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  1. The black smoke puffs come from Flak 88s. The further away they are the less likely they are to take your wing off with 1 shot. They were supposed to have 4 shot clips, but I have not verified that they are limited to that. what Gambit said regarding not suicidal
  2. 100 people are working for free ?? Or everyone is working for free for 100 people? I don’t understand the statement.
  3. You're right. I've noticed that as well. Building an all encompassing template is great until you have to delete 90% of it. The smaller towns in the Ardennes actually look pretty good when you assemble them on the winter map. From the air it looks quite believable in the snow. Too bad they didn't model St. Vith as well as Houffalize. That's a neat looking little town to fly over in the river valley.
  4. Unless I am mistaken, we will be seeing this area of the map in your campaign for at least a few missions, yes? It will be great to see what you do with it.
  5. The map area is there. It's missing a few things that some people might think are important. Like St. Vith and a couple of roads that should be packed with trucks and tanks.. It's OK though. It can be managed
  6. October through December 1944 over the Belgian and German front (as in BoBp career) was frequently low cloud cover overcast, or solid clouds that were literally in the treetops. I have read multiple accounts of missions that were sent off, climbing through low clouds and had to look for holes in the clouds near the target area to get down to ground level without running into trees, hills or slag piles. It was also common enough to take off and have the weather close in over your airfield before you got home 3 hours later. I believe marginal or bad weather was much more common than good weather and the USAAF did fly in it frequently. I know of one incident where a couple of planes collided with each other climbing through the overcast and killed 2 pilots, so that group cancelled their operations for that day. Another group flew the mission, got through and knocked out German vehicles in the Ardennes, and was commended for it. There are some great weather effects modeled in the game. Unfortunately it is the same for the entire map and all of the overcast options are solid with no breaks in them. Just FYI, the thickness, height and other features can be changed in the ME, clouds are not at set altitudes. The multiple cloud layers are only a certain distance apart with a thin cloud layer above a slightly thicker one. It is not solid overcast, just heavy clouds.
  7. Yes, there is turbulence and wind, but only in scripted missions AFAIK. There are no storms, but you can make it rain and snow.
  8. Jaegermeister + BoN Awesome idea... you rock!
  9. I would just have to buy both. Why should I only have 1?
  10. Funny you should bring that up. I have been meaning to post an observation. The normal US fighter formation was the finger four. The leader had his wingman on his left wing. The second element leader was on his right wing with the second element wingman behind to the right of him. A A A A In game, leader is in front, number 2 is on his left wing, number 3 is on his right wing, but number four is behind number 2 on the left. This is Wrong. when you break formation, the second element is on opposite sides and cannot break together. This should be corrected. i am almost certain it is the same for German formations, but I would need to find references to verify. Luftwaffe fighters originated the finger four and the British eventually followed suit after BoB. The Americans used the Four plane flight from the beginning of WWII. US designated flights by color. Red flight, white flight and blue flight were usually first, then yellow, green, brown. For US it was always 4 ship flights unless someone aborted and then they dropped to 2 ship elements. Aborts were assigned an escort. There were 2 spares for anything over 2 flights so there were sometimes 3 ship flights in Vic formation if spares had to take different flights.
  11. And we were warned they were posting an update as a Christmas present and taking a break.... Happy New Year and welcome back! DD in 2 weeks. 😀
  12. Don't get me wrong, I would love to get paid for the Campaigns I have made or am making. I just don't think I could afford to do it for a living and having to pay for the ME would just add another expense to the flight simulator addiction. If you sell the campaign, you are also by inference committing to updating and troubleshooting it, as well as answering every inquiry about why it is made the way it is. If it's 100% out of the gate, that's awesome, but I have never done one like that. What really gets me is not the people who enjoy your campaign and appreciate the work that went into it., It's the people who download a free campaign that you spent countless hours on, have no vested interest in it, and then complain about it! You know that guy.... Hey, can you make that mission without the X-000 plane in it, I don't like flying that one... Hey, can you remake that mission without half the AAA, my computer can't run that... Hey can you remake that mission number 3, I can't figure out how to follow the waypoints.... Hey, your campaign is broken, I didn't get credit for the mission when I crash landed in enemy territory.... I would speculate that the number of campaigns sold is directly related to the type of plane it is written for and the language it is written in. Those who know the sales numbers of this title could tell you how many potential buyers you have based on sales of certain modules. A P-38 campaign in English and German... How many copies of the P-38 have we sold on English and German websites? A P-47 Campaign in English and Russian... How many copies of BoBP have we sold in English and Russian versions? That's not how many you would actually sell, because how many people just fly online and don't buy scripted campaigns? I don't have any of those numbers, so I just write campaigns I want to fly and then I fly them for free... lots of times. So far, that's been enough for me. I get the material I want, I just have to work for it instead of buy it or complain about someone else's work that isn't exactly what I wanted in the first place. If other people like it, good for them... I guess they win. At least I get to fly the missions I want to instead of complaining about what is not done for me. OK, rant over. back to real life again.
  13. The program considers landing off your linked runway and land command as an emergency landing, forced landing or crash, depending on exactly where you land. (road, runway, field, etc.). Those are all considered crashes by the scoring system I believe. You can set up a mission to have emergency landing areas, but they have to be linked to the player aircraft.
  14. In the case of the P-38, it takes more than 5 keys to feather a prop. It is difficult, but not quite as challenging as it was in real life. Select bad engine. reduce rpm to make sure it’s the right (correct) one and not both hit feather switch shut down bad engine with mixture select good engine adjust rpm to compensate trim rudder resume flight try doing that all blind in VR, and I have all technochat and hud functions disabled except limited icons. The TM Warthog works fine for it. It takes about 5 seconds.
  15. As you probably already know, it takes way more time to make missions or a scripted campaign than you could make from selling it. How many copies of a 25 mission campaign would it take at $5 per copy to pay for 6 months of work? Let’s not forget taxes ... so for me, that would require selling at least 10,000 copies of a campaign to make it worth doing monetarily. Not gonna happen. Do that many people even own this product? i guess there must be some other reason for using the ME.
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