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  1. Check to see if you have spitfiremkvb_b skin in your data/graphics/skins/SpitfireMkVb folder If you want to open the file in the Mission Editor, in the Greek Fire campaign folder open 01 scroll out and right click and drag up to the top left corner of the map, or select the double pane view and drag the view window to the top left.over the “Island” you should see a group MSN to the bottom right of the straight over the water. Right click and ungroup move to your left and look for group PLR. Ungroup move further left and locate the airfield select Swift 1 and double left click. Under the properties window, you should see the skin in the drop down box about 5 lines down on the left. If it’s there, and you have the skin in your skins folder I am at a loss. I have not been able to duplicate this issue You could just download the file again. I have updated it to work with the last patch and if you reinstall it over the old file, it will not erase your progress. the file currently posted is set up to unzip directly to your IL2 Great Battles root directory let me know how it goes
  2. @Falcon41 I have a completed installed version of this campaign on my computer and I do not have that issue. Perhaps there is a graphics setting that was changed when you installed the update? I can tell you how to check in the Mission Editor and see if the skin is still selected if you like. Since the other skins are still visible, you appear to have the right skins installed. Perhaps that one is missing? You could also copy the mission files and send them to me and I will look at it to see if something has changed. It would also help to know what mission it in.
  3. That’s what I thought, with the red star on the front. Hopefully we we will get an observation balloon for use on the WWI front. It’s going to be difficult to do much without that since many of the late war missions revolved around destroying observation balloons or escorting missions to do so, or intercepting others trying to destroy yours.
  4. I’ll take a look and see If something is out of whack. What mission are you on?
  5. Is it possible to kill barrage balloons? I have set up a mission with a Spad XIII with balloon guns but the balloon does not take damage and the aircraft can fly through it with no damage. Is this just the way it is or am I missing something?
  6. Yes, when you see an aircraft with black exhaust, it’s being run full rich/combat power
  7. Well, the entire IL2 community has worked through it, even though most of us had less issues. I also had to follow the delete files and backup routine. You can probably make it work too. How about a clean install? Back up your user settings, key mapping and startup files and start over. It will get you flying in the same amount of time as an update.
  8. I have no problem with the current number of planes offered with a full Great Battles installment. If and when we get another addition to the family it would not bother me if there were less additional planes and more maps, vehicles and objects. I have no problem flying the same plane for extended periods, and in fact prefer to stick with one model until I get very familiar with it. I think a lot of people spend endless hours arguing over the relative performance of different aircraft because they never bother to learn how to fly one type to its full potential, and think an extra 20 mph will make all the difference. Maybe as time goes by, more work will be dedicated to content that allows more creative and interesting scenarios to fly instead of making bigger plane sets. That would keep me happy.
  9. The Fokker G1 went into service in ‘37 The FW 189 went into service in ‘38 A design request for a twin engine interceptor with top speed of 360+ mph, 20,000 foot ceiling, tricycle landing gear and armed with cannon was issued in February ‘37. Lockheed proposed the XP 38. Unless Kelly Johnson was talking to German designers, those 2 aircraft were unrelated. The Me110 was already in service, so might have been considered. Original concept sketches... except for the tail, #1 is pretty close to the 110 Sorry for the OT, great DD, I’m quite content to wait until September and get 3 awesome Allied fighters all at the same time! i might also have to put some WWI escort missions together with those new 2 seaters trying to take recce photos over the “front lines”
  10. I wish, lots of good material there, but I believe they were stationed at Juvencourt for most of the applicable time frame, and I don’t believe it will be included in the map. A bit too far southwest. I guess the 370th will have to do, even though they don’t have a cool nickname like the 367th. 😎.
  11. The 370th Fighter group was based at A-78, Florennes, Belgium from September 44 through mid January 45. The airbase is indicated as being on the BoBP map that was first put up in Jason’s thread asking for some airbase information. The airfield wasn’t actually attacked during Operation Bodenplatte. The 370th transitioned to P-51s in February and March of 45, so they were flying P-38s through most of the timeframe that will be represented in the career. They were flying ground attack missions all the way through the invasion of France, Belgium and Germany and were involved in every major US offensive. I am fairly sure we will will see them represented in the career module, and I am hoping to do a historical scripted campaign depicting the 370th FG if we get the right base and some decent objects to populate it. Exactly. Losing half your thrust in the middle of takeoff is not good. I believe it was manageable if you reduced throttle on the good engine to avoid turning into the bad one at low speed. I am not familiar with the exact procedure but perhaps you are? I would be interested to know. I recall reading that Tony Levier did it all the time in demo flights.
  12. No, those files were in data/startup.cfg and data/luauscripts/snapviews If you already reinstalled without backing those up, you will have to reset your graphics and whatnot manually
  13. It will also be interesting to see how the single engine torque is modeled. My understanding is that it could easily kill you if you lost an engine on take off, but that it can also be used to great advantage. I have read about a maneuver used against Zeros in the PTO where the P38 pulled up in a climbing turn, chopped power to the inside motor and kicked rudder to execute an immediate reversal. Then power was restored to both motors to straighten out. I’ve been wanting to try that for years, but never had the plane or the dual controls to pull it off. We shall see.
  14. I’m not so sure us wannabe Lightning pilots are all that and more, but this is early release after all. I expect things to be released when the devs are done with them, not according to what I like most. 🙄 With that said, other than the map, the P38 is what I am most looking forward to.
  15. I don’t speak for Jason, but he was clear that if you want to contribute, post your text in the linked thread. He has not stated that we are done here so if you have a bio, go for it. everyone else has been doing 2500 to 3500 characters more or less. welcome to the forum and IL2 👍
  16. The AA was in fact the most dangerous and deadly enemy for the ground attack P47s. I don’t have statistics handy, but not many of them were shot down by Luftwaffe fighters. I just don’t think you would find AA gunners that could hit you on the first burst every time you drop on a target. If we used realistic numbers of quad 20s in a mission, no one would survive it. I guess for now, it’s dumb down the AA or just don’t put 12 of them surrounding a target.
  17. If you need some more material, chapter 6 has 12 pilot bios for 1943 P-38 pilots that could give you some good information https://www.amazon.com/Jagged-Edge-Duty-Fighter-Pilots/dp/0811718425
  18. The 1st maneuver you mention is called a “split s” the 2nd is called an “Immelmann” They were both widely used since the beginning of aerobatics in WWI and certainly not stupid in any way. The split s was the standard defensive escape maneuver for the German fighters during the Battle of Britain when attacked by Spitfires. most people learn to take off and land first out of necessity. In real life it would be take off first, 90 degrees turns, and then landing. 😉 you should watch some of Requiems tutorials on YouTube, because he goes over throttle settings, rpm and speeds for taking off and landing each aircraft. To land, you need to first reduce power to your landing setting. Fly over the field into the wind at about 1000 feet and slow down. After passing the end of the runway, turn either direction and go straight about the length of the runway. This will help slow you down. Turn 90 degrees and fly back along the runway and check speed. When you are below safe speed to deploy landing gear, drop the wheels. You should be passing the end of the runway you will land on. Proceed past the runway and make another 90 degree turn towards the runway and drop landing flaps. Be ready for increased lift (ballooning) particularly in the P47. Make your final turn towards the runway and line up with your nose pointing roughly at the end of the runway. Check speed. You should be descending just above landing speed as listed in the aircraft specs. If too fast, gently pull up to slow down, or lower nose to speed up. Adjust throttle as needed but in small amounts. As you pass over the runway threshold, cut throttle and raise the nose above the horizon. Hold off the runway until the aircraft settles down in 3 point attitude. Evenly apply brakes and congratulate yourself if you didn’t bounce too high!
  19. You can change direction quickly in the P47 but it is a big, heavy aircraft. You have to maintain speed and energy. Instead of pulling high g’s in a horizontal turn, a chandelle works better. ( pull up 45 degrees, roll right or left, pull through the turn and gain speed on the way down and straighten out ). Adding a bit of flaps may be overdone at the moment, but it will give you enough lift to stay in the air in a tight turn for now.
  20. Well hopefully and surely we will be getting some additional ground objects with the release of BoBP. It would be very difficult if not impossible to make Allied front line airbases without pyramid tents, deuce 1/2 trucks, jeeps and at least a few more scenery items. We have already seen the infantry uniforms modeled so that is clearly coming as well. I don't recall seeing any mention of pillboxes, trenches or new bunkers but that would certainly be welcome. On forward airbases, there were usually no hangars or they were bombed out, so static versions of the aircraft is fairly important too. I can imagine trying to populate an airfield with 60 P38 lightnings and having to use stand in netted Pe2s. Might as well not do it.
  21. Oh well that’s good news then. I must have been asleep for a week. Today would be a good day for an update!
  22. It hasn’t been 2 weeks yet, wait until Friday.
  23. Probably so. You can update the whole single missions folder with the Mission Editor.
  24. Let us know if you have what you need or how many more you might like. I can continue working on it if you don’t have enough British bios.
  25. Wow, you missed the bounce set up... no worries, you will get to fly it again... 😎
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