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  1. I have the Thrustmaster T160000M joystick with separate throttle and rudder pedals. I struggle with keeping my planes from constantly going into spins. Sometimes I can correct the spin by nose down opposite rudder etc but am I doing something wrong in flight or is it my sensitivity settings? Tried using vjoy and T.A.R.G.E.T to control the sensitivity but my lack of knowledge on these just frustrated me so I quit trying to use them. Any assistance would be very appreciated.
  2. Thanks Sokol1 I appreciate the response mate
  3. G'day gurus, forgive my noobyness but I have a Thrustmaster T160000 and wondered if it is possible to setup the HAT Switch to work like the middle mouse button does to look around. I find it difficult to be flying and trying to find the enemy at my six o'clock using the mouse. Cheers in advance
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