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  1. Spoiler alert, first mission is a milk run. Now you only have 14 missions left to get your 40 kills...😎 At at least I’m not going to make you do circles around the island until you run out of gas for the first 3 days like they really had to do. 👍
  2. Nice... being a Brit you should appreciate having roundels on your crate for a change, even if they were Afrikaners.
  3. Oddly enough, the Kerch peninsula is very appropriate to substitute for Kos if you can ignore no ocean on the west end and some place names. I think it’s a slightly larger land mass, but not by much. Hopefully the “suspension of disbelief” will last a little while. I don’t think IL2 pilots are nearly as used to improvising maps as we used to be. It was definitely a shoestring operation, and yes it was a mistake for them to try to occupy a few small islands when the Germans were still strong on Crete, Rhodes and in Athens. They were literally surrounded from the start. “Churchill’s Folly” is frequently applied to everything from Gallipoli to the Gulf War, but during WWII it seems to refer to Kos and Leros.
  4. Your welcome... good shooting Your welcome for both. It’s pretty easy to fix them. I know the Mission Editor can seem daunting, but it’s fairly simple really. It’s just tedious.
  5. Your welcome. Good luck with it. I figured a few people might be doing something other than flying the Me262, but I wanted to wait until after the update to release it so it didn’t have to be updated right away. It looked to me like it was working fine yesterday evening after updating the binary files. I haven’t tested the AI behavior yet but that should be better as well.
  6. This is a 15 mission offline campaign which requires IL2 Great Battles ~ Battle of Kuban to run and also requires the Collector Planes Spitfire Mk.VB and the Macchi MC.202 Series VIII. It is a historically based recreation of a misguided attempt by the British Commonwealth Armed Forces to occupy the Greek Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea after Italy surrendered to the Allies in the fall of 1943. It became known as "Churchill's Folly" and there is at least one entire book on the subject. I have tried to represent the actual events as closely as possible with one minor diversion, having to do with a derelict Italian fighter plane abandoned on the airfield. Unzip all files to your IL2 Sturmovik Great Battles root folder. This should install the missions files under data/Campaigns/Greek Fire and the aircraft skins under data/graphics/skins/xx. The 2K custom skins are made by me for this campaign. They are nothing special, but they are necessary to convey the atmosphere of the circumstances. Once installed, follow the mission briefing prompts to select the appropriate aircraft skin for each mission. The intelligence report in the mission briefings will give you a factual account of actual events in September 1943. You will be given a short overview of your expected mission requirements in the briefing, and then some general navigation guidelines. I would suggest you try to follow the directions, but if you want to just fly around and look for targets, that might work too. I know many people fly without the HUD enabled, but I have included a number of subtitle messages that are useful and informative if you wish to use them. I personally fly these missions in VR with everything turned off except the subtitles and a HOTAS key binding for toggling the icons on without text for target identification. I highly recommend the 3DMigoto mod for this purpose. It’s a target rich environment, but you will find yourself limited by the amount of ammo the Spitfire can carry. Here is my most recent score to give you something to shoot for. All missions are counted complete when you safely land at your indicated home base and come to a complete stop. You can taxi to whatever parking spot you like, but you must stop completely. You may also land at designated emergency fields. If you have to crash land, try to avoid doing it on an airfield. You have a 75% chance of completing the mission successfully if you are not severely injured in the crash. There is an AI taxi and autopilot bug that can be annoying. If you wish to use autopilot at any time during the mission, I would suggest you let the autopilot line you up on the runway for takeoff. If you miss certain taxi points and try to turn on autopilot later in the mission, it will try to return you to the airfield taxi point with poor results. Following your flight leaders taxi path exactly can also prevent this issue. A direct link to the file is below. I will post it on Mission4Today later. http://www.mediafire.com/file/c3wfaii37d50viy/Greek_Fire.zip/file Sorry but I have not translated to languages other than English. I hope you enjoy flying for the South African Air Force in this questionable and ill fated adventure! ~S~
  7. They do need to be converted, but anyone can do it. if you download a scripted campaign, you can open the mission editor and under "tools" select "convert missions to binary in folder". Browse to the campaign folder in the drop down list and hit OK. If you open a mission to edit individually, you have to delete the MSNBIN file first or it gives you and error message. Edit ~ It just took 2 1/2 minutes to update a 15 mission campaign file folder and you do not have to delete the MSBIN files from the folder first.
  8. Probably tomorrow since the update has been released now So yes... very soon
  9. It sounds to me like low speed crashes have had a little more attention to detail put into them than your average 300 mph lawn dart event. Usually when I plow into the earth at terminal velocity, the pilot is already dead.
  10. Yes, it could be a 1940’s urban myth. I thought the Lockheed add was about as good as it gets for verifying a 70 year old nickname though. It’s at least from the same decade. I’ll see if I can find any actual verification that this was a colloquial term in Europe at the time. Caidin doesn’t get his sources wrong very often, and I think that’s the main source for it becoming a common term. There may be some interview comments here or there.
  11. I don’t want to quote everyone who said that pilot damage/ injury/ death isn’t modeled, but I have tested it. I have been working on a percentage based survival mission success trigger and I have seen some very interesting results. There are multiple levels of damage to the airframe from a crash landing. Landed, crash landed, force landed, crashed, player killed, just off the top of my head. I crashed a P47 once and I was waiting for my damage trigger to kick in and it didn’t. I started hearing heavy labored breathing in my earphones ... it was me. The breaths got shallower and then stopped. I died. It took about 2 minutes. Crash landing on an airfield interferes with the Land command and sometimes results in a hung game ending. It works way better in open country. Bellying in can be unpredictable. Same procedures as a field landing with wheels up and flaps down and if you hit a bump or a hill, it sometimes destroys the AC and kills you. Also recently I’ve had the AC violently explode a couple of times. i have seen a wide variety of damage to aircraft frames on crash landing. Wings torn off or cracked, snapped in half, tail missing, flipped over, etc. If you flip over belly up, the pilot never survives and the “stationary and alive” trigger does not work. You’re toast. i know these things because I intentionally crash about every Third time I fly a mission just to check the percentages of my “survive crash” logic. Just throwing this out there, but I have frequently just sat in the cockpit after a crash landing and looked around in VR, said to myself as the dust settled: “WOW, that was insane”... , slid the canopy back, if I still had one or could, and then moved on to the next one.
  12. You should tell Martin Cardin that.... “NORTH AFRICA WAS WHERE the P-38 earned its name—Der gabelschwanz teufel. The fork-tailed devil. It took a while, though.” And don’t forget to send a note to Lockheed 🙄
  13. When did this change? I've seen a couple of comments about the P38-L being modeled recently but the last quote I saw from the devs was in DD #218 where they showed the WIP pics and stated it was the P-38J-25 they were modelling.
  14. Yeah, I played EAW for a while too. That was the one that hooked me up until MS Combat Flight Sim 2 came out. The comic strip theme was totally cool. The rest were mostly too buggy around that time until IL2 came out.
  15. Actually VR does occasionally remind me of this.... The resolution of current VR isn’t a whole lot better than European Air War literally 20 years ago, and I can see why it might really be inadequate for online dogfighting. You are all pretty much right on, but I don’t fly online at this point and the depth perception and immersion factor of being able to easily fly formation, judge distances, see around or through cockpit frames, read instruments and actually judge range and deflection is so much different now that I can’t even fly a flat screen any more. It is just my opinion though. I enjoy different things about this than most people. And yes, I prefer to fly in a real plane too, I just can’t really afford it. I will release my Spitfire campaign as soon as the update is out and I can resave the missions binary files.. I have flown the Spit about all I care to for now. Then I will move on the flying the Me262 until the P38 is released. That could be 2 more little scripted campaigns in the works. I sure hope they get the Central Europe map done soon... That’s really going to give us some new material.
  16. In my experience, you have to be relatively close to your wingmen for them to obey your commands.
  17. Be aware that if you do, you will never be able to go back. It really changes the game into a different experience.
  18. Wow, that’s hard core. I’m assuming you have to haul your gear but that’s a hike. I drove straight through from Atlanta to central Texas a couple of years ago and those are some boring roads. That was about 16 hours. Stay awake and be careful!
  19. Yeah, thanks for the warning about resaving missions for scripted campaigns too. I was just about to post a new one I finished, but I will wait until after the update now. Not likely, if they did that, it wouldn’t be a world debut at the FSExpo.
  20. Yeah, my current sight picture in the Mc202 looks nothing like the one in the posted image. The outer ring is not even visible on the sight glass unless your move up close to it.
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