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  1. Thanks I'll grab some. Yes I have a set of Saitek pedals that still seem to work fine.
  2. Just picked up a used "new looking" T.1600M with throttle for $90 Cdn off Kijiji (buy/sell site) 5 minutes from where I live, looks great, and works great so far. Zero slop in the stick, a little "sticky" in the throttle, adjusted the screw on the bottom, and seems much better. Might open it up and see what the grease is like. Happy with the purchase so far. No where near the functionality of the X56, but the stick feels nice in my hand, and there's no slop in the stick. Also feels very accurate/smooth with pitch and roll.
  3. Yes, I can get the Stick and Throttle combo for $190 Canadian after tax, don't need the combo with the pedals, I already have a set. I might look at these next. I read that review yesterday, well done.
  4. Ya, $90 at the Org Store, + $50 shipping to me, and that's US dollar, converted to Canadian is $185.00, then add the 13% tax I have to pay and we're now at $209 Canadian, that's my cost for that stick from the US. It's $195 if I buy it from a Canadian retailer. Then we need to add the $125 for the TM throttle. Could have been, but a quick search on the net and you'll find lots of guys complaining about the same issue, coincidence, I doubt it. It's a quality issue, not user abuse. Am I going to spend close to $400 and buy new, and possibly have the same issue a few months down the road, don't think so.
  5. Sounds great in theory, unfortunately the cost is way higher than that in Canada, unless you were quoting $180 for just the Vkb? I can get the Vkb Gladiator Mk2 out of Quebec, not far from me, and it will cost $195.23 (shipping and tax in) Canadian ($200 total if I buy from the US), then add another $124.25 (tax in) to get the Thrustmaster throttle, so that combo is a total of $319.48. Basically the same price as the X56, except I only paid $225 (tax and shipping in) for the X56. Is the quality of the other stuff better, most likely, your also paying close to $100 more to get hopefully better quality. The nice thing about the X56 is it has "everything", and anything else close to this price range is sacrificing something, lack of buttons, rotary's, mini sticks, twist yaw, etc. I'd gladly pay $100 more for something that has "everything", but it doesn't seem to exist. Warthog would be nice, but the cheapest I found for it was just over $500 (includes throttle) new to Canada, and no twist. Half my gaming time is in Elite Dangerous where twist is a must, for me. I'll just have to stick with the Hotas 4 for now, and see what the future offers.
  6. Well the "love" was short lived. There ended up being probably close to 1/4 to 3/8" play in the stick, enough that it really bugged me. Since it came from Amazon its a simple return, going back tomorrow. It has way more functionality than my Thrustmaster Hotas 4, but the Thrustmaster has basically no play in the stick all all. Too bad, I liked it, but that's too much slop in the stick to accept.
  7. Not one response, am I the only one that has ever experienced this? Even someone saying "ya it has happened to me before" would suffice, at least then I'd know it's a bug, and not a issue at my end? I really would like to know why it's happened. Like I said, the "symbol" is visible, just not from inside the cockpit anymore, only if I stick my head outside the window, vr obviously.
  8. Ya, I might remove some grease. Already adjusted the knob for the throttle, still stiff. That was the first thing I did, well, after changing the spring. If I'm not "careful" when moving the throttle through its range, the base will move, not much, but it moves, that's how stiff the throttle is at the moment. Just took the bottom off the throttle case, used a razor knfe to scrape some of the grease off the sides of those half round guides, whatever they're called, and it's much better. Just took a skim off. Still some resistance, but the base doesn't even try to move now, easy fix.
  9. Just hooked up an hour ago, not working in game, although it's recognized. Stick / throttle works just fine in XP 11, Dcs, Elite Dangerous, those are the only other titles I've tested so far. It's mapping correctly in settings. My pedals are Joy0, Throttle is Joy1, and Stick is Joy2, listed in that order in Win 10 joy panel. What do I need to do to get this setup to work. It feels great in those other sims, anxious to see what it's like here. Edit: Sorted out, stopped the Logitech software from starting when Windows starts, all seems fine now. Wow, what a difference from the Thrustmaster Hotas 4, simply no comparison. Thanks to the Warehouse deal at Amazon, this was listed as "Used - Very Good" , regular price $329 Cdn, selling for $199. I can't see where this was used at all, very smooth, nothing loose, not a scratch or mark, and everything works. Throttle is a "wee bit" stiff , but I read it should loosen up some in time. Guess I'll see what it's like in a few months, but as of this moment it's a steal at $199.
  10. The bombing assist "graphic" has disappeared from view "within" the cockpit. If I stick my head outside the aircraft I can see it just fine, skimming along the ground it appears. Tried with a few different aircraft, no difference. I've only had the sim for a few weeks, and it was visible in the cockpit in the beginning, but not now. Is this some kind of known bug? I've searched, and found a few posts from a few years back, but nothing recent. It's not game changing as I prefer to fly without it, but it's not visible now within the cockpit, and I'm just curious why. Again, it's on/selected in the Realism settings, and I can see it when I stick my head outside the cockpit, it's just no longer visible from within the cockpit. This is while flying in vr of course. Stock game, no mods, default settings all around, Steam version. I've tried with Steam Vr, and Open Composite, no difference. Anyone had this issue recently, is there something I'm overlooking? System, i5 9600k, 32gb 2666, 1080ti, Win 10Pro.
  11. Thanks for the reply, tried again using a unique name, and now see it in the Missions list. Have no idea why I couldn't see it before.
  12. New guy here so go easy.😋 I'm not seeing my generated mission when in game. The generator is finishing alright, the root folder of the game is set properly, and I see the generated mission files in the games data "Missions" folder. How do I load my generated mission? I've gone through every multiplayer menu/option in the game, and don't see the mission listed anywhere. Ok, coop is showing up, but if I create a Single mission, I don't see it?
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