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  1. It sounds like an AI change has affected the flight speed. They fixed the AI following assigned speeds a while back and I probably have slower speeds assigned to some of the waypoints that made no difference before. There is no error in the units, they are supposed to cruise at 240 mph. I may get a chance to update it, I’m not sure. I don’t have much spare time these days...
  2. I only rarely have an issue with crashes. There are some actions that make it more likely than others so I have learned to avoid them. Keep your drivers updated, your computer as streamlined as possible, and Ctrl S is your friend
  3. I’m afraid I said it backwards above.... Yes, if you reactivate a vehicle or convoy, it will move in the opposite direction. It depends partially on how the waypoints are set up. If there is only 1 waypoint a good distance away triggered after the vehicle is activated, it only goes towards it. If it is deactivated between waypoints, it (they) will reverse direction when they are reactivated. If you spawn a vehicle , delete it and respawn it, it starts from the beginning again. You have to be careful to deactivate the spawner for the vehicle or it can spawn into a situation that kills it and you can get a spawn loop that will cause massive time dilation.
  4. I use activate/deactivate if there are groups, flights, formations, convoys, or moving vehicles following waypoints. It's more reliable. I use Spawn if it is single vehicles or guns linked to checkzones that do not move, so the vehicle spawns and deletes depending on range from the other vehicle, player, plane, etc. If you spawn a vehicle following waypoints, the second time it spawns (or 3rd, etc) it will reverse direction between the waypoints starting from where it despawned when deleted.
  5. Fortunately the ME makes you use the correct link.
  6. Only when I use it with a Checkzone Activate Command like Artillery or AA. Then I use a Force Complete at the same time. One of the Devs mentioned somewhere in the past that in assists the Artillery to fire correctly. I originally copied the logic from a QMB Mission and kept that part in place. Other than that, like deactivating an Attack Area MCU, I use a 1 second time delay, then force complete, then activate the next waypoint or whatever.
  7. You should post the test mission. It's hard to diagnose from a description. It sounds like the Force Complete is deleting your waypoint assignment. Consider the Force Complete MCU as an eraser. It will make the AI forget anything they have been assigned before it is triggered. If it is fired at the same time as an attack command, it will assist the Vehicle to complete the attack. That has to be triggered at the same time by a CZ or other trigger.
  8. All of those points are correct. After extensive testing, I have reduced it as far as possible without getting into Milliseconds.
  9. @IckyATLAS This logic always works. 100%. The planes are not enabled. Initial input to Trigger Activate command MCU - 1 second or whatever you want. It's 2 seconds here. 1 second timer to select formation 2 second timer to activate waypoint - gives them time to sort the formation command Always align formation towards the waypoint or they may crash
  10. No, from what I have been told, AI is all controlled by a basic logic that applies to all similar objects. High, Medium and Low determines rate of fire and reload time. It sounds like it will also have an effect on first shot and follow up shot placement after the next update.
  11. You have to learn what NOT to do while you learn what TO do. Mods is one of the things not to do if you want to build missions that everyone can play. You know some of the others.... try to open a new mission with the mission tree open save a mission with an object selected Left click while dragging an object...
  12. I thought I would ask here first before I resort to other means because you guys usually know everything after some debate. It has been suggested to me that coop mission briefings can be set up so that each side sees a different briefing. Some of the text is visible to Allies, some is visible to Axis. Is this correct? If so, how do I determine that? I know in game subtitle messages are defined for which coalitions see them. That is a different issue. I know how that works. I can't find any information on this at all.
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