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  1. All I can say for the moment is...WOW!!!! It’s going to take a bit for this to sink in but thanks for the awesome update!
  2. Ya’ll are in the wrong thread... the Update Today? thread is in another section. 🙄
  3. Today is a good day for some Lightning ...
  4. To clarify, if you uninstall and do a clean install, you would need to back up your controller assignments first.... It is certainly not necessary for an update
  5. Unless you back up the correct files, it will overwrite all of your control assignments careers and preferences also.
  6. A tester isn't going to get the final download to test, and even the devs wont know what size it is until its ready to compress and upload
  7. When you get the final results, I would bet real $$$ it will be very close to the mean average of all the guesses. Whatever that is...
  8. From dev diary 142; If you want to sell your campaign: 1. Make sure you don't give mission files to anyone who can distribute them for free. 2. Make sure your campaign is good enough and other players would pay money for it. 1CGS reserves the right to not sell every Campaign produced. 3. Contact Producer Jason Williams via personal message (https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/user/13-jason_williams/), preferably even before starting the work on the campaign and reach an agreement on all the details required for selling it. 4. Copy protected campaign can be created just like a free one, but requires mandatory testing in cooperation with our team, protecting mission files and adding it to our account system. 5. Copy protected campaign can be distributed like a free one (an separate installer containing protected mission files instead of unprotected ones) or can be included in official updates (this depends on agreement between campaign author and our Producer). 6. All payware Campaigns must be sold through our online store. So yes, you can have the devs protect it and host it, but you will have to talk them into taking the time to do it. My understanding is that they are not taking any more campaigns to host at the moment. That may change after BoBP release.
  9. Im glad you are having fun with it. it is possible to set up a mission goal and have landing on other fields result in mission success. I guess I just didn’t include the one you landed on. I’ll keep that in mind in the future. 👍
  10. Based on the theory that the average of a group of people making random guesses is usually quite accurate, I’m gonna go with 6.2 gb
  11. I (or anyone) could probably go into the missions and adjust the atmospheric conditions and set it to something closer to 25 or 30 degrees F. I’m not sure exactly what the ambient temperature is on these missions, but I will take a look. That would be an easy fix and something to keep in mind for later campaigns. I believe it was down in the ‘teens and low 20’s as ‘44 was a very cold winter. I’m glad adjusting the settings to ”warmed up engines” got it working for you. My simulator is disassembled and in storage at the moment and won’t be back together for about a week.
  12. No, it just means they are comfortable with it and letting the beta testers have one last go over the weekend before they pack it up on Monday or Tuesday.... 🤫
  13. Awesome DD guys!!! Great news, I’m so glad to hear everything is going well and we will have some new material very soon. I’m really looking forward to the P-38 but my anticipation for the Europe map and the Arras map is certainly going to divide my attention for a while.. There’s still the offline campaign system, hopefully some static objects we haven’t seen, pay to play campaigns and who knows what else before final release.
  14. A fix for oil failure? I have never had this issue. Is your engine seizing up due to overcooling? If so the fix is to close the oil cooler shutters. That’s an aircraft control issue you would need to address yourself. I can’t do it for you. There is a keyboard control command for oil coolers. I and most people here under REALISM check “warmed up engine” Hopefully this addresses your issue. It was pretty darn cold there.
  15. Well we know we are getting an updated campaign with at least 2 more armed forces to fly for, and they have been working on it for a while. It might not be done with this patch but Jason did say he urgently needed help with British and American aces information for the career mode. That tells me they are literally putting the finishing touches on it. Let’s wait and see what they have, I’ll bet it will be significantly improved.
  16. Glad you like it. It was a kind of shoestring mission to begin with , so it made it easier to represent without a large support structure.
  17. I have found that assigning HOTAS controls that operate in the same area in relation to my seating position and the direction as the in cockpit animations makes the controls in VR way more intuitive than clicking with a mouse. It requires memorizing multiple (30ish) controls, but once that’s practiced for a bit, it’s not hard to recall.
  18. Its taken me a whole day to read the thread and catch up! (My daughter just got married so I was out of pocket.) 😥 Awesome update, I am super stoked to hear we are getting 3 flyable aircraft, the BoBP map and the B25. I guess I will have to save up for another computer upgrade in the near future! Not exactly because that radius chart for the Lightning is from ‘43 and in July ‘44, Lindbergh offered up some advice on the P38J. By reducing cruise rpm from 2200 to 14-1600 rpm, setting mp @ 30” and selecting auto lean, he increased range without drop tanks to 9 hours at appx 200 mph ias (depending on altitude and escort speed of course).That would increase the max range by about 380 miles over the figure listed above. Without drop tanks. I know this is way OT so if anyone wants to discuss it we can start a new thread.
  19. I personally appreciate all the work and research you guys have done to answer the key question here. It would appear that the unanimous verdict is.... whichever round you hit the intended target with will most likely do the job. 😀
  20. Yes we will see. I certainly hope our injured Dev is doing better and getting back in the swing of things. Not because of the end of the month coming up though. We can wait a little while if that’s what it takes. Best wishes for a healthy team is all I have for now. 👌
  21. Or you don’t... I have had this experience and it doesn’t really bother me. I just don’t move my head that far next time. It is more odd than bothersome. This reminds me of the thread about whether we would be better as real pilots after flying IL2 for a while. I guess some people can actually function in real aircraft and others can’t. Motion sickness has washed out many pilot cadets. VR does simulate 3D motion and it makes many people uncomfortable. I’m not making judgements or trying to be critical, but it is what it is.
  22. I have been through years of Air Force ROTC, taken flight lessons, gone on a few flights with some jet pilots who needed to get their hours in, and flown a couple of small prop aircraft. I've been through blinded "Recovery from irregular attitude" tests and flown some mild aerobatics. I've also flown flight simulators for about 2 decades now. Considering that I am over 50 now and have to wear reading glasses to type this, I'd say I would do just as bad or worse than a pilot recruit if I was to actually have to fly a piston engine aircraft and do high G attack or defense maneuvers while tossing real ordnance around. Flying hot fighter aircraft is not an old guy's game. I don't think this simulator would help much except I could probably do a little better on instruments than the next guy.
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