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  1. Your welcome, and if you noticed towards the bottom, you can select and deselect which of the RRR properties a vehicle will provide, so you can turn it on and off with the same MCU. Although its already a bit OT, maybe we should move to the MB forum for this discussion if you want to continue it, and not clutter up the AA Vehicle thread with MCUs and the like.
  2. Yes you can, look in the Command Behavior MCU advanced properties and you will see a check box for Limit Ammo. If you wanted to do the "Supply Drop" you guys mentioned earlier. You could set it up where the plane dropped cargo - time delay - disable limited ammo with CB - then disable unlimited ammo after rearm is complete = Rearm supply drop and back to limited ammo.
  3. To have a demo mission for the M4A2 on the Prokhorovka map it was necessary to invent a hypothetical situation that may or may not have happened...
  4. @Gambit21 and @BraveSirRobin That's a lot of questions so I'm not going to quote, but everything you guys mentioned I think you can do. You can spawn in AI vehicles that will move in formation with your vehicle including in multiplayer. The time parameter can be easily set in the editor for refuel rearm, repair or reheal. I will have to test if you can NOT do some of these things. You can make the RRR vehicle invulnerable and then take that feature away whenever you want with a trigger and Command Behavior MCU, or give it back You can change the effective RRR radius but it stays the same for the entire mission The armored SdKfz 251 transport vehicles now refuel since I reported it did not work before, as well as the ambulance, Opel Blitz fuel truck, GazAA, etc. That was fixed in the last update. You can spawn in these vehicles at any point in the mission with a simple trigger and spawn MCU This is fairly self explanatory. I'm not sure where the process is listed, but all you have to do to RRR is shut off the engine and open a hatch. This is how I would select rearm only. I will test it and see if it refuels and repairs as well, but it should work. The multiplier is now how many minutes it takes to complete. They just updated that in the last patch too. It used to not do anything and all the actions were completed in about 2 seconds. You don't want to put in "10" anymore. If I missed anything, let me know. If you need help figuring out how to do it just shoot me a PM. I happen to be working on more tank missions now
  5. I'm not having any problems with the buildings and bridges. Just checked it so it must be your ME settings.
  6. I have had to do that various times. * Select Damaged Engine. There is now an indicator in the HUD * Feather Prop. I have it mapped to a toggle switch * Reduce Throttle to 0 to prevent fire * Select Good Engine * Retrim
  7. The gear lights should go off when you shut off the engine. The navigation lights are turned off and on with a separate control and is always like that AFAIK What plane type were you in? Might need to be looked at. Your RRR looks correct. Did you test refuel and rearm. 1x multiplier should RRR in 1 minute I believe, maybe repairs take longer but also might need to be tested.
  8. There is nothing different in these missions than flying the P-38 in any other mission. It’s a control issue that is not specific to this campaign.
  9. That and the fact that you lost the propeller. You had way less drag without the prop blades windmilling since you cant feather the single prop.
  10. Congrats from me too on another great Campaign! I flew it already and I had a great time. The Tempest is one Bad A$$ bird. On the next to last mission I had a new experience. I was in a dogfight and I was going head on with an FW190D. I fired with the cannons and that FW turned into a chunk of metal scrap. It turned sideways, and I caught a glimpse of the side of the fuselage right before it slammed into the front of my plane and curled the props around the cowling. I instinctively ducked and said "Holy Cr@p!" out loud. Needless to say, I had to bail out deep in enemy territory while my wife asked me what I was talking about. Fun stuff. @Gambit21 , you need to fly the Tempest. It's a blast.
  11. Are you sure you didn't delete more than just the .msnbin files? I just deleted them from a set of missions I have been working on and then ran the resave all missions in folder tool in the ME. It took about 10 minutes for 4 missions, but it worked and all subtitles work as before. I do not have any media file links, so I can't check that with this particular mission set. I will try that tomorrow with a Scripted Campaign file. I will let that resave when I go to bed. It does take a while.
  12. I'll take a look at that as well, but the only thing that has been necessary for me to do so far is delete the .msnbin files and the missions run fine even without resaving them.
  13. I had that happen before. In one of the later missions in Lightning Strikes at the end of a dogfight, there was an issue where the Player Flight had a high priority home waypoint and the EAC had a medium priority waypoint, so they decided to follow the Player flight all the way back to home base and creep up through the flight that was ignoring them. The AI singling out the Player and ignoring the wingmen is a different problem that still comes up sometimes. If different waypoint priorities gets mixed with AI psychic behavior, the results can be odd.
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