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  1. WOFF Series (BHaHII is the newest item): Overall a good game. It's single player only and you need solid knowledge of how to tweak your computer and the game to squeeze the most out of the FPS and prevent stuttering. The old CFS3 foundation does not mix well with modern computers. Single player game. No MP. Excellent dynamic campaign. Excellent atmosphere, captures the horror of the western front. Excellent squadron dynamics and variety of missions. Wide variety of aircraft and aircraft variations. Fair damage modeling; dated flight characteristics Excellen
  2. Husar basically stated my perspective exactly. FC was a limited game, but playable within its own narrow scope - a one map and a handful of planes in 1918. But the core game was pretty good, just limited in scope. The DM update was an improvement to the WW2 planes, but a debacle for FC due to jamming controls, broken wings, and bizarre imbalance. In a sense, the core game actually took one step forward but two steps back. As a result, ROF became not only broader in scope than FC (until that point, its main advantage), but also now a more balanced game. That's not to say FC is don
  3. Same here - the DM in FC remains a problem. I'm doing most of my WW1 flying back in RoF these days. Sorry for any confusion in filling out the poll.
  4. The N.28 has been somewhat of a riddle to developers of various sims for decades. In the original Red Baron, it was a dog and missing one machine gun. In RB3d it was a not a bad performer and we used to use it a lot in MP as a "middle of the road" type plane. The squadron I was in at that time much preferred it over the Spad. In WOFF it's not a bad plane, again kind of a middle-of-the-road type thing. In RoF it had a heavy tail issue and seemed not to turn as well. I guess the heavy tail was fixed eventually. I'll be interested in seeing how the FM turns out because the
  5. I take the "historical realism" with a pinch of salt in BoX - limited plane set in a limited setting. And many people are flying to have fun and not necessarily reenact a set of circumstances online. The historical aspect is important, but there are still the constraints. Many planes that were in service that are not in the game, or at least not flyable by humans in the game. It's a fun game, and the Finnish missions are interesting, but the limitations are what they are. In a limited setting, the 262 is part of the landscape. I could see some limitations on the number of Tempests, though not
  6. Same - my wingmen and I are getting the invis plane bug maybe 20% of the time. We also tend to get kicked en-masse maybe once every 3 nights. There's no consistency to getting kicked, though usually it's not on the first sortie. Usually it's several flights into the evening.
  7. You make a good point. I'm not up for expanding my time in FC. The core issue is what you mention at the start of this paragraph: the damage model and the frequent control jamming hamper the game. I got into IL2 primarily for the growing WW1 component, as a potential successor to WOFF and RoF. But now I'm primarily playing the WWII IL2 side of things because the damage model has gotten so far off-track in FC. The WW2 offering isn't perfect, but it's better right now. I'm doing most of my WW1 flying back in RoF. I'm up for FC once per week in an informal setting, maybe once every 2
  8. Sure, why not? They'll take fewer bullets than the D.VII and Pflaz to bring down.
  9. In my view, no simulator has yet matched the sheer scope of WW2 flying like modded IL2-1946. Between the solid foundation of the game, and the very talented modders, you can fly in just about any setting and capacity. It's everything from Poland in 1939 to experimental "what if" scenarios in 1946. There are even other settings far outside WW2 available to people who want to take it further. Fishyyy's videos and multicrew activities are great. I found his BF110 nightfighter multicrew with radar very interesting, for example.
  10. I usually fly allied in MP, but I'll fly German once in awhile. I prefer the K4 over the D9. I actually like the G14 a little better than the K4, but the K4 provides some impressive performance abilities as well. My feeling is that by the time you reach the 1944 battles, at least in MP, the MW injection makes a big difference. It's there if you need it, and it can be the difference between life and death if things get tough. For pure handling abilities, it's tough to beat the 109F series, but by 1944, you want the MW injection available on the G6 Late, G14, and K4. I don't consider these later
  11. Intersting idea. I'd buy it. I think the MS406 and the export model Hawk the French received would have to play a strong role and should be integral. The Hurricane would be integral as well. I see the Spit I and D.520 as "collector" options where they're nice to have but not core planes.
  12. Navarre was an interesting figure in some of the same ways as Nungesser was. I've seen various representations of the red Nieuport scheme, and that one looks like it matches the black and white photos of the plane that I have seen. I've also seen representations of an all-red Nieuport, including the wings and cowling. The one photograph I have in one of my books shows what appears to be a lighter colored wing with dark outlining, and aluminum colored cowling, at least as best as could be inferred from black and white. It's possible that like so many other aces, he had a couple variations of th
  13. Had some fun tonight in a carrier mission with F4F3's vs A6M2s. Map was Coral Sea.
  14. I would not write-off the result. The test aircraft was fitted with additional instrumentation and there was a period newsreel describing the test. More recently, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in New York confirmed the aircraft reached 661 in a vertical dive.
  15. Has anyone tried an all-out, power dive test in the IL2 BoX P-40E? I was reading and learned that test pilot Robert Fausel reached 661 mph in a powered dive in a P-40 in 1941. I'm just wondering how fast you've taken the P-40 and had the plane and pilot make it through.
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