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  1. In before the lock... 😳 I would pay a premium price for this....
  2. Not hard to figure out that if the additional plane options are only one sided for a theatre, the theatre will move. There are plenty of available Axis options, just not against the German Luftwaffe. 🙄
  3. So, according to Spaceballs, next update is now ... or 1900 hours tomorrow! I’m skeptical about a Sunday update with new material but really looking forward to whatever comes next. i have yet to see the lightning in paint so maybe it’s coming last? The Tempest looks great though.
  4. I think what a lot of people do is look up operational procedures for the real airplane and use that as a starting point. Requiems tutorial videos are also a great place to start if you are learning a new aircraft
  5. So there really is no problem. New maps can be released as an update with any existing module. It’s been done before with Velikie Luki which was added on to Battle of Stalingrad and made by 3rd party group I believe.
  6. Unfortunately you seem to be limiting your view of Axis planes to German planes. This whole sim might move to other areas that don’t include any German aircraft at all. It is entirely possible, if not even likely, that future expansions would include some of the other Axis air forces and then the shoe might be on the other foot. Don’t count on every expansion including 5 new German aircraft.
  7. Thanks Jason... we just grilled hamburgers on the back deck, had a few brewskies and now the fireworks are going off all around. Have a happy Independence Day!
  8. Good luck, much more fun with the right paint job... 😎 De nada, disfrutalo!
  9. You have to select custom skin in the plane load out menu; After you start the mission, select Spitfire MK VB setup. On the load out screen, there is a 2nd tab at the top to select your aircraft skin. Click on “official” You will get a drop down list, select “custom” Select your skin listed on the last line of the mission briefing. Right click “accept” Start mission
  10. Your welcome, I hope you enjoy it. Post back when your done and let us know how it went.
  11. It sounds like your steam and Great Battles accounts are not linked correctly. Try following this guide and see if you can get it sorted out. https://il2sturmovik.com/m/SteamAndIL2AccountGuide.pdf
  12. 60 views on the missions forum and no one bothered to point you in the right direction.... 🙄 You have to open the Mission Editor and resave them to update the binary files.
  13. Edit... Again unzip the files to your desktop. Move Achtung_Jabos folder to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles/data/campaigns. Move P47d28 folder to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles/data/graphics/skins. 😕
  14. Sorry Gramps, your stuck with it now... 😜
  15. I don’t know the date, but it’s probably a USAAF manual put out for test pilots flying captured aircraft before the end of WWII It could also just be a later translation?
  16. https://www.docdroid.net/Go1Rgae/flight-manual-il-2-aircraftenglish.pdf#page=6 https://www.spruemaster.com/wp-content/gallery/manual/Republic P-47 AAF Manual.pdf https://www.scribd.com/document/27758155/P-38-Lightning-Flight-Manual http://www.qattara.it/Documents/fw190a8.pdf https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/spitfire-manuals.9050/ Search for XXX aircraft name... “Flight Manual”
  17. Actually in the original post I think there were quite a few southern, California and New York accents but not really much from New England. They were looking for a good variety of accents so one Bwaustinaa in the lot would have been great.
  18. New “voice actors” were selected in the thread Jason linked in OP. Keep an eye on that to make sure he has what he needs. 👌
  19. It will look beautiful as it lights on fire in the twilight, following the row of smoking holes put into it by a Sopwith Camel.
  20. How can we not be 😎 with it? Really looking forward to the new voices and career! I’d rather have my voice used as a bad a$$ American pilot anyway!
  21. They were photographers too... most likely taking selfies back at base. No worries, they will put away the iPhones for the next mission.
  22. This also means we started the work on the Career mode for it that will be called Battle of Rheinland. Starting on September 17th, 1944 and ending on April 1st, 1945, it will include several new mission types characteristic for this timeframe on the Western front. All the required information - squadron histories and emblems, pilot biographies, awards, news, etc. This is the best bit of news I have heard in years. Finally an offline career that I actually want to fly! Thank you to all the IL2 crew, I am definitely looking forward to this.
  23. The visibility in the IL2 is horrendous. Go for the FW190 or the P47 and start at the top... 😀 Also the Spitfire is a very simple analog airplane with easy to understand controls and stable characteristics. That would be my first choice.
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