this on the other thread, but wanted to say thank you again!
  13. Gramps

    Tips Pe-2 Missions

    Thank you so very much Tip! I appreciate you taking the time to create this mission.
  14. Just flew a bombing mission in an A20 on normal. Maikop to Tuapse (axis controlled). Took out 2 artillery and 14 buildings, returned to base, landed, and got no points due to "friendly fire". Not a big deal, I know what I destroyed, but with no points it doesn't help the allies. Oh, and thanks for all the work you do in providing your servers to the community!