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  1. You loaded a mission in progress and got and error. That apparently happened. Maybe it’s telling you your not supposed to do that. Very subtle programming by one of the Devs, they never cease to amaze me.
  2. I lit up a 109 from head on with all the guns in a Tempest once. It knocked the plane sideways and the fuselage slammed into the front of my plane before I could blink more than once. The prop was gone, engine stopped and I had to bail. That startled the cr@p out of me in VR. It was like being in a car wreck without the Gs.
  3. You forgot to finish it We need two more lines 😉
  4. You can not share it. This was discussed last time. It is linked to your account.
  5. Black Flower of Death Flak Wounds Like an Angry Wife Honesty Makes Peace
  6. I've used them before too. More likely the damage model changed and needs to be adjusted
  7. If you can fit something like a machine gun inside the space, it will work. Edit... When firing from inside the bunker, the current damage model of the bunker takes hits and prevents the projectiles from leaving the inside of the bunker. A larger gun damages its self and stops firing after the 1st round. It is a flawed damage model at the moment. This will require some more testing to see what blocks and vehicles are affected.
  8. The only reasons I know of to make blocks into linked entities are... Have ground troops walking around by fuel tanks, ammo nets, guard towers, etc. Make them into a trigger with an "on damaged" link to an explosion or other effect When a block is a "Command Attack" MCU target you need it to be a linked entity to target it. Yes all those linked entities will use resources. Unless you need them, just leave them as plain unspecified blocks.
  9. Well in that case, I should be good to go. Yay. 🙄 Oh wait 5) IL2 ME is unstable Yes
  10. I have not had any problems with resaving missions using the ME tool “Resave all missions in folder”. I have recently done at least 50 missions that way to update to 4.504 compatibility, and all of the text was intact. I group all of my icons and subtitles in subgroups in the mission tree. Icons are at least 2 subgroups down. These are mostly single player with a couple of coops and no multiplayer dogfights. All of the mission and campaign builders who are creating official content for the game are having every mission and text file translated and published in 7 languages. That’s q
  11. I looked back to try and find the statement, and oddly enough I can't find it. I read back through the last 4 or 5 Dev Diaries and release notes and it isn't in there. Maybe it was mentioned in some other random post, I really can't remember. When I saw it mentioned, I tried it, it worked, and I never thought much more about it. The old effects should still be the same though so I'm not sure what is causing your error message.
  12. You just answered your own question. They made the CityFire, CityFire_small and Landfire (from memory, not sure) effects sustained so they don't expire every 15 or 16 seconds (also from memory). They discovered that it was a memory drain and now it just takes activating them and leaving it alone. It was explained in one of the last dev diaries or maybe in the 4.505 release notes.
  13. Good to know. Flash Player support has been discontinued by Adobe anyway, so this software will not be available moving forward. https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/enterprise-end-of-life.html
  14. BlackSix seems to have that figured out. You might PM him if you are interested in working with those.
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