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  1. Same here. 3DMigoto helps some of those issues. Edit... I should have been more specific, I can’t remember the control commands either. Turning the instrument HUD off in realism settings and using 3DMigoto to reduce the icons will pretty much do what you are looking for. You can turn off the technochat and text messages that way too and just have a 3D cockpit with nothing but faded out icons. We really don’t even need those any more with the modified spotting settings
  2. You can turn it off completely, but the minimap goes with it. Uncheck "show instruments" in difficulty settings accessed from the mission load screen. I also have HUD and Minimap toggles on HOTAS keys. I turn HUD on and toggle through minimap views and then toggle HUD back off. Recently I leave it totally off, and don't use the minimap. I toggle on the mission briefing map if I need it at 50% transparency.
  3. @Gambit21They fire on enemy Flak position in the mission I sent you. 10 km distance. Target Area is @ 200m altitude. Sitting on the front face of a hill with view of target. I"m not sure how far they can be moved back and still fire, but it would be fairly simple to just drag the group back and see how far it can go.
  4. The 370th FG and the 474th FG both had 3 squadrons of P38s stationed at Florennnes A78 during that time. You should be able to find some good information on them and I will be posting some skin requests for them in the future.
  5. I have some more for you... I flew a mission I am working on earlier today. I took an AA round in the port radiator. Temp went up and left engine went out about half way home so I managed to feather the prop and get trimmed for single engine flight. @ 2600 rpm and 44" mp I maintained about 200 mph ias and reduced to 25" mp for a straight in descending approach from 2000 feet. I dropped gear @ 175 mph, combat flaps just after that, and came in a bit hot at about 120 mph before I dropped full flaps just short of the apron. When I pulled off the runway, I realized I was actually all tensed up. 🙄
  6. The WWII training videos are good sources for takeoff and cruise settings. The original operating manuals are where you will get military power, cruise and landing settings. I got the economy cruise settings from literature about Charles Lindbergh flying the P38 in the Pacific. It’s not in the manuals. 😉
  7. P38; Taxi auto rich, full pitch,1000 rpm Take off auto rich, 3000 rpm, 54”mp Full Military power, auto rich, 3000 rpm, 54” mp Max continuous cruise, auto rich, 2600 rpm, 44” mp Normal cruise, auto rich, 2300 rpm, 30” mp Economy cruise, auto lean, 1500 rpm, 30” mp I use auto rich, 2600 rpm. 20" mp on descent Landing, auto rich, 2600 rpm, 15” mp I have this as my custom photo in cockpit;
  8. I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion....
  9. So you can’t hear your motor? Even with a full face helmet on, I can clearly hear the exhaust of my 1200 Sportster. It has short pipes behind my right foot and I don’t have to look at the tach because I can hear the rpm. The wind noise does drown out Bluetooth stereo speakers inside my helmet, but the motor is still easy to hear. And it’s only 2 cylinders, not 12 or 18. I do have to admit that around 100 mph the wind is louder and the motor is less noticeable. The motor tells you what it is doing by the vibration, like Finkeren said. I’ve never had it up to 200 and most likely never will... 😎
  10. It worked on simplified mirrors until 1st hotfix
  11. I remember seeing it now, thanks. I watched it again. Gotta love the cartoons. 🙄
  12. Do you have a reference for that? I have not seen it.
  13. More humor? That would be a No. Tom Blackburn went to bat to keep it as a shipborne aircraft because he felt it’s performance was superior to the F6F. His maintenance officer, Butch Davenport worked with Vought engineers Russ Clark and Ray DeLeva to fix the nasty low speed stall characteristics which dropped the wing, and the bouncing oleo struts. He turned out to be right and his group “The Jolly Rogers” did some good work with it. I believe it was still in service with the Navy after the F6F as retired.
  14. I flew from Florennes down to Bastogne the other day and the hill country is nicely done. I had no idea that Houffalize was nestled in a little river valley like that. Superbly done in my opinion. A good friend of the family who served in USAAF intelligence was in Bastogne during the siege and told me some stories about how he had to guard some German prisoners in the stone church in the center of town, so I was glad to see that was there. I did notice that the area around Aachen is way less populated that in reality, with some significant front line areas missing entirely, but we can work with that i’m sure. It’s not necessary to recreate the entire Siegfried Line with every bunker to make it playable, so I guess it will just be a matter of how far to take it with the available scenery objects.
  15. The manual says combat flaps can be deployed up to 250 mph ias, full flaps for landing and no flaps on takeoff. The red indicator on the left wing root by the nacelle indicates full up when not visible. 3 settings... up, combat and down. You can leave it in between, but when would you do that?
  16. Clearly your crystal ball predicts only sunny days in the future, so we will hope that doesn’t lead to drought and more dead amphibians. Sorry about the poison dart frog but he had his day...
  17. You will never get any type of accurate answer to that. Anyone that over G’ed and crashed never told anyone why they went in....
  18. Nice to see this being offered up. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m certain it will be a fun campaign and thanks to another forum member’s generosity, I already have both of those collector aircraft! hope to see it released soon. 👍
  19. It might need a tweak or 2, but it’s got lots of potential for sure. I am still trying to wrap my virtual controls and head around it ... 😜
  20. I’ve never seen a new update discussion locked before but you guys are getting pretty close I’m sure..... you might want to move on down the road for a bit and do something else until you feel a little better. 👍 Sulaco beat me to it, but yeah ... what he said.
  21. I also just noticed the voices appear to be randomized. I just reflew the same mission I did this morning and the voices were different. They were the same voice for the ground control and the flight leader, so that might need to get addressed at some point down the road. Maybe it was just Luke talking to himself in the tower! 😳
  22. There is a unique “ethertube” crackling distortion to WWII radio transmissions that is missing, but in this day and age of digital voice comms, it would probably sound a bit out of place.
  23. You can go to the audio files and play them all and see if you are there.
  24. I had almost the same thing happen. I had 3DMigoto loaded when the update installed and it basically erased all of my icon and gunsight files. I had a visualC++ error and no gunsight. I backed up my control files and did a clean reinstall. It fixed all the icon issues but then my joystick would not get recognized even though it was active in windows. I replaced with stock files and reprogrammed the joystick commands and all is perfect. In in the future, I will make sure there are no custom files running during an update.
  25. Haha, so you’re that guy... we could make a fun game out of trying to figure out who is who since we all recorded all the parts. I am fairly sure it gets mixed up according to what plane type you are in.
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