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  1. Hi. I havent noticed much of new sounds changes from changelog. First of all, and its from earlier versions of game - artillery explosions even near the tank - right next to it are totally off. Engines are louder than 105-150mm HE round explosion. Artillery accompanies every attack, and having zero sound effect is pretty weak. It have some sound, but its way to quiet. Second thing is distant sounds - i mean 100M and above - these are too mufled, just like behind some obstacles. Its very visible (audiable) in intros for missions, same as in gameplay, when tanks few meters away sound just like standing 500-700M away.
  2. I finally, after 12 attempt finished mission - i had to disable everything in difficulty settings, including external camera, map icons etc. and last checkpoint showed on the map - INITIAL POSITIONS (retreat).
  3. Just push that locked key once more - it will unlock.
  4. Did anyone played TC Soviet Campaign? Anyone finished SECOND mission "Counterattack"? It looks like mission never ends.
  5. I was following markers (checkpoints), destroyed everything on the way and nothing is hapening. There is no other way of doing the mission. Once i was even more to south and destroyed artillery, but that also didnt triggered anything. I am the only one who is writing about it, most of people play German Campaign as i see here. EDIT: I cant anything about soviet Campaign, only first mission is on YouTube. Looks like its left unfinished... so why it was released without info that second mission is impossible to finish?
  6. I wanted to ilustrate, that every enemy is dead and mission is not ending. Its like that every time.
  7. Is there any cheat codes for this game? I want to skip second russian mission "Counterattack" as i cannot move further in the campaign. After about 10 trials, that mission never ends. Is there any command to end mission?
  8. I'm not sure, if its something with my game settings, but lot of T-34 after being destroyed produce white smoke around it and repeat shooting animiation endlessly. Am i the only person who have it? Here, video is skipped to 0:30, bug is visible:
  9. Sovet mission - counterattack - mission never ends, tried 6 times and it have no end.
  10. There is issue with second mission (counterattack) for soviets - mission is never ending. I killed everyoone on the map and yet, mission is not ending. Last checkpoint is in the village - i'm standing there next to the tiger wrecks and nothing. Tried 6 times. Pretty disapointed.
  11. I was very suprised to see AI canons barrage throught dense bushes in second mission of Soviet campaign. It was second objective - i was going straight to it from first one, enemy cannons was covered by small forest, i was trying to get around it, and all "bushes started to punch my armor".
  12. I personally like the new system. Faster rotating wasnt possible before, even on tanks with motor traverse (when zooming into sights), now there is less mouse movement required, i dont move it like crazy to turn turret more. In Steel Fury, (which this game is meant to be successor) you could rotate turret via mouse AND ARROW KEYS, pushing Ctr + Arrows was activating motor traverse. Here there is no such option, there was only slow rotation (when zoomed in) or fast rotation (when completly zoomed out) and zooming ( + and - keys) was very slow. When you accelerated zooming you was unable to fine zero the sight. I thing this is best way they could do it right now, still far from perfect, still far from Steel Fury, but at least playable. About circle - i agree yellow big circle is bad, but this is how its handle in the sims, even in T34 vs Tiger. You need to know where you center of sight is going to, how far the turret will rotate - thats was not present in real, but this is the game, and you are using mouse and keyboard, you need to control the tank.
  13. For me quick mission also stopped working. When i click it in main menu, everything except bacground disapear.
  14. Well, it depends what have hitted you. See, tiger's frontal armor on turret is whole mantlet. Its mounted on bolts on the turret sides, when some high power shell hit you, it may damage gun elevation system very easy. Lets say some 122mm will hit you - AP, APHE, HE - doesnt matter - it will surely damage it. But i guess you are talking about 76mm, 45mm, and other below 85mm?
  15. I got message that this mission is not available on my account. Did i do something wrong?
  16. Yes, that round definetly hit invicible wall..... https://youtu.be/N6l0I9Yl_Xs
  17. Press ~ key (default settings) and order gunner to fire at will.
  18. I have found the issue and its related to mouse sensivity. Anything set above 1 creates this bug. Playing with mouse sensivity at 1 makes camera movement pretty hard as everything moves pretty slow, setting it any higher mess the sights zeroing.
  19. I have tested it jut now, and there is definetly a problem with tree collision : Blue crossed are places where i'm sometimes available to hit, red area is impossible to hit, even when trajectory of round is flat enough (so no tree's branches should be hitted) and distance is close.
  20. Ok Gents, lets just stay on topic, game trees are anti tank armor.
  21. Thats right, but same problem goes for AP, APCR and so on, Soviets also.
  22. I have checked all the bars and none of theem seems to have impact for it.
  23. Well there is no issue with this on any other game - in Steel Fury Kharkov i can very precisely set zero for sight.
  24. Hi. I have meet serious problem with firing through obstacles - specially TREES. Situation: - I see enemy tank behind the tree, tree is in the center of his lenght, he is standing side to me - I cannot hit him in any way, beacuse all rounds i shoot are exploding to tree, even ~2M away from its root (or bole - english is not my native language . - enemy tank notice me and starts to shoot - he also is hitting tree root, even while his main gun barrel is away from the tree root. Conclusion - Trees have wrong collision model - There seems to be the problem with root width and branches height - i hit branches very often, same as root, even with rounds that should not loose all energy upon trees - there is no penetration of trees even with Tiger's 88 APHE. I also have not penetrated barns and wooden houses with 88. All about penetration problems i'm guessing after testing with T-34 facing side armor to me and obstacles i mentioned between me and T-34. It happens on all maps with winter and summer vegetation.
  25. Hello. I'm new in here, ang all green for the Il-2 game engine. I have a question, is there any way to precise zero the tank sight? I have set controls of zeroing for mouse wheel, when i'm doing smallest move of mouse wheel zeroing simply jumps from 0M to 400, further to 600, 800, there is no fluidity. Is there any key combination for it or am i doing something wrong?
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