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  1. When the campaign was written, you had to select a skin manually in the arming screen. That has been updated and in the first mission you should be assigned p38j25_485th_7f_n. See if you can select the skin manually. If not, you do not have the skins installed correctly. You may have put the entire folder in the P38j25 folder.
  2. I believe in VR your eyes focus like they do in real life. You have depth perception so your focus changes depending on where you are looking, near or far. I am not an eye doctor, but I thing staring at a flat screen at a set distance would be more harmful to your vision over time than VR
  3. Flying in VR has completely changed the experience for me. It wasn't like wow, why not sooner?, because the graphics, my new computer and the new headset (Rift S) just recently all caught up with each other and they work together correctly now. A Warthog HOTAS and rudder pedals takes care of control needs, and adding an F-Key pad solved my flight leader command needs. I really can't go back to flying on a flat screen after flying in VR. The experience is so much more intuitive and immersive that it's 2 completely different things. I can test functionality in 2D, but no
  4. That is how I learned basic logic functions like spawning artillery that shoots, tank formations, etc. You are getting the Devs logic directly so you know that’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s just up to you to figure it out.
  5. I have to say you may have exaggerated about the fifty times the effort part. I followed your directions and it took me 5 minutes and 4 seconds to complete this... I did skip the part about zipping it and uploading it though. I also accidentally deleted the file when I closed it. I hit do not save by mistake. I also believe your logic is correct and should work just fine. Clean and simple.
  6. Yes, if you own BoBP and the P-38 collector plane, the campaign is free. It will be available automatically when you own both components. It is currently being updated to address any issues with the new railyard scenery and AI improvements.
  7. I believe the brown [ IL2 ] badge was originally a Tester and the red [ IL2 ] badge is a Dev. They quit updating those and the Member, Tester, Founder, etc. tags a while ago. Now you don't know who to believe...
  8. With MCU logic, I don't think so. If you have something attack it, it applies to all the vehicles in the group. I wanted to do an abort mission and gave up because I can't come up with a way to damage only one plane in a flight.
  9. I believe the airspeed indicators on USN fighters were in knots too. Corsair, Hellcat, etc.
  10. It may have to do with the bomb load. What plane and loadout?
  11. I recently did a mission with the new exploding fuel tanks. I used an on object damaged trigger and started the city fire effect after the initial explosion died down a little bit. Then I started city smoke a minute or so later and ended the city fire effect after the smoke started. The transition was fairly smooth from the vantage point of flying around it.
  12. Yes, it does. When you damage one of a linked group, it applies to all of them.
  13. You can make them all drop by using attack ground instead of attack ground targets. If you have enough distance from your last waypoint, they will all drop 1 set of bombs on the 1st pass and hit the area of the "Attack Area" icon in the pattern of the formation you set. That may not work if you have moving targets of course. @PatrickAWlson ignore that last remark. I just realized you want your bomber formation to target various targets all in the same general area. Have you considered putting a spotter vehicle or plane in the area? With a FAC, you could
  14. You're going to have to be a really good shot to test that one.
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