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  1. By mid war, the allied procedure was to fly the downwind and peel up at intervals to bleed speed and create spacing. They went through the pattern and landed in turn without making repeated 3 minute circuits of the field. I would love to see this behavior implemented and space the landing aircraft much closer.
  2. The biggest keys to me were a few snippets I remember from various sources. One was Hans-Joachim Marsaille or maybe Eric Hartmann, and I think one was Shaw’s book on fighter tactics. * Match wings with the aircraft you are pursuing and follow until you are in range. * Keep the target on the centerline of your AC and pull up into it. * You have to outfly them first, then you can shoot. * Wait until the enemy fills your windscreen to fire. * Get close, then get closer... its way easier to learn deflection if all your guns are on the centerline. If you have wing guns, you have to think about convergence and deflection at the same time. and yes... lots of practice. WWII pilots didn’t get nearly as much of that as we can.
  3. Sorry you guys missed the boat on this one. My wife is named Betty so I’m gonna have to put this on my P38 dash...
  4. “P.S. please don't post about the map in general. Let's focus on the airfields. The map itself is very much a Work in Progress. Thanks, Jason” Since this is a quote from the original map post in April, maybe we should wait until we get a real look at it to make corrections.....
  5. In my experience which is mostly scripted missions, using the “cover me” command gets the wingmen to actually pay attention to attacking EA and attack them in return. It is almost the same as “attack nearest aircraft” except that it does not limit the defense to whatever EA happens to be closest. They don’t stay in formation but they do divert the bandits so they don’t all gang up on you while your homies pretend nothing is wrong. Whenever I have used the RTB command, the flight just bugs out and heads for home base. It doesn’t seem like you can countermand it with rejoin formation later either. I don’t think I have ever seen it not work except when my flight is all dead. ☠️ That’s just my impressions, your mileage may vary.
  6. Ok, I’ll go with that. If there was variable weather on different parts of the map that would really put it over the top, but I doubt it’s possible. There were plenty of missions where the weather over the base was different than the weather over the target. I’m sure that’s not a debate we want to start another speculation thread on any time soon though. 🙄
  7. You oversimplify... I doubt you really have everything you need to create many of the scenarios being considered for the near future. Hopefully those objects and tools for the upcoming release will be what we need to make the environment appear believable from an Allied point of view. 👍 with your contacts i’m guessing you have made the real needs apparent...
  8. Except that it didn’t move and it was not 100% dedicated to forward placement of military power 24/7
  9. No it’s not, it’s the same general idea...
  10. Your right I guess. Silly online gamers have to be taken care of too. 🙄 Not a deadline, just an educated guess/estimate.
  11. I will. It’s almost certainly going to be released on Friday, September 27th at 6:00 pm Moscow time. Then it’s time for a long weekend off before moving on to the next set of tasks on Tuesday. Well... maybe not, but it’s titled “Speculation thread”.
  12. Or this... Actually no. Before the J model, the intercooler operation was automatically controlled. The intercooler was changed to manual operation to avoid the automatic controls malfunctioning in earlier models.
  13. You can’t change any of the files associated with a purchased campaign. I believe the files live on the server so you can’t copy them and use them for other purposes. I could tell you how to change it for a free scripted campaign, but I don’t think that’s going to help your issue.
  14. Nice to know, thanks for the clarification.
  15. How long ago was that map posted? Maybe they have updated it. It looks like there is a train line running up to the river from both sides very near your Remagen Point.
  16. Not exactly confirmation that we are getting the Hurricane II but pretty darn close. I’m good with that because it will fit in nicely in the CBI theatre later on. 😀
  17. Bridges are scenery objects. The images of the map that have been posted probably don’t include scenery objects yet. If it was hard coded into the map, you would not be able to damage or destroy it. I am speculating, but I would guess they will include a bridge object with a damage model in the final release to place where it should be.
  18. I believe the OP was referring to Scripted Campaigns. We don’t have much influence on the missions in the in game campaigns.
  19. That could easily be the same one. Same year sold and both say it’s the only one around. Seems easy enough to research to me. Invite Jason up to your place for the weekend and maybe he’ll go take a look at it. They will start it up for him and he’ll be hooked. Viola, we got Oscar, Zero and an F6F to fly just like that. 😀
  20. Thats a mix of California surfer and Pirate lingo. What’s the issue? Seems normal to me.
  21. @Gambit21 maybe this is the one in your neighborhood? The Alpine Fighter Collection in the New Zealand Fighter Pilot's Museum had the world's only Oscar in flying condition. It was one of the last Series 1s built, number 750 or so. The aircraft left the Alpine Fighter Collection in late 1999. The aircraft was sold to an undisclosed buyer, and exported from New Zealand. quote from here... http://www.aviation-history.com/nakajima/ki43.html
  22. Ignore the 109 on my tail, he is probably a lousy shot and my mustang is faster anyway...
  23. Wait, we can make this into something interesting.... ignore what? All the speculation about what’s next, all the threads speculating on how upcoming aircraft will compare and perform, or ignore the people complaining that the flight models are lame and need to be fixed? in before the delete 😀
  24. Great idea for a thread since we kinda hijacked the Bodenplatte thread to discuss campaign ideas. Also nice to see someone here from the neighborhood since I’m in Roswell Georgia, as opposed to the one with all the aliens. 👀 By all means let the Mission builders know what you like to see. Depending on the nature of the scripted mission or campaign, it may or may not make sense, but it’s good to hear about anyway. What I like to see is a well crafted mini adventure that sets you up to feel like you have a reason for being there. A connection to the other aircraft flying and a reason behind the mission you are on. I like to see an airfield that is appropriate for the circumstances, but not artificially full of activity if it doesn’t make sense. That’s hard to do with the objects we currently have. I don’t like to get set up for predictable repetitive missions and variety is in fact the spice of life (and death) ☠️ Many real life life missions were boring as hell. Plenty of combat pilots did entire tours or careers and never saw an enemy aircraft. That makes for a boring mission or campaign, so I’ll just say I can live without all those milk runs. My primary goal is always going to be arriving home alive. Don’t make me fly through a bunch of hoops to complete the mission or I’ll go into the ME and delete that stuff and move on. It’s great to have a goal, but if you miss a waypoint, there’s no reason to have to turn around to get the go ahead to continue. ill think of more later.... you asked, therefore you shall receive. 😎
  25. Well, we should be able to find out soon enough! it might not be a real Mustang like you were lucky enough to experience but I'm sure the physics will be close enough to demonstrate a reasonably accurate zoom climb. (2 weeks, be sure) Mostly I was trying to convey the pilots' lack of excitement for converting from the Lightning, not so much imply the Mustang was that bad. I'm sure that after 30 or 40 missions you would get attached to the machine you went through those missions in.
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