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  1. Just now, Raptorattacker said:

    I'll knock the nose art out for ya. Leave it with me. I'll PM it to you when it's done. How's that sound?


    Sounds awesome! I can drop in on my template. I already have the 402 base AC ready to go. I'll send you back a complete skin.

  2. 7 hours ago, pjmack11377 said:

    What info on the planes do you have?  I love skinning 38's.  PM me please!



    @pjmack11377 I have the book The 370th Fighter Group in WWII. lots of pictures. That and the Internet is where I got what I have already.


    6 hours ago, Poochnboo said:

    The 370th converted to p-51's in Feb. of '45. Are you going to carry the campaign into their Mustang time?



    Hope this helps.


    miniTopcolors 33 P-38 Lightning at War Part II (6).JPG


    @Poochnboo I will probably not go past 1st of January, but we’ll see. They didn’t Have a lot of action with the Mustangs but it might be interesting to make the transition for a few flights anyway. If you have the book with the plate above, I would love a high resolution photo of the nose art picture of “target for tonight” I am almost done with that one and it’s on the list. If you can PM a straight on shot that would be awesome.


    2 hours ago, Raptorattacker said:

    Vivacious Virgin is actually coming up fast on my 'to do' list as it happens!!

    Give me a shout if you want any help @Jaegermeister!



    @Raptorattacker I have E6T all set except the ID letters and the nose art I have is very low resolution. I was working on cleaning it up, but if I can get a better image, that would make it much quicker. 


    2 hours ago, DD_Fenrir said:


    @DD_Fenrir There are some great pictures there. Thanks. I noticed on the Spirit of Oak Ridge that the engine cowl panel with the polished area to see the landing gear was put on the wrong side of the nacelle in the picture I did my skin from. It’ on the outside. I guess I will put it back on the inside where it’s supposed to be. Those darn mechanics... can’t trust ‘em... 



    I'm also about to start working on this one. It was their favorite poster child besides Les Vin, Le Femmes, et Les Chansons. I'm just a bit scared of the checkered nose....




  3. So I'm working on a scripted campaign for the 370th Fighter Group flying out of Florennes. I know some of you on here have great resources when it comes to skins so I am looking for any additional information on the 485th Squadron aircraft,


    This is basically what I have so far;








    If anyone feels like giving me a hand, I could use it. I'm not great at skinning but I am trying to put together at least 8 historical skins for the squadron and maybe a few more from other squadrons in the 370th. I have pictures and info on a couple more Lightnings but I don't have ID letters to match with nose art. 


    Any help would be appreciated, I don’t really have a deadline. I would guess at least a couple of months until the campaign is done. 




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  4. I’m about 8 missions into a P-38 career and I don’t have the same issues. All medium settings. I have encountered enemy aircraft on about half the missions but they are only mildly aggressive. On the way in to target, they stay above and do not attack. On egress, they follow but only a short distance over the front line. When I have attacked them, (2 x) they attacked my flight. On my last mission, when an enemy G14 took damage, he bugged out. His friends continued to attack my flight and shot down my flight leader before I could catch up. I PK’ed that one. I got good hits on a 3rd one and then he bugged out. The 4th one followed a short distance and then went home. 


    Maybe the ratios and AI level are different on the P47 career, but what I am running right now seems very appropriate.

  5. I reinstalled Oculus software with Repair option checked. It didn't install, autodeleted, and I had to reinstall. It kept my settings though.


    It works again now, only difference is the Oculus home showing through the loading screens. I think it must be a new "feature". I'll keep trying to get rid of it. 

  6. If you had 3DMigoto installed when you updated the game, it does not allow the correct new files to install. Then if you remove 3DMigoto, there is no reticle. I know, I did it with the last update. You have to reinstall BoX to get the correct files loaded. Just back up your controller assignments and any campaigns you have working.


    And yeah, what Goffik said...

  7. Yes, twice. Devs are looking for the cause, if you have any details post up. For me, it’s flying P-38s out of Florennes on the Summer Rhineland map. All planes in flight are affected from mission start before going to external view. It goes away with mission restart. I don’t have a recording.

  8. 7 hours ago, dburne said:


    Just say no to Steam VR with the Rift. Way too much overhead.

    Give Open Composite a try, most folks get much better performance. Leaner and meaner.



    Regarding the Rift software, not sure what is going on there, try a repair?

    I am on the 1.43 PTC Beta version, and it is working great for me.

    You can also try a repair of the Oculus software, it will download all the files again but give you an option to repair.


    I’ll give both of those a roll this weekend. I got it working again, but lots of stuttering on loading screens, had to go back to rift headphones and still oculus home taking over regardless of settings. I’ll post back with results.

  9. 19 hours ago, DN308 said:

    There's a tree right on the last approach of the runway in Florennes (house of the P38 career first mission)


    Yeah, that darn tree... I've been waiting on the chainsaw mod, but it's not done yet. Shooting it down doesn't work either! I just do a crabbing approach from the south and go around it. 


    I have seen the pilots sticking out the cockpit twice but restarting the mission made them go away. 

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  10. Unfortunately for me, BoBP, Steam VR and Oculus software all updated at the same time so my settings got completely scrambled.  My earphones don't work, I'm getting Oculus home bleeding through the mission loading screen and it took me 2 hours last night to even get the Steam VR software to work. Maybe I can get it sorted out tonight...

  11. 9 hours ago, Gambit21 said:



    You’d better tell the Dev’s and the mission editor, because as we speak I can select Japan as a nationality for an aircraft or other unit.


    Yeah, but that’s just so you can pretend the Kuban map is New Guinea in your P-39... 😎

  12. I flew the P-47 a lot when BoBP first came out and I never had any problem dogfighting with it. I fly entirely offline and have practiced against most German AC with it in scripted missions, campaigns and QMB. The only issues were with multiple ace EAC and my homies ignored my commands while the bad guys ganged up on me.


    Use it as an energy fighter when you have altitude or speed advantage, but if a 110 or any fighter with more acceleration starts turning, drop about 20% flaps and you can outturn them. You can also lock the turbo, rpm and throttle together which although not ideal for top speed is excellent for turning combat. You can literally ignore engine parameters and just max out throttle with WEP for about 3 minutes.


    The 109k and maybe the Dora are superior in most ways, but you can stay with them on equal terms and drop out when they are not looking and then come back to try and gain an advantage on the merge. The combat flaps may not be accurate, or maybe they are... but it certainly works and you should use it to your advantage.


    I usually just use the standard gunsight and set convergence to 250 meters. When I get in close to convergence distance, the 8 .50s are pretty devastating. It does take getting close though. My motto has always been that you have to outfly them first, then pull the trigger.



  13. I also use an AI plane spawned at the target area on mission start and linked to vehicles, artillery, etc. to check the logic and make sure they are working correctly. When the player flight shows up on target I already know what the ground units will do. After testing, I just delete the AI plane and the links go away too. That way I don’t have to fly to the target area to spawn ground units and I can test multiple things at the same time. It is saved as a group to import.


    I keep a legal pad handy and as I run through a mission to test it, I pause and make notes of the things that need to be fixed and then go back and address multiple items at the same time, not just 1 or 2.

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  14. Roll trim is accomplished by trimming the rudders. It doesn’t need aileron trim. With 2 rudders, trimming induces roll. Try it, you’ll see.


    pitch trim is normal, but limited in the downforce. There are no tabs, it adjusts the neutral position of the control column

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  15. 11 hours ago, Avimimus said:

    It was tried, there was a player created sim called "Target for Tonight" that was in development 20 years ago but shut down. There is a slight chance such a project could work but it would have to be lower fidelity and have the perfect team of programmers.


    I don’t see how this is a response to my post you quoted, unless you are trying to say that someone learned all the features of the IL2 BOxx ME 20 years ago... which is of course impossible since it wasn’t existent yet.


    I will repeat, learn to use what we have now, and then see if there is a need to start recruiting amateur expansion groups. 

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  16. Also the template has the grey base paint for the green camouflage visible. Try deactivating that and adding a white layer under the aluminum layer, then reducing opacity on aluminum layer by about 10%. And yes, the stock alpha is not at all right for aluminum.


    Here are examples of what I am referring to. The 1st and the last ones are the default skin








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  17. You guys forgot to mention the Winter BoBP map is still coming. Can’t do anything after mid December without some snow on the ground. And hopefully some snowy tent like ground objects too...

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  18. Brief description:

    In game version 3.201 Radio communications from ground and other aircraft not loud enough in comparison to engine sounds to hear in P-38 J25

    Detailed description, conditions:

    Whenever RPM is over 1000-1500, engines drown out sound of radio to the point that you cannot hear the voices of the ground controller or other pilots. In ground controlled missions, it is important to hear directions from spotter and that is not possible. One has to rely on the text message to understand directions. With headphones on,  voices should be louder in comparison to engine sounds.

    Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): n/a

    Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):

    Windows 10, AsusP877-V MB with onboard Realtek 892 audio. Corsair HS 70SE wireless headphones, all drivers updated, additional hardware specs below

  19. I've got some P-38 missions in the works. Template and first mission are about done. I'm not saying it's gonna be as good as Gambit's missions, but at least I have something to shoot for. No real date yet, It will be a little while. 


    Since the template was just released, I'm working on some generic skins, but I might get one of the better skinners to do a set for me. This one is about 1/2 done



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