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  1. Go to; Settings Key Mapping Plane Controls near the bottom... Radio receiver volume decrease - LAlt + numberpad minus Radio receiver volume increase - LAlt + numberpad plus i mapped it to numberpad +/- cause I needed a single key in VR.
  2. There are at least 8 voices for the US side in Battle of Bodenplatte. I know, I did one of them. I think it is 16 with American and British Commonwealth combined. The current radio transmission system is a legacy that came from a previous development team. There seems to be some difficulty in revising it, but I have no idea what that is. I do know that there are some ongoing issues with repeating radio calls and chopped transmissions that have been reported. Some have been fixed, others not so much. Although I think Gambit21's radio calls are awesome for a scripted campaign, that system would not work for automated radio calls in a career, or actually any time when the action was not scripted. If you were familiar with the Play Media Translator MCU, you would know that the track or audio file has to be triggered by an event to play and the track is customized to the event that triggered it. I used the same system for ground controller radio transmissions in Lightning Strikes, but on a much more limited level. I would also love to see the radio calls updated, but I don't think it's happening any time soon. 2 Weeks
  3. I'm not sure what type of mission you are referring to. You can lock loadouts and mods in a scripted campaign by adding a xxx.settings file with the mission and the following parameters. It still works as far as I know, but I have not tested it recently as I have not felt the need to use it. Config file **.settings allows campaign designer to impose restrictions for each mission: 1. &lockAmmoSchemes=* - set it to 1 to allow only the preset weapons loadout or to 0 to allow player to choose 2. &lockPaintSchemes=* - set it to 1 to allow only the preset skin for a player aircraft or to 0 to allow player to choose 3. &lockFuelAmount=* - set it to 1 to allow only the preset fuel amount for a player aircraft or to 0 allow player to choose
  4. Here’s one for early tactics... “In training and later in combat, we would normally operate in flights of eight, twelve, and sometimes sixteen A-36s. We climbed to ten thousand to twelve thousand feet and waited for the leader’s signal to dive. When he “fishtailed” his Apache, he wanted all of us to fall in behind him, no more than ten feet behind the tail of the A-36 in front, as if we were on an invisible string. It must have looked like a Broadway show from the ground, as we waited for the leader to roll over on his back and dive almost vertically for the target below. Before pushing over, though, we deployed the dive brakes to ensure that we’d be able to control our vertical speeds. We were told this was an “incline” dive and that no other Air Force fighter could really do what we were doing—basically, dive straight down without tearing our wings off. During those steep dives, the brakes allowed us to hold our airspeed steady down to around 220 miles per hour. We would release our dummy bombs at 2,000 to 2,500 feet, close the dive brakes, and then zoom away as fast as we could. The training was continuous and at times strenuous, but I had a lot of fun. About the only thing missing was the flak and ground fire—something I would experience firsthand over the skies of Italy.” — The Fight in the Clouds by James P. Busha
  5. Makes sense. I guess the fighters came in above the bombers, so they would have to have been in that general area.
  6. My understanding of flight altitudes on fighter-bomber runs in western Europe by the Allied side is that it mostly had to do with AAA ranges. They ingressed between 3,000 and 8,000 feet altitude to stay above small arms AA range of about 2000 feet, and below the optimum range of radar guided 88 mm AA, which was between 8,000 and 10,000 feet. Within those altitudes, cloud cover and visibility had a lot to do with. Almost every account I have read lately of escorting medium bombers is around 20,000 feet altitude.
  7. The number of soldiers walking around ammo nets and such is coded to the object. It cannot be altered in the ME. I believe some of them have 2
  8. Posts like this are exactly why I asked to have my most recent campaign protected. Trying to hack the files is even worse but the Devs are a bit ahead of that.
  9. What does a .gtp file have to do with opening a campaign? Are you trying to access encoded scripted campaign files that way to edit them? That won't work.
  10. Yes, actually... I live in Roswell, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. It's funny that after I put that up under my Avatar, lots of people started putting things like Mars, The Moon, etc. on their profile. I never meant to imply a New Mexico, UFO reference but whatever. It seems appropriate now. There are plenty of ways to do most of these things, but some work better than others. When you look at the mission logic, if you don't understand why something is where it is, look it up in JimTM's manual which has a convenient clickable shortcut table of contents, and read the section referencing that particular MCU or action. That was the quickest way for me to learn the logic by seeing how it actually connects in the ME. Then feel free to ask questions. We were all there once.
  11. OK, so to the OP, @Mo74 Here is the mission you asked for. It took me just about 1 hour to make, starting from scratch. The first 15 minutes was importing the map objects and scenery. Test it, because like Alonzo mentioned, I have not. I'm sure you will find a few things wrong, so open it in the ME, use the Mission Tree on the left to to open the groups and look at how the logic connects. Figure out what might be wrong and fix it. Tear it apart, copy it, maybe even learn from it. Just unzip it to your desktop and place all the files in one of your mission folders under the game directory. If it works, put some scenery in it and you are welcome to use the icons, flight paths, waypoints, and whatever other groups you will find useful for a basic mission. Let us know how that goes... IL2 Stalingrad Mission.zip
  12. I know you weren't asking me, but I'll give you my answer. Figuring out the logic (there is a reason behind it being referred to as that) happens one MCU at a time. There is no substitute for actually connecting it together and finding out how it works in game. I would estimate 6 months to get it working fairly well, and make passable missions. A year to be competent and maybe 2 years or more to really understand it, but still maybe not have everything figured out. Maybe I'm just slow, but I also work with it a lot and it is a huge amount of information to process. One mission might have easily hundreds of interacting MCUs and objects. I think many people have a hard time understanding certain parts of it, like activating triggers in a way that actually works, or timing things to work in an order that makes sense from the player point of view. With the exception of maybe 2 people here, (G21/J_M) every mission I have seen made by another mission maker is a jumble of interconnected and overlapping spiderwebs that is almost impossible to sort out, decipher and keep track of. If you can keep everything neat, organized and grouped together in a sensible way, it will be much easier to improve your skills and fine tune your mission. Yeah, that's why there were no answers for a couple of days. I read the post but don't have time to go over well documented procedures
  13. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog. The index finger trigger is set to MGs on the 1st stage and all guns on the 2nd. By tapping the trigger I am describing a very brief gentle squeeze. Maybe a 1/4 to 1/2 second burst. I don't actually "tap" it. There is a good bit of travel between the 1st and second stage, but I don't remember feeling any actual resistance like on a 2 stage pistol trigger. I have trouble with a separate button for cannons requiring changing hand position slightly, and that throws my off aim. I would rather use the MG ammo than miss with the cannons on the Vb.
  14. In the Vb, I set the convergence at 200 meters. I use the .303s at 200m or closer to get the right angle with short bursts. I have my trigger set up with 2 stages and when I am getting hits in a vital area like cockpit, engine or wing root with the MGs, I pull the trigger all the way and give them a dose of the 20mm. A couple of rounds usually does it. If I am closer than 200 meters, which I prefer, I offset my aim and use the guns from one wing to set my aim with short bursts. The other guns will be missing to one side, but it doesn’t matter. If I am really close, I will aim by guessing because the guns are about 6 feet away. In that case, I try to shove my wing in their cockpit and pull the trigger and it usually results in an instant kill. I think I have gotten as many as 6 kills in a mission before, but the cannon rounds will be gone after 4 max. I have gotten kills with just the .303s but it takes hitting the cockpit at convergence range. When I say short bursts, I mean only tapping the trigger.
  15. I have had multiple people ask me if they can change content in a campaign I have written and redistribute it, if they can use the missions as a template and put them up on servers, and even if they can have the mission files from the official GB campaign so they don’t have to learn how to use the ME. It’s not that they want to sell them, they just want to take a shortcut and use other people’s work for their own purposes. It’s also very subtle and would require some digging to even notice if someone basically copied your mission file and altered the activity to hide it. I would know right away if I looked in the ME at a mission and it had my logic in it. It’s a compliment and an insult at the same time...
  16. Internet... https://voiceattack.com/#features1-75
  17. Patrick and a lot of others would say so. I prefer scripted campaigns for the scenery and historical significance. You should try them all and make up your own mind after you get the full experience.
  18. My issue was with the formation commands that are hard coded to the Function keys. I’m not going to say it was the easy way, but it works great in VR It’s a 20 button programmable keypad combined with a 20 key momentary USB switch in a Warthog throttle housing.
  19. Sounds like you're getting old to me.
  20. I was just reading a book about the P-51early models. Flaps were regularly used in combat with the P-51, but only if they got in a slow turning circle fight, which was not all that common. Most P-51 dogfights were more hit and run. I think you can count on anything with a manual flap crank handle to not be used in combat. Electric and hydraulic flaps changed that significantly
  21. That's what I had with USB ports so I upgraded the Mobo. You should be able to get by with it that way since the Rift S only uses a single USB plug unlike the earlier versions which needed 3. Check the specs and make sure you have the correct port on your video card. It has to have a displayport. No more HDMI.
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