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  1. Yes, you would have... Except that Jason is a very generous guy and decided to give it to everyone. And Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.
  2. Back in friendly territory... congratulations! Thanks for the testing. You’ve pointed out more areas for improvement than everyone else combined! If I had a prize for you, you earned it, but I would guess you already own everything IL2 Great Battles that exists. Why no TC though?
  3. Yes, I put them in as placeholders, and honestly just forgot to go back and update them. I will put that in the next time I update it. I'm going to wait until after you finish the last mission though. I updated it already and you can check to see if it is ending right. Also I remember you mentioned that there were some other Gaz-aa trucks. I believe those were SdkFz 10 AA halftracks. It should be the 10/5 version from 1943 I think. For some reason, they are listed as Gaz-aa-m4-aa in the directory. They were German built, so I don't know why they have anything to do with a Russian built Ford? I'm glad you got it running right. It would be a shame not to get to blow up those nice boats!
  4. Anything over 4 will give you takeoff problems if they have to taxi. In FC, they don’t even take off directly with more than 5. I’m not saying they won’t fly right, but takeoff gets screwy
  5. I can’t wait for the discussion to start on the rank under the user name... Founder, Tester, Moderator, Member... who wants to give that one a roll?
  6. Or you could stick your chewing gum on the windshield like Robin Olds when the bulb burns out.
  7. @Beebop if you don’t put a space after the @ symbol and type a name, it will give you a notice that you have been tagged in a post... and yes, it’s a huge waste of time, that’s just waiting around for the little wheel to spin on the screen, and does not include actually doing the test and then waiting almost as long to reopen the ME. That and the undo command... haha
  8. Currently 1 minute 45 seconds +/-, depending on how long the mission takes to load. You could get it down to 90 seconds with a minimal test mission.
  9. If those objects are even there or in the ME to place... we don’t know that yet.
  10. It says so in the manual, but in game, it doesn't do anything that I am aware of.
  11. Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. I actually just went through the entire campaign and did an integrity check on every mission. There were no luau scripts missing from objects other that the boxes I already fixed. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's your install that is missing files. If you are on steam, I think you can verify files to fix it, but that's a bit out of my wheelhouse as they say. Otherwise, make sure you don't have mods installed and when the next update is installed, it might fix it. I'm not going to say you should do a reinstall, but I would.
  12. Once you link the turbo, it’s about the same as the P51. The WEP on the P47 does help a good bit in combat though, so don’t forget about it. Not to mention the magic flaps assist in turns.
  13. In some cases, it depends on the loadout. The P-38 with 6x 500lb does not drop them all on the first run. If you have rockets and bombs, they fire rockets first. If you end the attack before they have time to come around, you can change targets and they drop bombs on the next run. I have not tried it extensively, but I think the P47 is the same way with rockets.
  14. Yeah, they're idiots sometimes. I watched one taxi right off the end of the runway into tree one time. They fixed that though. They removed the tree...
  15. Yes, there are different keys for prop pitch and turbo, although you could put them on 1. I might do that and see how it goes next time I’m in the Jug.
  16. I also have a warthog. My controls are mapped for VR, so I operate them blind. I set fuel mixture on the throttle quadrant slider. It’s in the same place as the in cockpit mixture lever. I would have to take my hand off the throttle to change it so that’s out for RPM. I use the dual throttle both mapped to throttles / manifold pressure so I don’t have to change it for dual engine AC like the P38 I have the top thumb toggle switch mapped to rpm so I can adjust it while moving the throttle. I have the second thumb toggle switch mapped to turbo. The 2 back left switches on the throttle quadrant are mapped to interconnect the turbo and rpm to throttle, because they are disconnected by default at startup. I have these switches double mapped as Shamrock mentioned, to select left and right engines on the P38 to feather props. The only time you would want the turbo not linked to the throttle is during takeoff. According to the P47 manual, you do not engage the turbo below 7,000 feet altitude, so no turbo during takeoff. It does not matter in game. If you link the turbo before takeoff, you do not need a manual control. I use the same key binding for supercharger speed, so it does not take up an extra switch for me because you don’t have both on the same AC. I usually link it as part of pre flight procedure. So my procedure is link throttle to propellor pitch and turbo at startup. Leave it that way and reduce rpm manually when necessary with the top 3 way thumb switch. Separate button for WEP at full power, 5 minute limit, 15 minute limit at reduced combat power setting. That’s it, just 3 engine controls during flight. actually, there is also the engine cowl shutters and the intercooler shutters, but those are on the 3 way toggle switches under the throttle and I don’t mess with them much. The cowl shutters usually stay at about 1/4 open unless it gets hot in a dogfight or cold up high.
  17. It's not that either. They just follow you and fly in formation. It's weird. I'm pretty sure I can make them go away though. That has nothing to do with me. It looks like raindrops rendered close to your imaginary camera lens. Precipitation continues with the game paused so...
  18. Good idea... except that the issue is they are following you home to your airbase.
  19. I think it was stated before BoBP was release that it was not optimized for the Battle of the Bulge. I'm not sure why not, since that was the critical buildup to Operation Bodenplatte. The Ardennes wont be in the Normandy Map, but there are options ... You can wait for TC 2 which may or may not be a detailed version of the Ardennes, Bastogne etc. Maybe that explains my observation above, they saved it for the next detailed TC map. You can build the cities you want which might be less than satisfactory with the objects we have from a tank perspective. Mainly because the buildings are not interactive. I have tried doing an urban battle in Aachen and there are some problems with it. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the tank versions aren't really set up for BotB, but that seems minor to me. Maybe not so much for others. I have found in the past that if the maps are not completely accurate, it becomes less of a problem in first person when you're in the mission.
  20. I had the same issue once where the 190s flew up behind our flight, crawled up through the formation and tried to shoot me in the back. The wingmen did nothing about it. I have checked through the mission logic and I can't find anything wrong there. The 190s have a home waypoint set with High priority after their Attack Area Command expires. The only thing I can figure is that activating their waypoint is simultaneous with one of the added radio calls from the ground controller. I have had instances where an audio track playing prevents any other MCUs from working while it is playing. I added a backup timer 2 minutes later for the Enemy AC flights to activate their home waypoint. Once I get that tested, I will upload it. That should solve it anyway. You will be happy to know I have updated the files with the following changes; Updated all ammo loadouts to match briefings Removed Soviet GazAA trucks from US airfield (for Luke_FF, there were 4 or 5, you only found 2 haha) Removed Barrels4x4 object which had no luau script from all missions Fixed various waypoints on enemy vehicles Corrected timing on subtitles that started too early Deleted crashed aircraft in mission #12 Added Dinant to various missions where missing I am guessing it will be corrected with the next Game Update.
  21. I think you are putting way too much emphasis on what that one particular city looks like. I guess a little melodrama never hurts though. Based on the maps you posted above, I would say The Hague looks pretty good. Way better than St. Vith with it’s 5 way intersection that's both important and not represented on the map at all. When you are flying over a city at 350 mph in formation with someone shooting tracers at you or trying to adjust how many rockets are in a salvo, I guarantee no one is going to notice 2 city blocks are missing. The fact that a city is represented in the correct location and we have airfields in the correct place is enough. You can do the rest to make it believable. I will admit it is easier on the winter map though. Placing buildings for a city in the middle of a field is not a great solution. Also you can never really recreate a historical mission, just the circumstances. It always turns out slightly different.
  22. Yeah, there's nothing left to discuss. As I said, I like your idea of putting skin names in the aircraft assignments if custom skins are not done already. It makes sense to me at least.
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