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  1. Try updating your graphics drivers. 👍
  2. A fix for oil failure? I have never had this issue. Is your engine seizing up due to overcooling? If so the fix is to close the oil cooler shutters. That’s an aircraft control issue you would need to address yourself. I can’t do it for you. There is a keyboard control command for oil coolers. I and most people here under REALISM check “warmed up engine” Hopefully this addresses your issue. It was pretty darn cold there.
  3. Well we know we are getting an updated campaign with at least 2 more armed forces to fly for, and they have been working on it for a while. It might not be done with this patch but Jason did say he urgently needed help with British and American aces information for the career mode. That tells me they are literally putting the finishing touches on it. Let’s wait and see what they have, I’ll bet it will be significantly improved.
  4. Glad you like it. It was a kind of shoestring mission to begin with , so it made it easier to represent without a large support structure.
  5. I have found that assigning HOTAS controls that operate in the same area in relation to my seating position and the direction as the in cockpit animations makes the controls in VR way more intuitive than clicking with a mouse. It requires memorizing multiple (30ish) controls, but once that’s practiced for a bit, it’s not hard to recall.
  6. Its taken me a whole day to read the thread and catch up! (My daughter just got married so I was out of pocket.) 😥 Awesome update, I am super stoked to hear we are getting 3 flyable aircraft, the BoBP map and the B25. I guess I will have to save up for another computer upgrade in the near future! Not exactly because that radius chart for the Lightning is from ‘43 and in July ‘44, Lindbergh offered up some advice on the P38J. By reducing cruise rpm from 2200 to 14-1600 rpm, setting mp @ 30” and selecting auto lean, he increased range without drop tanks to 9 hours at appx 200 mph ias (depending on altitude and escort speed of course).That would increase the max range by about 380 miles over the figure listed above. Without drop tanks. I know this is way OT so if anyone wants to discuss it we can start a new thread.
  7. I personally appreciate all the work and research you guys have done to answer the key question here. It would appear that the unanimous verdict is.... whichever round you hit the intended target with will most likely do the job. 😀
  8. Yes we will see. I certainly hope our injured Dev is doing better and getting back in the swing of things. Not because of the end of the month coming up though. We can wait a little while if that’s what it takes. Best wishes for a healthy team is all I have for now. 👌
  9. Or you don’t... I have had this experience and it doesn’t really bother me. I just don’t move my head that far next time. It is more odd than bothersome. This reminds me of the thread about whether we would be better as real pilots after flying IL2 for a while. I guess some people can actually function in real aircraft and others can’t. Motion sickness has washed out many pilot cadets. VR does simulate 3D motion and it makes many people uncomfortable. I’m not making judgements or trying to be critical, but it is what it is.
  10. I have been through years of Air Force ROTC, taken flight lessons, gone on a few flights with some jet pilots who needed to get their hours in, and flown a couple of small prop aircraft. I've been through blinded "Recovery from irregular attitude" tests and flown some mild aerobatics. I've also flown flight simulators for about 2 decades now. Considering that I am over 50 now and have to wear reading glasses to type this, I'd say I would do just as bad or worse than a pilot recruit if I was to actually have to fly a piston engine aircraft and do high G attack or defense maneuvers while tossing real ordnance around. Flying hot fighter aircraft is not an old guy's game. I don't think this simulator would help much except I could probably do a little better on instruments than the next guy.
  11. to OP, maybe you should just limit your head movement to not smack the imaginary canopy so much. I don't mean to be curt, but why would you need to crane your head around that far anyway? Most of the planes I fly, I never hit the view limitations or move my head outside the cockpit if I have the external view enabled. I just don't see the problem. The Macchi 202 and Spitfire are kind of tight, but the rest seem fine. I do know that about 1/2 the people I have put in my chair and taken on a quick VR flight get vertigo almost immediately when I do some kind of (normal to me) snap roll or Split S. Looking back over my shoulder and pulling up and over about 45 degrees does make me a bit queasy sometimes too. 😕
  12. I'm not sure what the debate is about when you can have both ... 😎
  13. And mine was on the 14th. Happy birthday to all the Virgos around here. No doubt... 😥 It’s OK, I guess I can temporarily set it up in the office and use that for a week or so. Not ideal but good enough to fly around the new map if it’s ready .... 😀
  14. Well I had to disassemble my VR setup due to in-laws staying with us for the next 2 weeks. I needed the room for the 2nd guest room. 🙄 That makes me almost certain of a significant update in the near future, cause I won’t be able to fly it until the 1st of October <\>
  15. Yes. It didn't have any regulation at all. It was not "automatic", but "static". It just cooled as it cooled. I can't find any technical drawing showing an actuater for the regulation of the heat interchanger. At (later) high power settings they cooled not enough, in cold weather at low power ratings, they cooled too much. Besides, the arrangement made the Lightning a larger target than it was already. For unmolested flights over Burbank with the Allisons for the YP-38 , they were fine. In an adverse world, they are fine as lead in a shelf. Thanks for the info. That explains a lot. Just to clarify though, the 2nd statement above you quoted from my post was a quote I made from Venturi’s post. I’m not sure how that happened.
  16. Actually no, I don't see your point. I'm not sure if you are intentionally being contrary or if you just aren't reading the posted information or doing actual research. Your previously posted image is incorrect regarding the intercooler ducts. Your image has highlighted the radiator coolant ducts on the side of the booms under the turbosupercharger. The intercooler air never enters the booms. It does come in under the engine nacelle where the oil cooler radiator is also located and exits through the ducts that are controlled by the pilot. I have marked them for you with a red circle below. In addition, this would be the actual intercooler issue. From ; http://www.aerofiles.com/JBlock-p38j.html Earlier P-38s had passed the compressed air from the turbosuperchargers through a hollow passageway lying along the leading edge of the wing all the way from boom to wing tip and back in order to cool it down before it entered the carburetor. There were problems encountered with this arrangement. The difficulty in controlling the superchargers caused frequent engine backfires, some of which actually caused changes in the shape of the wing leading edge. The large area of these wing intercoolers also make them vulnerable to gunfire. The P-38J (Model 422) introduced a revised powerplant installation, with the intercooler being changed to a core-type radiator located below the engine. The air intake for the intercooler was sandwiched between the oil radiator intakes in a deeper, lower nose. The core-type radiator took cooling air through the central duct behind the propeller and exhausted it through a controllable exit flap, thus permitting a considerable amount of control over the the temperature of the air entering the carburetor. The leading edge tunnels were eliminated and were replaced by additional self-sealing fuel cells in the outer wing panels. The modification was initially tested on P-38E [41-1983]. That's all I have on this particular issue. If you can't grasp the concept, I'm obviously not the one to convince you.
  17. Great job with the cannon in that case! i found a couple of images of 7 sq. MkVbs from Egypt and Palestine at that time had single letter codes. All the British squadrons were using 3 letter codes by that time, and the SAAF squadron(s) in Italy also had them. As near as I can tell, after the 7th sq. Spitfire Vbs were destroyed or abandoned on Kos, they were re-equipped with Spitfire IXs and moved to Italy with the TJ prefix. i will try to find the references, but they are obscure. I deleted all that stuff when I finished the campaign. There were very few records from that time period, because they didn’t take anything with them when they evacuated the island. There is very little regarding the SAAF in Palestine either. Edit... Here is one of the 74th Spitfires that flew in from Cyprus to relieve them on Kos
  18. Yeah, it looks like you changed lots of things. Bombs on the Spit, extra ID codes not used at that time by SAAF, etc. Your skins do look nice though. If that’s what works for you, glad you had fun with it. 👍
  19. No I’m not. My point is that you have your facts reversed. This is where you have it backwards. The earlier models had an automatic intercooler control to reduce pilot workload. That was the technical problem, as it sometimes failed to function, causing other problems. The solution of switching to a manual control in later models to solve the technical problems actually increased pilot workload. It didn’t prevent them from effectively using the aircraft though. I’m quoting directly from the P38 J/L pilot manual, you’re apparently speculating. I guess it is a speculation thread though, isn’t it? I also don’t know what living in LA might have to do with it. 😳
  20. Outstanding news. I’m very happy to hear you are still on schedule and look forward to whatever awesome things that are ready for later this month. The Lightning looks perfect and I would be happy even if that was the only thing ready for release. It’s going to take a little while to get used to it, so I’ve been reading the J/L model pilots manual in the evenings. Map looks great too, I will be blown away if that is ready this month too. Keep up the great work, we appreciate it! 👍
  21. If you are flying online, it should be something that could be controlled by the mission designer, but I am not sure about the details of coop and online missions. It also requires some convoluted logic with crash landing triggers. I have not done anything with the coop missions. I completely agree with your statements as far as scripted single player and program generated missions is concerned. Also there is no allowance for anything but mission failure if you bail out as far as I know. That should not really be the case. What if you bail out and successfully parachute to a nice cozy landing over your airfield?
  22. It’s fairly easy to do with a random chance of escape and mission success or capture and mission failure in a scripted mission. You can change it from slim chance of success far behind enemy lines to high chance close to home. Even a forced landing on your home airbase still has a fair chance of landing you in the hospital which means you don’t fly tomorrow. I believe PWCG has a feature to take you out of action if you are deemed wounded for a period of time. It’s not built into the program generated missions and any forced landing results in mission failure. I believe that could be changed if it was a priority for the devs. Look at water bailout in IL2PF. You would parachute down and pop up in your dinghy. Now you just sink and die. The whole mission ending routine needs to be re-evaluated in my opinion.
  23. If you say so... I would think that’s what he was referring to.
  24. Old joke from original IL2 forum...🙄 According to what I have recently read, Florennes was in what they called “buzz bomb alley”. They occasionally chased them but had other problems to worry about most of the time. They were launched at the rear areas regularly in September, October ‘44. It would make for some interesting missions to hunt down the launch sites, but I am not sure which units actually did that. It should be easy to look up.
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