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  1. or you could just look at the other side of the plane..... I don't see any script, but it could be a trick of the light. The 2 guys on top of the plane with Gickeule on it appear to be german flight mechanics, not Tommys. It could be any plane in the Stabschwarm with the Cockerel head
  2. Historical skin of Gruppencommander Walter Nowotny at the time of his 250th victory in October 1943 flying from Vitebsk Download here... Historical skin; http://www.mediafire.com/download/f9kb3trdbfafnld/FW190a3_Nowotny.dds No Hakenkruz; http://www.mediafire.com/download/6dxdec8kttg4dkh/FW190a3_Nowotny_noHK.dds
  3. Here ya go... That's a very interesting skin, thanks for suggesting it. It would appear that Hans Hahn and the Gruppenstab of III JG/2 painted the upper surface camo of their FW190 A3s with RLM 71 which was supposed to go on the bombers. Oberstleutnant Arnim Faber's gift to the RAF... Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3g35et99v9ob89p/FW190a3_JG2_Faber_noHK.dds Politically incorrect version... http://www.mediafire.com/download/a2h88lm5utnu98v/FW190a3_JG2_Faber.dds
  4. That can be arranged. Same skins without the verboten hakenkruz are linked below. http://www.mediafire.com/download/vc5tgldbi4zg4e7/FW190a3_JG54_Winter_noHK.dds http://www.mediafire.com/download/yz2569it7w39ewi/FW190a3_JG54_Spring_noHK.dds
  5. After figuring out the alpha layer in my old Elements 1.0 program, I have modified the stock template and done a few historical JG 54 generic skins with no numbering. Politically incorrect insignia is on for historical accuracy. http://www.mediafire.com/download/v59o9vn57lslln6/FW190a3_JG54_Winter.dds http://www.mediafire.com/download/0bkwt3xxr5x9a42/FW190a3_JG54_Spring.dds
  6. I had the same problem. I found it here... http://www.instructables.com/file/F32PNWBF11S8SYA/ I believe this is the same file just in case.... http://www.deadbored.net/qt3/DDS%20Plugin/
  7. Thanks for the comments, I am very happy with how it turned out. I am continuing to work on it but the basics are there. The clock is a Braun alarm clock from Bed Bath and Beyond. I cut a frame for it out of 1/4 " plywood and it basically press fit in. I caulked around it and painted the frame. I can unscrew it and remove it to replace the battery. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/braun-reg-alarm-clock/3247856?Keyword=Braun+dlock
  8. Apparently not happening by the end of the year after all.....
  9. So I just basically completed rebuilding my simpit. I developed a list of things I wanted to accomplish and started by building the cabinet for the computer case. The rest of it sort of came together based on the following list of needs; * A center mounted control stick. * Adjustable seating position. * Computer enclosed within the console cabinet. * No visible wiring. * Analog clock so I know when it is time to go pick up kids, go to work or go to bed before I get yelled at. * Mechanical flight controls like trim, flaps, mixture and prop pitch to eliminate the iPad instrument panel I was using. * Quick access from the right side so that I can exit quickly when the dogs start barking, I smell smoke, or I didn't read the analog clock. * Patterned vaguely after a WWII prop fighter, but with emphasis on ergonomics and practicality. * Ability to remove joystick and let kids use the computer for keyboard & mouse games. It took some experimenting to match the paint color to RLM 66 Black Gray, but I think I got fairly close. The wife wasn't extremely happy over the last couple of weekends, but it's all set up now so..... The only thing I still need is to upgrade the rudder pedals. The CH pedals are spaced very close together and they have no toe brakes either. I will probably get a set of Saitek pedals sometime soon.
  10. It is not cheating and was actually done in reality, but it was against regulations. There is a good description in Norbert Hannig's book about how he wrecked a plane doing that because a new ground director waved his hands trying to get him to stop and did not know yet it was the signal to keep coming ahead. He should have crossed his fists over his head. His flight leader Walter Heck was famous for doing it all the time. Try just keeping the tailwheel locked all the time and run the engine up to 15 - 20% throttle and tap the right or left brake to turn.
  11. The FW190 is by far my favorite plane in the sim. You can fly it as a fighter-bomber for ground attack or an interceptor. The ground handling has been improved to the point that it is manageable. When it was new it was very difficult, but with use of brakes it is fairly stable now The armament, even without unlocks, is very good and with 2 additional 20mm cannons, it is devastating whenever you get a shot. It can out dive most planes given relatively equal energy. You just have to be careful not to get too fast or you cannot pull out. It out rolls everything meaning you can change direction faster. If you pull back on the stick and kick left rudder at speed, you can snap stall and lose just about any pursuer(if you have altitude) this is realistic and a documented tactic. You will be going down and reversing almost instantly. It does not climb well, so you need to fly it as an energy fighter like the Bf 109 and avoid turn fights. It is faster than any VVS fighter below 2000 meters and does well above 4000. Be careful between 2000 and 4000 meters or you will be overtaken and wonder why the Russian fighters are faster than you. Yes, it's definitely worth the upgrade in my opinion.
  12. This is the one I was looking for....
  13. There are some other statements to this effect as well, with more detail, I would just have to find them. Edit.... And yes, by "he" I meant Pat Wilson, not Jason or the devs. They support the idea and seem happy to cooperate where possible.
  14. Jason has said that a program similar to Pat Wilson's is possible to develop, but he is not interested in adapting his program to this sim. If someone is interested in doing that work, they could. It is possible.
  15. I know this is a little OT, but I just turn the sound down on my headphones until I hit Start.......
  16. Well, I seem to have kicked over a hornet's nest, so let me explain my comments..... Excuse me for being blunt. I could have said the same thing in a more politically correct and positive way, but I chose not to. Saying that it will be released in good time is nice and all, but sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil. At least we all know a little more about when we will see the Mission Editor than we did yesterday so you are welcome. I am not calling anyone "stupid". I just said the devs don't think we are "smart enough" to use the FMB without them getting a lot of negative feedback and this has been plainly stated in Jason's quote that vonPilsner was kind enough to locate and post. There is a big difference between being stupid and being able to use a non-intuitive and not user friendly piece of software. I do that at work all the time just like the people working on this sim. There is a mission builder and it is being withheld because the devs do not want to deal with all the negative comments about it. That is their decision and I am OK with it, but there is a ME, we just can't use it (yet). That means Jason will get the occassional comment from someone like me instead of getting hundreds of them from the people who are not willing or able to use it. Maybe they made the right choice there, but I can still say what I think. That's what a "forum" is for. Being frustrated would be an easy excuse for my comment, but I am not. I have built hundreds of missions in various flight sims, and I am a very patient person in general. Slightly aggravated would be a better description, because there have been some times I would like more variety than the campaign mission generator can or does generate. It gets kind of monotonous dive bombing the same 4 artillery pieces with 2 fighters overhead, intercepting 4 PE2s trying to land with 2 Laggs in tow or intercepting 4 IL2s with 2 Yaks covering them. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. Jason, I am very pleased to hear that there are plans for releasing these tools in whatever form. I appreciate the update. I have sent you a PM on this subject, but never got a reply. I took your silence to indicate that you were busy with other things, and I get it. I work 60 or 70 hours a week and don't have time to answer every e-mail I get either. Maybe your co-workers are right and I won't produce anything for the community because I don't have the time or motivation. The point is that I would appreciate the option to use it if and when I can. We have already discussed in another thread that putting out a user's manual is probably not necessary because the community will publish information on how to use it just like they did for ROF and IL2 FB. If you guys do make a more user friendly ME, that's great. If you don't have the resources, that's OK too and I am sure we could get by with what is there now. I personally would rather see the effort put into modeling a JU52 that is painfully absent from the "Air Bridge" campaign. That would be way more useful at this point. Thanks again for the update and the best flight sim there is right now or in the forseeable future.
  17. I could go back and find the quote where it was stated that they do not want to release the mission builder because it is too difficult to work with if you like. How do you interpret that? Lots of people can make missions in ROF and I downloaded it just to see how hard it actually is. It is not as easy as some others, but certainly not impossible either. Apparently the single player missions are stored on the online server anyway so I am guessing that there will have to be some format changes made before user made offline missions can be distributed anyway.
  18. It does, but you can't use it. Apparently we are not smart enough to have difficult software like that.
  19. Yes, that's about it. New NP software only works with the 6DOF. I had to find my Vector upgrade activation codes to reactivate, but my TIR 3 works fine now. Still some tweaking to do, but a $25 upgrade sure beats the heck out of $125 for a whole new unit. I think you would be pleased with the vector feature, so you might as well pay the upgrade....... Thanks for the driver update suggestions to those who made them.
  20. I am about to go through the same process, so we will see what turns up. Can't install until this evening about 6 hours from now
  21. My TIR 3 would not update past V4 software with the auto update. I will manually uninstall and install the new V5.2.2 Software. Hopefully that will fix the current issue. Thanks....
  22. I might as well post here too... TIR 3 running v4 updated software with 6DOF Vector upgrade no longer works in BOS. TIR 3 will not run V5 software therefore I am unable to use TIR at all. Hopefully this issue will be fixed because I am not inclined to purchase a $120 piece of hardware that I already own to fix an update. I'll check back for the next update, I hope it doesn't take too long.....
  23. TIR 3 with Version 4.2.039 6 DOF Vector upgrade no longer recognized by game on initialization after V 1.004 update. Works in other games. Suggested "update" fixes have no effect. Dead in the water here. Let us know if you have a fix, otherwise I am looking at more than the price of BOS to be able to play it again.
  24. The same here. Not looking forward to dropping another $120 on TIR5 to make this work....
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