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  1. Saw it yesterday as well and really enjoyed it. A few thoughts: Enjoyed the old school film vibe (very little dialogue, anonymous characters). Felt similar to great films in the 20s & 30s. Nolan cited "Greed" as an inspiration. Enjoyed the air battles. I was impressed by the pace and patience - no one shot kills! Really liked the portrayal of checking the fuel in the spit. Nice touch! And yea, @Finkeren - you may want to wait for DVD, as the characters are intentionally anonymous. I think the aim was to show that war dehumanizes.
  2. Thanks Tripwire. I too was surprised by the lack of direct comparisons. I hope this saves some Oculus / Vive owners from "grass is greener" thoughts, *and* encourages those curious about VR to try the Pimax (it's still totally awesome ... just not quite as awesome as the other two).
  3. I've been an Oculus supporter since the DK2. I admit to being a bit of a fanboy - but really I'm just enthused by VR in general. Which is why I thought I'd give the Pimax a try. The idea that I could give up a bit of refresh rate and 6DOF for the resolution of the next gen Oculus headset intrigued me. Also, since I bought through Amazon, it was a low-risk purchase :-) I'll cut to the chase ... I'll be returning it. Here's why: 1. Resolution in the Pimax *is* better than the Oculus, but only in the very center, and only if the headset is positioned perfectly. Everything but the center is much blurrier, which is distracting. 2. Ability to change from focusing on near objects to distant objects was much harder. Often, I couldn't get a plane in focus, even if it was dead center in view. 3. Rotating my head corresponded with a mild fisheye effect of the view. It was more like looking at a 3D photo of a cockpit through 1990s QuickTime viewer than being *in* the cockpit. 4. The color is *much* duller and muted than in the Oculus. I didn't fully notice this until I switched back to the Oculus after flying a few missions in the Pimax. 5. The field of view is smaller, further compounding the blurriness near the edges. I'm using the latest Pimax software and firmware. I adjusted my IPD. If you're on a budget, the Pimax is passible. I don't want to discourage anyone from trying VR. But, if you already have an Oculus or Vive, don't get jealous of the additional resolution of the Pimax ... it isn't worth it.
  4. I have to throw my hat in and say I'm elated with the news of the forthcoming FM improvements. Extremely impressive move by the team. THANK YOU! I haven't had a strong opinion on particular FM characteristics, and certainly haven't gotten involved in debates here. I have, however, found myself drifting to other (intentionally unnamed) sims for two main reasons: 1) Flying feels more challenging, and 2) Overcoming these challenges is rewarded by a deeper understanding of the aircraft that can *be applied in future similar situations* (aka, predictable behavior). The update notes seem to imply that the FM is becoming more challenging and also more predictable. So I'm excited! It's worth noting that the points above are more related to game theory than realism. Despite having a few hours behind the yolk in light aircraft, I don't claim to be the arbiter of realism. Rather, it's simply more rewarding to face challenges, overcome them, and see the benefits of skill acquisition in new situations. Just one guy's opinion. I'm sure there are many counterpoints ;-)
  5. Really well done. Agree with unreasonable that the image is a bit too clear, but otherwise excellent. The summer terrain is much improved by the b+w treatment, actually. Looks like footage, whereas in game I find it a bit garish. It also accentuates the late appearance of smoke plumes after a hit. That was the main thing that would make me think - wait - this isn't real footage.
  6. @Sharpe - Yes. I was flying SP yesterday & went to external view to assess damage and was surprised to see the ground through holes in the wings, and parts of the wing skeleton as well. It looked pretty good. So maybe it is just a viewing angle thing - or maybe a different type of hit / damage?
  7. I also struggle with being too tense right before firing. The SP practice advice is good. Use it to actively try to relax your hand and arm before shooting.
  8. I love and play both sims, but on the whole I find BOS more immersive. However, these are the things I prefer in CLOD, some of them contrary to others opinions :-) 1. Feeling of weight. I feel power draining when climbing. I can bleed speed by wacking the rudder around. Flying dirty is costly. 2. Balance of control vs. difficulty in flight model. Yes, the birds in CLOD can be challenging to fly. It's hard to gain altitude fast, it's hard to get trimmed well enough to catch enemies. At the same time, I feel I have more control than in BOS. For example, with practice, I can skid the nose onto a target. I think this is directly related to what some have called the "rubber band" effect in BOS. For the two reasons above, flying in CLOD feels like I'm flying a machine, not a toy. It's a machine that can be wielded, but is challenging. To balance this post out, BOS is the big winner in terms of atmosphere. The world seems alive! Getting behind enemy planes is easier in a way that feels more realistic. Again, love and play both, and hope both have bright futures :-)
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