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  1. Thanks and Your welcome, Thanks for writing about it. You should have plenty of opportunity to explore a variety of missions. There is a little bit of everything except escort. I’ll look forward to some more stories after you get to fly a few more missions.
  2. Yes, you would have... Except that Jason is a very generous guy and decided to give it to everyone. And Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.
  3. Back in friendly territory... congratulations! Thanks for the testing. You’ve pointed out more areas for improvement than everyone else combined! If I had a prize for you, you earned it, but I would guess you already own everything IL2 Great Battles that exists. Why no TC though?
  4. Yes, I put them in as placeholders, and honestly just forgot to go back and update them. I will put that in the next time I update it. I'm going to wait until after you finish the last mission though. I updated it already and you can check to see if it is ending right. Also I remember you mentioned that there were some other Gaz-aa trucks. I believe those were SdkFz 10 AA halftracks. It should be the 10/5 version from 1943 I think. For some reason, they are listed as Gaz-aa-m4-aa in the directory. They were German built, so I don't know why they have anything to do with a Russian built Ford? I'm glad you got it running right. It would be a shame not to get to blow up those nice boats!
  5. Anything over 4 will give you takeoff problems if they have to taxi. In FC, they don’t even take off directly with more than 5. I’m not saying they won’t fly right, but takeoff gets screwy
  6. I can’t wait for the discussion to start on the rank under the user name... Founder, Tester, Moderator, Member... who wants to give that one a roll?
  7. Or you could stick your chewing gum on the windshield like Robin Olds when the bulb burns out.
  8. @Beebop if you don’t put a space after the @ symbol and type a name, it will give you a notice that you have been tagged in a post... and yes, it’s a huge waste of time, that’s just waiting around for the little wheel to spin on the screen, and does not include actually doing the test and then waiting almost as long to reopen the ME. That and the undo command... haha
  9. Currently 1 minute 45 seconds +/-, depending on how long the mission takes to load. You could get it down to 90 seconds with a minimal test mission.
  10. If those objects are even there or in the ME to place... we don’t know that yet.
  11. It says so in the manual, but in game, it doesn't do anything that I am aware of.
  12. Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. I actually just went through the entire campaign and did an integrity check on every mission. There were no luau scripts missing from objects other that the boxes I already fixed. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's your install that is missing files. If you are on steam, I think you can verify files to fix it, but that's a bit out of my wheelhouse as they say. Otherwise, make sure you don't have mods installed and when the next update is installed, it might fix it. I'm not going to say you should do a reinstall, but I would.
  13. Once you link the turbo, it’s about the same as the P51. The WEP on the P47 does help a good bit in combat though, so don’t forget about it. Not to mention the magic flaps assist in turns.
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