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  1. Ok, sounds great. Hopefully that addressed the complex triggers, but I don’t actually know. I will look into that on the next mission. Going back through the mission logic was a good exercise anyway. That was a neat little campaign so I think it deserves to be updated. Thanks for posting that.
  2. I went through the first mission and converted it this morning. It took me about 3 hours. All the mission goals, triggers and links had to be reset, because they were all set with a coalition. I have removed that, and updated a couple of other things that were sub-standard for how I do things now. If you just change the coalition, I would imagine the mission would not work. I have also changed the Primary Goal to "Take Off" so you will not get stuck not being able to finish the mission. It might take a bit to redo this campaign, but I will keep working on it as I get time. Thanks for reminding me it needs to be updated. It is much better with the British voices.
  3. I’d rather not have another version of my campaign posted, but if that’s what you want to do, I can’t stop you. Changing nationalities involves more than just the planes. I can update the file. I have been working on other things since BoBP came out. I will post back when I have the DL available. It would be fun to hear the new British voices anyway.
  4. Thanks, glad you like it. There is an English voice mod. Check the mods section. I used it before BoBP was released.
  5. All true for the most part but there were a lot of exceptions. The fighter bombers frequently got missions to bomb bridges as they were very difficult for the larger bombers to hit with the bad weather. Railway bridges were a frequent target, fighter bombers repeatedly bombed the bridge at Bullay, north of Remagen, and the Army Rangers stopped the 5th Panzers by blowing up the bridge at Dinant during the Battle of the Bulge.
  6. I left click in the Mission tree or in the name field of the properties box and it cuts off the refresh scrolling. That cuts it down to 5-8 seconds. I’ve never had that crash the ME, although it does make me wonder sometimes.
  7. You probably want to watch the profanity but yeah it is hard. You will find that the more you practice, the more you get used to leading planes in a turn with the guns, since that’s how most shooting situations occur in the air. Some of us have been flying flight sims for 20 years or so and after 1000s of hours it’s 2nd nature I guess.
  8. The sooner you lose the helpers the better. Once you can take off, land and fly around, you will shorten the learning curve by getting used to keeping your eye on the rpm and manifold pressure instead of just jamming the throttle to the stop. You will also need to pay attention to the radiator in the Spitfire. Once you get the settings down, it’s only a tiny bit more work to fly full real. I use the in cockpit photo as a checklist for rpm (prop pitch) and manifold pressure (throttle) settings. While using VR, I have everything turned off except subtitles, so it’s all based on the cockpit instruments.
  9. Welcome to the forum also Shyloc. Send me a PM and I’ll give you one of my discount codes so Meankitty doesn’t have an unfair advantage. I’m not going to use it but I think you can get 75% off the Spit.
  10. Welcome to the Club. The Lightning is a great plane for sure.
  11. The first phase of the “Lightning Strikes” campaign is done (I think). It is 25 missions long with the first half on the Autumn Rhineland map and the second half on the Winter map. I appreciate all the volunteers to test, but Jason is taking a look at it to see if his team is going to distribute it. No one else has seen it yet as far as I know, unless he has testers looking at it. I will start a thread when I have more information. Since I have been at home for a while now, I’ve already researched missions and done a story line for the transition of the 370th from P-38s to P-51s in March ‘45. It runs from late January to the end of the war in Europe. That 2nd chapter will be between 20 and 25 missions. I’m not sure because I have not written the ending yet. I have almost finished the mission template and test flown a couple of preliminary missions in the P51. I’m still reading the Mustang pilot manual too. I take it your a brownshoe then. Yeah, dress... right... dress wasn’t for me.
  12. Good info, I was just going from memory. Too bad they can’t model that field modification. I moved over to the P51 for a little while so I’m learning it’s tricks. The manual says that if you use War Emergency Power you have to report it and the crew chief kept a record. After 5 hours it was required to remove the engine for a “knock down inspection” which I assume means complete disassembly and replacing worn parts. 5 minutes was an arbitrary rule. If flares are like landing lights, you should be able to see them at about 50 km...😀
  13. No, the P38 has twin turbosuperchargers running off the exhaust manifolds. They are automatically controlled with no water injection. The P51 has a 2 stage mechanical supercharger with a War Emergency Power setting on the throttle quadrant. You have to push the throttle past the stop to get about 6” of additional manifold pressure at 3000 rpm. No water injection. 5 minute limit in RL and in game. The P47 has a Turbosupercharger similar to the Lightning but does have water injection for War Emergency Power. The turbo is either controlled manually or linked to the throttle. The P40 has no supercharger or turbos so it’s performance altitude is very limited. To OP, You probably know you can only send radio commands to your flight if you are the flight leader. The other formation and attack commands are hand signals and flares and you have to be in visual range to get any response.
  14. Yeah, Claire Chennault was a bit of an outsider too. He did not have the typical straight forward American approach. He was more of an intellectual strategist which worked great in the isolated area he was in. He didn’t get along very well with the standard American philosophy though. The American mentality is easy for me to emulate after spending a few years in college being “realigned” in the Air Force ROTC program at the height of the Cold War. I’m going to take the lack of affirmative responses to indicate that I am in uncharted territory. I wonder how many people would like to fly an American Mustang BoBP campaign? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.
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