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  1. Here are 2 402nd Generic Skins for your squadmates to wear. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n8pc4a0ggyon99g/P38J25_402nd_Gen.zip/file
  2. I'm not going to say I don't like that idea, but with the number of people that complain how difficult the ME is now, I can only imagine how well adding in a complicated feature like map editing would go over. I bet not 10 people would ever take the time to use it. It would take a solid 2 weeks of work just to build St. Vith where there is empty countryside now. Do you spend 2 or 3 weeks building a single mission now with what we already have in place...? I would be happy with a destruction filter like we used to have, where you could go over an area and highlight the destruction level from 0 to 3 and the whole town would be a blackened ruin. That would be particularly appropriate on the Rhineland map in Aachen and some other areas, instead of trying to do it block by block, building by building. That's way too much time spent to put into something you only see for seconds, but notice instantly when it's not done.
  3. Anything on the nose? Red gun ports, cannon cowl, or just plain?
  4. All the ones posted above are done except adding pilot names on the black fuselage panels. I will be releasing them as a set when my campaign is done. I don't believe they will be included in the Scripted Campaign download due to size. The 4K skins will be optional as an add-on, but it certainly improves immersion. I posted Vivacioous Virgin for DL because it's not in the 485th. I'm not even sure I will use it, but I will probably work it in as part of an AI flight somewhere.
  5. Interesting story about that picture... The pilot in the picture is named Jim Kunkle, but that's not his plane that has Jimmy II on the nose and a K ID letter. The plane is from the 485th and he was in the 401st. I still need to put the mission markers on the side of the cockpit.
  6. Just wait until the new BoN drop tank feature is implemented. What do you think that is designed for? And quite a few (maybe not MANY?) have commented that they are happy about that. Taking off, flying across the English Channel to Normandy is going to be at least as long as central Belgium to just over the German border. I suppose that’s the price we pay for historical accuracy. Unless you are in a unit particularly close to the front lines at that time, like during the Battle of the Bulge. Many of the missions I have researched in the P38 ground attack role are at least an hour 1 way, so I am trying to avoid those.
  7. No, I started writing them when the Rhineland map was released. I finished 6 missions and just now went back to mission 1 which was from before the final release and the subsequent patch. Some previous taxi paths don’t work and there is now about a 2 minute delay from engine startup complete until taxi on Florennnes airfield with P38. Total of about 6 minutes from start to taxi. It is a very long wait. Then it appears all stationary vehicles, artillery, etc are about 3 meters below ground level. I am going back through and adjusting them. I also had some objects about the same distance above ground level in a different location. 3 hours later, I got the mission to start. Now I just have to readjust all the timing on takeoff after moving the parking areas ... I have to admit I was at the max distance from the runway. 🙄
  8. So after the latest string of updates, campaign missions I made and tested before don’t function any more. * Takeoff commands have to be reset or nothing moves on the runways * Taxi paths and commands don’t work, have not figured that out yet * All vehicles are 3 meters underground. Thats as far as I have gotten after restarting a mission from a month ago. I’m pretty aggravated. Is it just me or are other people having these issues? @Jade_Monkey good thing you waited to release your latest work. @Gambit21 are you having the same problems with your previously completed missions?
  9. If you place some objects on the map and then drag them to a new area at lower elevation, they keep their original height. I did once have suspended flak guns, but I have not done it on purpose and I have not tested specific objects to see what they do during the mission. It severely reduced FPS when the guns were firing from an elevated position, and that was at least 3 major patches ago.
  10. So I did Mary Rose... All I am missing is the tail letters... I'm going with those are train kill markings on the lower left by the ID numbers And I have been working on a special encounter in one of the missions... Really happened!
  11. OK, got it. That is a huge improvement. Thanks for the tip. I have updated the Vivacious Virgin skin in the DL file with the revised artwork and fixed wheel hubs. If you guys find anything else wrong with it, let me know as the fix will be incorporated in all the 485th skins. @DD_Fenrir Thanks for the picture and info on the additional planes. Looks like I can do Mary Rose II and Jimmy III now. I had to take a break for a few days because of work and I got a new Rift S I had to get set up, which took a little while. I also made 2 more Campaign missions that need some more adjusting. Thanks for the input, It is a big help. Updated VV skin link... http://www.mediafire.com/file/z15z4hnirnp7wrf/P38J25_402nd_E6_T.zip/file
  12. I agree with your philosophy on the process. It’s gratifying to recreate an episode in history and then be able to participate in it. The process is a bit tedious at times, but every mission is a small victory when you make it work and it runs correctly. I just looked it up and I started doing research and working on my current P-38 campaign at the end of May. Obviously I didn’t start work in the ME until the map was released, but yeah, 6 months already. 😜
  13. I’m not sure why people exaggerate the difficulty. It only takes most of your spare time for 3 or 4 months... not all of it.
  14. It’s also necessary to fly your own missions to test them and make sure they work... unselfishly of course, purely for the good of others. 😀
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