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  1. It will look beautiful as it lights on fire in the twilight, following the row of smoking holes put into it by a Sopwith Camel.
  2. How can we not be 😎 with it? Really looking forward to the new voices and career! I’d rather have my voice used as a bad a$$ American pilot anyway!
  3. They were photographers too... most likely taking selfies back at base. No worries, they will put away the iPhones for the next mission.
  4. This also means we started the work on the Career mode for it that will be called Battle of Rheinland. Starting on September 17th, 1944 and ending on April 1st, 1945, it will include several new mission types characteristic for this timeframe on the Western front. All the required information - squadron histories and emblems, pilot biographies, awards, news, etc. This is the best bit of news I have heard in years. Finally an offline career that I actually want to fly! Thank you to all the IL2 crew, I am definitely looking forward to this.
  5. The visibility in the IL2 is horrendous. Go for the FW190 or the P47 and start at the top... 😀 Also the Spitfire is a very simple analog airplane with easy to understand controls and stable characteristics. That would be my first choice.
  6. It’s beer :30 on Friday in Moscow... time for a post!
  7. It is possible to set up a mission goal that completes the mission successfully when you belly land or crash land. You can have it cover any part or all of the map. You cannot currently complete a mission successfully if you bail out. You can also set a percentage of random chance that you progress to the next mission after crash landing.
  8. I’ll be happy to oblige. You have my recordings from the last American voice sets for flights, controllers, etc. I still sound the same. Mild southern accent from Georgia
  9. Yes, I either cancel or just put a 1 in all of them until I can hit ok
  10. Yeah, there are a lot of abbreviations on here. Don't be afraid to ask if you want to know about something. Almost everyone on here is very helpful and you will only occasionally get a rude response. Most people here are relatively mature and don't waste time taking cheap shots at everyone they can.
  11. Once you get your controls mapped and your view set up, you will want to learn to take off and land. Some aircraft are trickier than others to taxi so you might want to start with an aircraft that has a stable landing gear. There are some pre made missions to practice but you will not be able to change the aircraft. Many people set up a quick mission with no enemy to start and locate an airport on the map. Land your aircraft and then do practice take off and landing that way. You can look up take off and landing speeds under the specifications tab once you get to the free flight mission briefing. There are quite a few you YouTube tutorials that will get you flying once you get to that point.
  12. If someone could just give Jason a flyable Zero or Oscar for reference it would make things easier. Anybody...?
  13. There is plenty of discussion about it, but word from devs, no... in before the lock. 😁
  14. I would think the next step for FC would be a Verdun map. There are a number of widely used earlier planes to still be developed like the Spad VII and the Nieuports. They still have 2 representative 2 seat airplanes to serve as photo recon and observation planes to finish for this release. With the current plane set over Arras, it’s going to be the Sopwith Camel and Dolphin vs the Red Baron in his Fokker Dr.I. Without a French/American front there is no historical location for a Spad XIII vs Fokker DVII battle which would be the last 100 days of WWI. Obviously it’s early to speculate on what’s next since the current version isn’t even done yet, but at least there is a logical progression for FC2 which would actually still allow you to fight with or against the “Flying Circus” on a historical battlefield. It looks like the first scripted historical campaign for FC might be “The Red Baron” or some such thing. 😉
  15. Yes, now is a great time to get the Macchi Folgore. It’s an interesting airplane and there is not much content for it. I would love to see an Italian campaign at some point in the future and get to fly it more. Keep buying content and maybe Jason will add my next one to his sponsored list! I’m just waiting on the American Folgore and the Western Europe map.
  16. Well, in my experience, no one wants to spend a bunch of tedious hours making a campaign someone else has already done. In my case, when I posted this scripted campaign I did not know Gambit21 had already made arrangements with Jason to publish a pay add on featuring the same Fighter Group. As soon as I discovered Bodenplatte was in pre release and I could fly the P47, I jumped into it and started writing missions without reading what was going on in the forum here. I had not played IL2 for at least a year, maybe 2. It’s not really a conflict, as they will be entirely different, but I doubt I would be super happy if I announced I was working on something and then someone I never heard of put out a campaign basically about the same thing. This one is only historical in the dates and type of missions, certainly not in the actual missions themselves. I think we all realize this is not a competition, but it’s also important to be courteous and respectful of other people’s work. If I were to go back and do it again, I would simply have changed the context to represent another group. so now you know why someone might think they are stepping on other people’s toes. As I said, I will certainly avoid that in the future.
  17. Yes, it could. All we really need is the maps and maybe the S.M 79 😉
  18. Exactly. Someone just needs to make the map and add a single player campaign for it. We will already have everything else for it after BoBP is finished. In the mean time....
  19. Malta, Sicily and Pantelleria would be an awesome map for Battle of Malta release. Most of the planes are already in the game. That would give us a huge battle history to work with and not conflict with North Africa.
  20. I’m glad you like it so far Jade_Monkey. I enjoyed your Spitfire campaign as well. I originally made the missions with the player aircraft leading most of them, but I ran into some issues with taxi waypoints on the grass airfields and found it better to be the wingman. I also like flying formation in VR and it gives you something challenging to occupy yourself while doing boring patrols around the “Island” 😉
  21. are you using a complex trigger covering the area being attacked to set off the subtitle or is it linked to the artillery piece?
  22. That That particular aircraft is included with Battle of Kuban. I think you would need to purchase BOK to fly it. Usually the black screen on mission start occurs when you have started a mission with an aircraft you do not have access designated as the player aircraft. There is a list of which aircraft come with each IL2 Great Battles version here; https://il2sturmovik.com/about/#5
  23. I have updated the binary files to version 3.101 compatibility and combined the revised last mission with the .zip file for anybody downloading the file.
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