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  1. I have found that in a scripted campaign in VR, you can significantly improve the frame rates by disabling all objects in the mission that are not within visual range. Either deleting vehicles and respawning them with a checkzone or a timer, or when they hit a certain waypoint. That creates new problems of its own. You don't want a vehicle column leaving your airfield when you take off, and then have it respawn leaving your airfield again when you return. If there is a firefight with 20 guns shooting 30 km away in one direction and a bunch of vehicles and AAA enabled at my home base, and I am flying along in between with 12 other aircraft, I get slow frame rates the entire mission and sluggish lagging as soon as the tracers start. If the airbase objects are disabled when I get to the firefight, my CPU has less to calculate. It's better since I upgraded to an 8 core 16 thread CPU architecture. I agree that it is CPU related from trying to calculate too many objects simultaneously. Tracers are particularly rough on framerates for me personally. I don't remember who said it, one of the Devs, but good performance in a scripted mission is all about conserving resources.
  2. That did it, Thanks. Unfortunately all the airfield objects are in the wrong place now, but I can fix that.
  3. So I have been searching the forum since yesterday but I can't find a post I remember seeing. There are some new airfields on the Rhineland amp, but the runway and airfield textures do not show up on the map. I just get airfield objects on the ground where the airfield is supposed to be. I reloaded the scenery texture but that's apparently not the trick. Can anyone help me out with the secret of making the new airfields appear? Strassfeld, Odendorf, Diest, etc...
  4. Yeah, it's in no way a big explosion, but Beebop was wanting to destroy surrounding buildings, so it has a somewhat limited use. Gambit just wants to blow sh!t up... I'm with him.
  5. Sure, here ya go... Self Destruct Train.zip
  6. Yes, that's right. I am in no way offended. It is a historical campaign meant to represent what really happened to the best of my ability, and you're telling me that I did what I tried to do. The objective was very simple. You find your target. You verify it to avoid killing your own guys. You drop your bombs. You get the hell out before you get blasted out of the sky like some of your buddies already have. Anyone that thinks you are going to circle around and drop in on every AAA gun with your .50 cals is a bit misguided. The common logic was to only make 1 pass and get out of Dodge. And you have certainly succeeded at that. I just want to make it believable. A balance of too little resistance and unsurvivable. If you can't make it through the mission 3 times in a row, even if you know it's coming, something is wrong because those guys did not get shot down every time they flew.
  7. I’m glad you like it. I agree that working with the ME gives you a much greater appreciation for other people’s missions when they are well done. It takes a lot of work to make specific things happen and then get everything to blend together like it was supposed to be that way. I really enjoy flying other people’s missions because I don’t know what’s going to happen. If I made it, the suspense is gone and I just want to make it harder because I already figured out how to survive it.
  8. Nice... Keep asking I want the radio calls fixed.
  9. OK @LukeFF, I went through the entire campaign and checked all loadouts and compared them to the briefings. I have corrected the bomb load in missions number 05, 06, 13 and 17. I have corrected the .50 cal ammo loadout in a few of the later missions where it says you have 2000 rounds, but only 1200 were loaded. Fortunately not all of the 1000 pounders were missing. It was only those 4 missions out of about 12 Thank you Luke, if everyone was this attentive I would not be doing this now, but that's on me. No one else had time to test the entire campaign, and most people don't notice the small details that an experienced tester does. I have not addressed the trucks yet, but I will at some point. I think the latest rounds of Hotfixes is over for a while, and the 2 significant errors have been updated, so it might be a little while before these loadouts are updated on your end. Enjoy the campaign and keep posting back with anything else you find. That's really what this thread is for. You guys are welcome... I'm glad you are enjoying it.
  10. The FW 190-A8 also had thicker armor covering the metal oil cooler ring around the engine cowling and more windscreen and cockpit armor. The A8 was up-armored to increase resistance to defensive fire from bomber formations.
  11. @LukeFF, I don’t know if Sneaksie is going to like this..... he’s probably getting tired of me. I’ll see what I can do, but I’m waiting until you finish the campaign to send him the files. 🙄
  12. I’m glad you are enjoying it. The weather was a huge part of when and how missions got flown during that time frame. Maybe more than any other I know of. If I do the sequel to this campaign, which I have already started, the 370th got moved from the IX TAC to the XXIX TAC up to the north supporting the 9th Army, because they accidentally bombed the IX TAC headquarters at Verviers. There was heavy cloud cover and the real target was a bit further east. They killed a bunch of General Quesada’s staff so they demoted the flight leader and “transferred” the group out. I thought about making that mission but figured it would be in bad taste. There is not much record of that mission either. It got pretty much smoothed over by the history books. I did find out the date, time and intended target, but I’m going to let that sleeping dog lie where it’s at.
  13. You are welcome.... Oddly just below your post is someone who helped with them! Thanks Raptor, I don't know if you noticed, but since I didn't wind up doing any missions where the 307th was flying, I did feature your Vivacious Virgin II artwork skin as scenery after landing on one of the missions. It's included in the skinpack. There were no credits in the campaign its self but I did mention your assistance in something I did. I'll post it when I can. You almost had to. You can thank Jason and his generosity during this global pandemic for it being free content.
  14. Yes, it's possible. I looked and can't find the template I made it on. If you want a historically correct skin, you can make a new one and replace the one included in the Bf109G4 folder with the same name. Then it will show up in the campaign. Bf109G4_JG27 All I did was use camo layers from the template and add a JG 27 cowl badge. I may have put some additional green on the fuselage too. It wasn't very complicated though.
  15. i suppose that’s one way to do it. I like flying in formation, even though I know some of the missions have long flight times. Then again, some of them are very short. Since those were real target areas, I think that would have been fairly accurate time to target. I left out missions up to the Ruhr Valley and some of the ones deeper into Germany because they would have taken too long. i’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll take a look at the last mission. It worked correctly the last time I flew it.
  16. Your key to activate your new Yak-9T is in your account... Thanks for looking that up and posting. Well, I'm pretty sure there weren't FW-190s in the first 9 missions, but they are in a couple of them. I used the A-5 because my recollection was it is a bit lighter but just as fast, and more maneuverable. I wanted it to be as hard to kill as possible, because for me the FW-190s are pretty easy to kill in the P-38. The A-8 is a bit more of a tank, but I believe has the same engine with methanol injection to make up for the extra weight? Bf109s are a different story. I think you are right though, they were producing A-8s in 1944. In the mission reports I read, they didn't know what model variant they were. They just reported FW-190s shooting down their buddies. It could have been any type, and I didn't research which particular German units were over the front that day. Your welcome. I watched your video, very cool idea. You did a great job of making the campaign mission look like WWII footage. Thanks for posting that.
  17. 1. Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 5700 8GB PCIe 4.0 2. Adrenalin 2020, V20.4.2, Driver V. 26.20.15029.27016 3. I do have the black screen issue pictured as mentioned above... If I go to F2 view and back into the cockpit 4. With those conditions, when I start the mission a also have a flickering circle surrounding the aircraft where trees are not fully rendered.
  18. And,,,, we have a winner! Thank you. What type of Collector plane would you like to own @J-j- ?
  19. Can anyone who has completed through mission #9 go back and start the mission and post back whether the GUI map is correct or not? I have not flown through the hosted campaign yet and it should be corrected now after the Hotfix. I'm working on something else you will all want to see so no time. Whoever posts back the answer first with a screenshot of the map screen gets a free collector plane of their choice.
  20. I just got done running through a mission on the Rheinland Winter map. I reset graphics to normal settings. No graphics glitches No blue halos around silver aircraft in clouds No shiny metallic cities rendering in the distance No flickering blobs on the ground while landing No Flickering walls on airfield buildings. Great job on sorting that out quickly! Thanks. Thanks for the info, that's what I figured. It has stopped working after several updates. I always uninstall it before an update now.
  21. Thanks Luke, coming from you that's a huge compliment. I know you don't miss many details!
  22. Yay! Glad you got it working. Now you can fly to your hearts content... or just get shot down and crash like the rest of us. That just started with a recent patch. With all of the radio call issues, I think I am going to start recording tracks with audio and work on a bug report. It has been discussed for a while but I don't think it has been officially reported according to bug report protocol. I searched for a report a few days ago and I could not find anything in the technical issues and bug reports section. It needs to be documented wit audio track recordings.
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