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  1. Ignore the 109 on my tail, he is probably a lousy shot and my mustang is faster anyway...
  2. Wait, we can make this into something interesting.... ignore what? All the speculation about what’s next, all the threads speculating on how upcoming aircraft will compare and perform, or ignore the people complaining that the flight models are lame and need to be fixed? in before the delete 😀
  3. Great idea for a thread since we kinda hijacked the Bodenplatte thread to discuss campaign ideas. Also nice to see someone here from the neighborhood since I’m in Roswell Georgia, as opposed to the one with all the aliens. 👀 By all means let the Mission builders know what you like to see. Depending on the nature of the scripted mission or campaign, it may or may not make sense, but it’s good to hear about anyway. What I like to see is a well crafted mini adventure that sets you up to feel like you have a reason for being there. A connection to the other aircraft flying and a reason behind the mission you are on. I like to see an airfield that is appropriate for the circumstances, but not artificially full of activity if it doesn’t make sense. That’s hard to do with the objects we currently have. I don’t like to get set up for predictable repetitive missions and variety is in fact the spice of life (and death) ☠️ Many real life life missions were boring as hell. Plenty of combat pilots did entire tours or careers and never saw an enemy aircraft. That makes for a boring mission or campaign, so I’ll just say I can live without all those milk runs. My primary goal is always going to be arriving home alive. Don’t make me fly through a bunch of hoops to complete the mission or I’ll go into the ME and delete that stuff and move on. It’s great to have a goal, but if you miss a waypoint, there’s no reason to have to turn around to get the go ahead to continue. ill think of more later.... you asked, therefore you shall receive. 😎
  4. Well, we should be able to find out soon enough! it might not be a real Mustang like you were lucky enough to experience but I'm sure the physics will be close enough to demonstrate a reasonably accurate zoom climb. (2 weeks, be sure) Mostly I was trying to convey the pilots' lack of excitement for converting from the Lightning, not so much imply the Mustang was that bad. I'm sure that after 30 or 40 missions you would get attached to the machine you went through those missions in.
  5. I thought about that and it might be a nice idea to finish up flying the P-51 for a few missions near the end of the war in Europe, but that’s a very long time frame. I guess some USAAF pilots made it from September ‘44 through April ‘45. They were limited to 50 combat missions, so it’s more likely I will start with the earlier action around Aachen and ending around January. There is plenty of action left for a 2nd campaign later on. The 370th moved to Y-32 and started operations in February before they converted to P-51s in March. They weren’t happy about losing the P-38s at all.. here’s a quote. “Rod Colton from his 1st mission on the P-51... The only thing that really bothered me about the P-51 is that on our dive bombing, in a P-38 you’d come in, drop your bombs or strafe, and when you pulled that thing up it would zoom up to 10,000 feet in just nothing flat. When I was coming in on a P-51, the first day I ever strafed an installation when they were shooting at us, I pulled up and at about 3,000 feet here is this P-51 going 250 miles per hour. I could see the tracers coming up from the ground and I’d have to kick a right rudder and skid it and weave my way back up into the sky. You never had to do that in a P-38 because you got out of the fire zone so damn fast. It just really reached for the sky.” From The 370th Fighter Group in World War II by Jay Jones. There are plenty more anecdotes regarding how much they were not impressed with the Mustang for ground attack. They were told they would be doing high level escort from then on but it didn’t happen. They flew some bomber escorts and strafing missions in March with the Mustangs and still had a mixed bag of Lightnings and Mustangs until after the ground troops crossed the Rhine. I think it was somewhat anticlimactic after that but I haven’t researched it very carefully yet. I’ll think I’ll start earlier on and see if I ever get to 50 missions. 😳
  6. Yeah, I’m obviously being a smart a$$ but that’s what I’m thinking too. I believe the Battle of Aachen will be the first activity to address with USAAF groups to the south. Tactical aircraft being used as mobile artillery by both sides. House to house tank battles and such. Then the Hürtgen Forest. Trying to find bunkers buried in the forest, not knowing where the target is. As you mentioned, scattered attacks behind enemy lines disrupting supply depots, troop staging and rail lines. That would blend into the Ardennes counteroffensive and operation Bodenplatte. Then on to the Rhine river and see what we can do with Remagen. Build a bridge maybe. I found the following on Wikipedia regarding the Tempest going into operational service. @Jade_Monkey This could be a great opportunity for a scripted campaign. It seems to be well documented and the airbases and map areas are available.... 122 Wing now consisted of 3 Sqn., 56 Sqn., 80 Sqn., 274 Sqn. (to March 1945), and 486(NZ)Sqn. From 1 October 1944 122 Wing was based at B.80 Volkel Air Base near Uden, in the Netherlands. During the early phase of operations, the Tempest regularly emerged victorious and proved to be a difficult opponent for the Luftwaffe's Bf 109G and Fw 190 fighters to counter. Armed reconnaissance missions were usually flown by two sections (eight aircraft), flying in finger-four formations, which would cross the front lines at altitudes of 7,000 to 8,000 feet: once the Tempests reached their allocated target area the lead section dropped to 4,000 feet or lower to search for targets to strafe, while the other section flew cover 1,000 feet higher and down sun. After the first section had carried out several attacks, it swapped places with the second section and the attacks continued until all ammunition had been exhausted, after which the Tempests would return to base at 8,000 ft. As many of the more profitable targets were usually some 250 miles from base, the Tempests typically carried two 45-gallon drop tanks which were turned on soon after takeoff. Between October and December 1944, the Tempest was practically withdrawn from combat operations for overhaul work, as well as to allow operational pilots to train newcomers. The overhaul process involved the replacement or major servicing of their engines and the withdrawal of the limited number of aircraft which were equipped with spring-tabs; these increased manoeuvrability so much that there was a risk of damaging the airframe. In December 1944, upon the Tempest's reentry into service, the type had the twin tasks of the systematic destruction of the North German rail network along with all related targets of opportunity, and the maintenance of air supremacy within the North German theatre, searching for and destroying any high performance fighter or bomber aircraft of the Luftwaffe, whether in the air or on the ground. In December 1944, a total of 52 German fighters were downed, 89 trains and countless military vehicles were destroyed, for the loss of 20 Tempests. Following the Luftwaffe's Operation Bodenplatte of 1 January 1945, 122 Wing bore the brunt of low- to medium-altitude fighter operations for the Second Tactical Air Force, which had fortuitously escaped being a victim of the extensive Bodenplatte raid, and had contributed to efforts to intercept the raiders. During this time, Spitfire XIVs of 125 and 126 Wings often provided medium- to high-altitude cover for the Tempests, which came under intense pressure, the wing losing 47 pilots in January. In February 1945, 33 and 222 Squadrons of 135 Wing converted from Spitfire Mk IXs and, in March, were joined by 274 Sqn. 135 Wing was based at B.77 Gilze-Rijen airfield in the Netherlands. The intensity of operations persisted throughout the remainder of the war. This could take a long time...
  7. We’re pretty safe here in Atlanta as slow as it’s moving and a cold front coming down. My sister is in Orlando area but they are still waiting to see where it goes. Even if is traffic is bad, it will still move faster than the storm. looks like the coast is going to get blasted all the way up until it hits colder water.
  8. Before and after. 1 day doesn’t make a scripted campaign. A month does.... or 2 weeks...😀
  9. Or the very difficult issue of finding even one intact Val, Hamp, Betty, Tony, Pete, Sally or Oscar. Even an intact Zero is rare. The rest were left to rot in a jungle, or destroyed or maybe at the bottom of a lagoon somewhere. Look at the challenge Jason just went through with the Tempest and see if that’s possible with the Japanese planes. Hopefully I’m off base here and they can be recreated from documents, pictures and written records. I would love to see the Pacific come around but I’m not holding my breath.
  10. Right, so from the perspective of the simmers’ advocate, combat flight sim blogger, what would you like to see brought to the screen... or VR headset near you?
  11. Well, I hate to bring it up but someone has got to do the Legend of Y-29.... I know it’s the 352nd FG, but without a doubt someone is going to do the Move to the Continent with our Mustangs, I hate it here this tent sux, our boss just got waxed by our own AA, we’re gonna get those bastards, there they are get’ em Guys... story. Just sayin’
  12. Ok, now might be a good time to sort out your download file anyway. I usually create a dummy file structure on my desktop starting with a “data” folder and then put “campaigns” in that... etc., etc. Then pack that up with winzip and it can either get unzipped to the desktop and installed manually or unzipped directly to the Great Battles root directory.
  13. I’m thinking September... all the devs are hard at work, everyone is happy and healthy and it’s all on schedule. (Calls on the power of positive suggestion) I’m not counting on all 3 Allied planes and the map though.
  14. I’m glad you enjoyed the campaign. I’m not really in he middle of flying anything right now so sure, send it on over and I’d be happy to give it a go. Zip the files, host them somewhere on the web, and pm me a link. I’ll be looking for it. 👍
  15. The 48th fighter group flying P47s out of St. Trond, A-92 would make a good campaign. They were in the thick of it for many months. I will keep looking for more potential scenarios.
  16. Yeah, they had the Lightning boys hauling lots of ordnance all day, so I don’t think they had much time left over to fly at night. 😴 They ran into some air targets too, although it wasn’t the primary mission.
  17. No, unfortunately we don’t have the Black Widow. I’ll be doing daytime Tactical mostly. Gambit is still doing a 365th P47 campaign as far as I know. Someone definitely needs to do a Tempest campaign and so far I haven’t heard any plans for any Mustang adventures either.
  18. I’m planning on doing a 370th FG lightning campaign from Florennnes A-78 if you want to brainstorm with me on that. 😁 There were at least 2 P-38 squadrons and a black widow night fighter squadron there from September ‘44 until early ‘45. I won’t be covering that entire time period, or at least not in one go around. My first search for information on advance landing grounds was here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Landing_Ground That site lists all the ALGs and which groups were posted there on what dates
  19. Yes, freaking huge is about right. Im guessing a very long mission wouldn’t use more than 1/4 of it. We would need drop tanks if it gets any bigger.
  20. Did you save them as campaign missions instead of single missions? Also make sure you have the correct number of missions listed in the info.txt file
  21. Your welcome, I hope you enjoyed it and at least became an ace!
  22. That does appear to be the map Jason posted. It’s not definitely final, but I doubt it will be any larger. What you see is basically what we will get.
  23. I just upgraded from an i5 @ 3.5 ghz to an i7 3770k oc’ed to 4.10 ghz. My specs are listed below. I am on a 2012 mb so I can’t upgrade any further without changing everything. I went from 100% cpu usage in vr and not really utilizing GPU at all to 70% CPU and 50% GPU usage under heavy load. I was running a steady 44 FPS which is now at 96 FPS and drops to about 50 under heavy load. In certain missions, I was getting severe tearing and slowdown which is now gone. I also upgraded from 16gb of DDR3 1600mhz ram at 9-9-9-24 to 32 gb and that had no effect at all. It is running a steady 30% usage with no fluctuations. it is not ideal, but it was roughly a $400 upgrade which took me from can’t play mode to not too bad and I’m happy with it for now mode. 👍
  24. Since everyone is so curious... 🙄 I’ll spill the beans. It’s a P40-Q with a Packard Merlin and a 2 Stage Supercharger. Since the Mustang was already in production, they never got a contract for it. It would be fun to see it modeled though. (There might have been other reasons too) I guess the B-25 is the obvious one since the internal modeling is all that’s left. I would be happy if the other one was the Li-2/C-47/Dakota since we really need that aircraft for Allied paratrooper and transport duties.
  25. I’m gonna go with this.... everybody knows what that is, how can we omit it? 😎
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