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  1. The best of all solutions is if the game were fixed and expanded such that the player base would rise enough to provide more hotly contested missions every night. People buying on-sale and coming from WW2 often view it as an aside to be played maybe once per week because of the limited map and plane set. And then there's the control loss and damage model that frustrates many players in general. I can see making an uncontested mission fall into a "practice" category for stats purposes, and if possible that's a fine idea. But it's kind of a bandaid that assumes sharply limited playership. Ideally, the game would improve and the "rising tide lifts all boats" for us.
  2. I haven't played all of the missions lately, but that's a big plus to keeping the missions from getting stale. It must be the time I am online, but it's usually one of 3 or 4 missions when I play. Must just be the way the rotation lines up.
  3. Not a big fan of truly bad weather or the sun sitting right on the horizon, but I do like the use of clouds in the missions where they can help obscure a ground attacker, or make defenders change up their tactics a bit. There are a couple CB missions like that, and it's a good change of pace from the clearer missions.
  4. I use the T16000M and like it. I used a Logitech Wingman Pro for many, many years and the T16000M has become my go-to for reasonable price and good return on the money. I also like my CH Pedals. At first I thought they were kind of clunky and hard to use, but I've come to rely on them and use them every flight.
  5. They're pretty tough. I had a gunner with me in MP one night just pouring rounds into several German planes up close, and they took quite a beating but kept flying. One thing about ROF I miss is having a good gunner with the dual Lewis turret in the FE2b, where you could see the fighters seriously did not want to get caught by the gunner. Good times.
  6. The component damage seems fixed. The long-term DM issues remain, but it's about what one would expect. Lost controls on my Bristol each sortie last night, engine damage to Camel on that sortie, SE5a was better in terms of damage taking. Alb, Pfalz, and D.VIIs all took loads of damage from my plane, gunners, etc. and kept flying. So the bug fix worked, but we are where we are still, so to speak.
  7. Try Sunday or Thursday. There has also been an uptick on Tuesdays. The announcement of Vol. 2 has brought some increased interest, which is good. Just keep in mind it's not like the WW2 servers where you can reliably find a 40+ person server every night of the week. There are players (and lately more of them), just not as many as the WW2 games.
  8. Yeah, at the very least as an engine or prop option, if nothing else.
  9. Exactly. Have a prop/engine variation for SE5a to make it more competitive in regular fighting, maybe have a couple Spad XIII engine variations, or even the early "rounded" wings for Spad XIII for a 1917 scenario, engine variations for Alb D.Va, etc. There seems to be a couple categories of work - rounding out and fixing up FC1 content, and then totally new content for FC2.
  10. If it's technically possible, whenever there are zero planes on the other side, the score should not count. The AA can be tough on some of the maps, but it seems off that a pilot flying what amounts to a "practice" session with no opposition can run up points the same as a ground attack pilot struggling with enemy cover. If you really wanted to get into the weeds, a "handicap" to pilots flying greatly out-numbered would be interesting, say, when you're out-numbered 2-to-1 in the teams or something of that sort, you get a boost to any points you earn to reflect that you were flying for the side that needed more people.
  11. I got a laugh of this bit of farce. Just because the scenario is not 100% realistic does not mean it somehow morphs into "arcade". On the contrary, the realism settings on CB are pretty high. Apparently none of us are flying the Hurricane, Spit V, P-40 or any of the "early" planes, even though I see them on when I fly to some extent every mission. They're not a substitute for later planes, but there's always a couple around when I fly. Apparently Hurricanes with 150 octane are ruining CB now...
  12. Setting aside the issue of "it takes X number of bullets to break the wing off of plane Y", even just fixing the control jamming issue would be a major step forward. In the allied planes I'm usually flying online, we never get to the point of the wing breaking off because you lose all your controls and just drift into the ground. I think the right attitude is an open mind about FC2, and I do think I'll pre-order just because I like the theater so much. New planes and maps need to work with repairs to the base game to bring out the full potential.
  13. Glad to see the announcement and it looks like some excellent airplanes are on the list. Improvements to the map are nice as well. The DM imbalance issues, and particularly the damage control loss problems, are still concerning to me. I agree the ideal route is separate WW1 and WW2 DMs, and that seems the best way out of the woods. I'm willing to keep an open mind about Vol. II, though a resolution to the DM seems would be a core part of improvement.
  14. The version with or without functioning control cables?
  15. I am a relatively recent IL2-1946 user (only in the past couple years). At the time the original IL2 was cutting edge, I was a CFS3 and CFS3 mods guy (1% aircraft project, Over Flanders Fields, etc.). I bought IL2-1946 cheap in a sale and then downloaded the VP Mod Pack, along with some other mods specific to what I was interested in. The first flight, and especially the first carrier landing, I said to myself, "this is really impressive when you think of how old this game is".
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