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  1. I do mostly A2G for all the reasons you have mentioned. You also forgot to say it has twice the frontal area of most fighters so it acts like a magnet in almost every head on cannon duel. It's major upside is that it is a great turn fighter with combat flaps, good acceleration and low speed handling. Although the visibility is terrible to the sides and down, looking down over the nose when pulling lead is great. There is also no convergence so snap shots as enemy AC cross in front are usually right through the engine, cockpit and down the fuselage. I can't help with the online strategy thing, not really my cup of tea. I do like the 48% mixture trick though. It's not like they didn't already know what plane you were flying, and hence what side you are on.
  2. The trick for me in keeping the Spitfire V under control on the ground was when I realized you have to keep the rpm up high enough to keep airflow over the rudder to maintain directional control. I had been chopping the throttle when I started to do a ground loop and counterintuitively, if I kept the throttle up, I could stop the spin with opposite rudder and a tap on the brake lever/button. On takeoff, I quickly learned how much rudder to hold in while easing in the throttle to get her going straight. Trim is not the answer, you have to get a feel for anticipating the swing and holding against it, and then letting off the pressure as the speed increases down the runway. Like in a real plane, you have to look fairly far ahead to anticipate the corrections. Don’t focus close (as if you could with the that merlin in your face) On landing, keep the stick full back and don’t touch anything until you have rolled to an almost complete stop. Then bump up the throttle just like when you are taxiing for takeoff. It is a twitchy plane but that’s what makes it so responsive. You have to stay ahead of it and handle it like you mean it to go where you point it. It’s not a Cadillac like the bigger fighters. I don’t understand the comments about not being able to aim with it. That may have to do with setting a 2-3% dead zone as mentioned above. I have found it very easy to aim, just doesn’t have much ammo so you have to be frugal. I always fired the MGs and when I started getting hits, fired a few cannon rounds for effect. Works like a charm if you are under 200 meters range. 3 to 5 fighter kills in a sortie was normal. I probably flew at least 200 missions in it while working on “Greek Fire”
  3. As stated before make sure both engines are being controlled together. Oil and Water radiators are automatic. I never touch them and have never had an issue. I tried to manually operate radiators but they are either full open or full closed. Keep mixture on auto rich, not full rich. That is only if auto rich is not working. The turbo is automatically controlled. Always increase engine rpm first, then manifold pressure (throttle). Reduce throttle first, then RPM. For takeoff or full combat power, set rpm to 3000 and max 54" manifold pressure. (red line on RPM gauge) You can accidentally run about 58-60" if you leave it at full throttle with turbos engaged. For full prolonged power, 2600 rpm and 44" MP Normal cruise, 2600 rpm, 30-35" MP Descent and Landing, 2600 rpm, 20" MP descent, 15" MP Landing I have run these settings since the Lightning was released and only had issues if an engine or radiator was hit by AA fire. I have never hit the limit on military power in dogfights resulting in engine failure. If this does not correct your issue, you have a control mapping problem. Yesterday I was chased by an enemy AC for about 5 minutes running at 3400 rpm and 54" MP and engines did not overheat. He gave up as I was pulling away slightly (FW 190 A5). @Bremspropeller and @jackstalke Edit... don’t know what I was thinking when I posted this. Descent rpm was all wrong and I have edited cruise settings slightly after flying a bunch of hours with no ill effects.
  4. All of my train waypoints were set to low and the AI set to high so that is not why they were not firing. I will test further but the recent update seems to have fixed them. I will have to reevaluate their lethality now and possibly adjust
  5. You make some good points I had not fully considered about trains and ships firing according to waypoint priority. I will play with that and see if I get more resistance from the trains I have been setting as mission goals. They do not fire back much, and it could be the waypoint settings. I'll post back what I find tonight or tomorrow.
  6. It is always a good idea to disable 3DMigoto before installing a patch. I have had it corrupt my download before.
  7. Verily, that which was stated regarding train updates, AI pulling out of attack in confined terrain, and more alert train gunners is true. I moved a train down into the Mosel valley and repeated a previously modified mission where I had to move the train to the top of a hill so I could have some company on the way back home to Florennes in my trusty Lightning. This go ‘round none of my teammates committed suicide into the steep cliffs. The train gunners which previously ignored us poured fire straight at me as I dove to the attack, fortunately missing as the tracers streamed over my wings. The mission ended as it should, with the poor gun crews burning into ignonomy as we flew off into the western sunset. Good job bringing in your new AI technician, I would like to personally thank that heretofore unnamed individual and congratulate him/her on work well done. If you can keep reading my mind and fixing the things I am having trouble with before I ask, that would be perfect.
  8. Thanks for the update guys... Great work. I really appreciate the AI and train fixes. I was just having some issues with AI crashing into terrain while attacking a train with lights on in steep terrain. I'll test that tonight. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  9. Cool, I’m on it... Cologne is about to be a mess....
  10. @Bremspropeller Are you saying there is a feature to set destruction without going house by house? I have not been able to find it despite looking thoroughly through the ME commands. Can you let me know how I can do it, because that help me out a lot right now?
  11. That sounds like a huge PITA. Maybe a dedicated computer with a more stable graphics display to edit missions on?
  12. Gambit, It sounds like you have some unique issues that the rest of us may not. How long since you reinstalled all your hard drive software, updated drivers and ran on a relatively fresh hard drive? The only crashes I get working for hours at a time are related to the open groups and issues listed by others above. I know you are well versed in computer maintenance but you seem to have a severe case of the ME Flu. If this is a known issue, is it being addressed or is that what prompted the comment about we got it cause we asked for it? I'm a little late to this party.
  13. I can replicate and record various CTDs. If no one wants to do anything about it, I will just spend my time In other ways and try to avoid the things I have isolated that cause it. Some of them can’t be predicted though. I personally think it is not hardware related or windows related, because I don’t have this issue running any other graphics related programs. I’m not a programmer, just a consumer, so if it’s not a priority, we will just have to deal with it.
  14. The C47/ Dakota / Li2 has been glaringly, obviously missing for a long time now. We need it for any resupply cover mission like Bastogne, Paratrooper operations, supplying airbases, scenery, and more. It was used by every Allied Air Force in every theatre for basically the whole war. (Perhaps not 100% true but go ahead and find an exception anyway...) I would guess it will be made flyable in the future, but as AI, it’s not just nice to have, it’s essential to represent a large number of missions that have not been possible to make because of its absence. I completely fail to see why anyone would not want it in the sim except perhaps selfishly wanting all the devs efforts to go into something they personally want to fly. There are a few planes I am not interested in flying but I don’t have any problems with them being there.
  15. I never had any performance issues running it on my mid range system with VR and a 4gb video card up until the last mission. (I think that’s which one it was) That slowed down my system to a single digit slide show. For me, lots of tracers in the air is what does it, so attacking airbases can be a problem.
  16. @Habu I have attached a link to a video file. Excuse my slow typing I did not edit the screen recording. I start by opening a mission, swapping flight positions of 2 planes and then closing mission. Then I open another mission, do same task, do not close groups in mission tree, and when I open next mission... CTD. Repeatable and recorded for your enjoyment. http://www.mediafire.com/file/08rqb3tbyigwaiw/Mission_Editor_Crash.zip/file Thanks for looking into it. I can record the crash if you miss when clicking on an effect MCU also if that helps. That one happens more often than not.
  17. I found some software that might work. I am testing it now. If not, I will check out Bandicam. Thanks.
  18. I'm not really sure how to do a video of working in the ME, but I am reasonably sure I can reproduce the ME crashes if I can figure that out.
  19. I just tap the toe brakes and I’m off. Maybe you have prop pitch set for single engine. Visually check that both pitch levers are moving and at full pitch to taxi.
  20. Most of the crashes I get I have found that more than 1 item in the mission tree is open. If I close all groups and keep them closed unless I am actually working on those items I get many fewer crashes. Then there is the one where you miss when selecting an effect object. That causes a crash every time. Also if I open more than 1 mission in a short period of time it crashes, but if the Mission tree is completely closed each time it does not. There are are various causes, but for me the easiest one to avoid is keeping multiple groups open in the mission tree. I only get 2 or 3 random crashes in a half day of working in the Editor if I remember to keep the groups closed. i have never noticed ME crashes being related to the 3D view. I use it fairly frequently to look around at the placement of things and check elevations and I don’t remember that ever causing a crash for me. maybe it’s different with different hardware or software configurations.
  21. Your welcome. Here is another new one. Plane of Deputy Commander Seth McKee and a revision of F7_S I changed the kill markings to match a different version that is a little more commonly referenced than the photo I did the original one from.
  22. Under the folder Campaigns/Red Tide, open the info.txt file in a text editor. After substituting another plane in the Mission Editor for the U2vs, change this line; &planes=LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Planes/u2vs.txt, LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Planes/la5fns2.txt to this; &planes=LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Planes/la5fns2.txt If you substituted the La5FN, delete the reference to that plane in the same file. @Jade_Monkey check your PMs
  23. Here are 2 402nd Generic Skins for your squadmates to wear. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n8pc4a0ggyon99g/P38J25_402nd_Gen.zip/file
  24. I'm not going to say I don't like that idea, but with the number of people that complain how difficult the ME is now, I can only imagine how well adding in a complicated feature like map editing would go over. I bet not 10 people would ever take the time to use it. It would take a solid 2 weeks of work just to build St. Vith where there is empty countryside now. Do you spend 2 or 3 weeks building a single mission now with what we already have in place...? I would be happy with a destruction filter like we used to have, where you could go over an area and highlight the destruction level from 0 to 3 and the whole town would be a blackened ruin. That would be particularly appropriate on the Rhineland map in Aachen and some other areas, instead of trying to do it block by block, building by building. That's way too much time spent to put into something you only see for seconds, but notice instantly when it's not done.
  25. Anything on the nose? Red gun ports, cannon cowl, or just plain?
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