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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot... It's early and the coffee hasn't sunk in yet.
  2. If you want to specify exactly what they are, I can correct them when I do another update. PM me with a corrected .fra file maybe?
  3. I forget who I head say it not long ago... It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, but you have to make the pieces first.
  4. Yeah, it's the "other left". I guess I taxi a little fast. Now that you figured it out I guess you know it's going to change.
  5. Don't worry , I'll find them... All of them. There are way more of them than you have seen Yeah, I've tried not to say anything, but people still seem confused. Do you have subtitles on? You need those. It should tell you where to go. If you don't follow the prompts, it just means you will have to shut down and hit escape to end the mission. Yeah, that skin with the kill markings and the orange stag was an accident. That's not exactly historical and it wasn't supposed to be in the file. Oops... You might have also noticed the letter "J" on it. I guess that's an Easter egg now too.
  6. Yeah, that guy lives dangerously. I guess he had a hot date in Charleroi. About the trucks, yeah... you have mentioned that. They are going to haunt you for the entire campaign just because you noticed them. I have not uploaded the corrections yet. You need to hurry up and finish the campaign and give me the whole list so I can do it all at the same time...
  7. I have a friend who was born and raised in South Africa. I know it’s different, but it’s the best we have in game. They were flying for the British Commonwealth so we just have to make do I guess. That would be interesting to read. There is very little published information about that episode. There is a South African book about the SAAF in service in WWII, but I could not find a copy for a reasonable price. Thanks, I’m trying... onward we go. 😉
  8. It’s like working with a database. There are no shortcuts. You have to start from the beginning and put every piece of data together in logical order or it does not work. You can make it do almost anything, but it is very time consuming and tedious.
  9. The file is set up to unzip to your main IL2 Great Battles directory. It will automatically install in the correct folders. The other option is to unzip it to your desktop or downloads folder and manually cut and paste the skins into the correct aircraft folder.
  10. It was strange to them at the time too I would imagine. They did have big Balkan Crosses painted on them though. Very confusing... I'll try beer and chips at the moment, but it looks interesting. I'll give it a watch. I'm glad your rig can run it smoothly. It got better on mine when I disabled everything that was out of visual range. It takes a good bit of extra time to do, but I think it's worth it.
  11. How about the next ones are both sides, like Kaiserschlacht and Spring Offensive that was just released? Because that's not hard to do.
  12. I put a 2 second timer between whatever the command is and the deactivate MCU just to insure the commands all have time to activate first.
  13. Apparently you do misunderstand. I’m glad it didn’t ruin the experience since it’s not a part of it. RRR is a feature that can be implemented by mission designers and on servers. It did not exist when I wrote this campaign. In order to have that feature there would have to be a designated area and object set up and enabled to do the RRR. Then there would have to be additional objectives created after a second takeoff. With the current mission design, if you did take off again, there would be nothing there. The major flaw for using RRR in a scripted campaign is that you would be flying alone. Wingmen will not take off again and they will despawn after they land. If additional aircraft are spawned to take off with the player, they will not be in the same flight. There is no way around that at the moment. Events in a scripted campaign don’t happen randomly, hence “scripted”. I have done a couple of missions with RRR in them, but they are in very specific situations and it’s more of a novelty than anything else.
  14. I have found that in a scripted campaign in VR, you can significantly improve the frame rates by disabling all objects in the mission that are not within visual range. Either deleting vehicles and respawning them with a checkzone or a timer, or when they hit a certain waypoint. That creates new problems of its own. You don't want a vehicle column leaving your airfield when you take off, and then have it respawn leaving your airfield again when you return. If there is a firefight with 20 guns shooting 30 km away in one direction and a bunch of vehicles and AAA enabled at my home base, and I am flying along in between with 12 other aircraft, I get slow frame rates the entire mission and sluggish lagging as soon as the tracers start. If the airbase objects are disabled when I get to the firefight, my CPU has less to calculate. It's better since I upgraded to an 8 core 16 thread CPU architecture. I agree that it is CPU related from trying to calculate too many objects simultaneously. Tracers are particularly rough on framerates for me personally. I don't remember who said it, one of the Devs, but good performance in a scripted mission is all about conserving resources.
  15. That did it, Thanks. Unfortunately all the airfield objects are in the wrong place now, but I can fix that.
  16. So I have been searching the forum since yesterday but I can't find a post I remember seeing. There are some new airfields on the Rhineland amp, but the runway and airfield textures do not show up on the map. I just get airfield objects on the ground where the airfield is supposed to be. I reloaded the scenery texture but that's apparently not the trick. Can anyone help me out with the secret of making the new airfields appear? Strassfeld, Odendorf, Diest, etc...
  17. Yeah, it's in no way a big explosion, but Beebop was wanting to destroy surrounding buildings, so it has a somewhat limited use. Gambit just wants to blow sh!t up... I'm with him.
  18. Sure, here ya go... Self Destruct Train.zip
  19. Yes, that's right. I am in no way offended. It is a historical campaign meant to represent what really happened to the best of my ability, and you're telling me that I did what I tried to do. The objective was very simple. You find your target. You verify it to avoid killing your own guys. You drop your bombs. You get the hell out before you get blasted out of the sky like some of your buddies already have. Anyone that thinks you are going to circle around and drop in on every AAA gun with your .50 cals is a bit misguided. The common logic was to only make 1 pass and get out of Dodge. And you have certainly succeeded at that. I just want to make it believable. A balance of too little resistance and unsurvivable. If you can't make it through the mission 3 times in a row, even if you know it's coming, something is wrong because those guys did not get shot down every time they flew.
  20. I’m glad you like it. I agree that working with the ME gives you a much greater appreciation for other people’s missions when they are well done. It takes a lot of work to make specific things happen and then get everything to blend together like it was supposed to be that way. I really enjoy flying other people’s missions because I don’t know what’s going to happen. If I made it, the suspense is gone and I just want to make it harder because I already figured out how to survive it.
  21. Nice... Keep asking I want the radio calls fixed.
  22. OK @LukeFF, I went through the entire campaign and checked all loadouts and compared them to the briefings. I have corrected the bomb load in missions number 05, 06, 13 and 17. I have corrected the .50 cal ammo loadout in a few of the later missions where it says you have 2000 rounds, but only 1200 were loaded. Fortunately not all of the 1000 pounders were missing. It was only those 4 missions out of about 12 Thank you Luke, if everyone was this attentive I would not be doing this now, but that's on me. No one else had time to test the entire campaign, and most people don't notice the small details that an experienced tester does. I have not addressed the trucks yet, but I will at some point. I think the latest rounds of Hotfixes is over for a while, and the 2 significant errors have been updated, so it might be a little while before these loadouts are updated on your end. Enjoy the campaign and keep posting back with anything else you find. That's really what this thread is for. You guys are welcome... I'm glad you are enjoying it.
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