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  1. Back to the topic at hand I think the smaller caliber cannons are performing as they should in most cases, the thing is it would be almost impossible to visually show the destruction caused by these rounds so it gives the impression that they aren't as damaged as they actually are. The larger caliber cannons are the ones I would like to see a little more performance out of, but other than that the new DM was a massive improvement.
  2. The cannons feel pretty bad now, I have to agree. But it definately needed changing as I was blowing off wings with 2-3 50 cal rounds from the mig.
  3. Looks amazing as always! The future looks very bright indeed!
  4. More wolololo please and less walls of text arguing over nothing.
  5. The suspense is killing me! Just what will it be!?!
  6. I-16 for me! I wish we had a I-153 to go along with it!
  7. I have a preference to ww2 but I would support Korea all the way!
  8. I have always said that i'm game for whatever these devs produce because i know it will be a quality product. I really hope we see some Japanese birds next as they are my favorite but i doubt it will be PTO, i would bet Italy or another western front release but who knows.
  9. I really couldn't care less where they go next, the quality of product they constantly deliver could make any theater worth buying and enjoying, putting the emphasis on combat is what makes this sim what it is.
  10. TFS can do whatever they want, nobody is trying to tell them what to do. What i do not want however is TFS to effect the decisions and possible modules of IL2 because of what they are creating (i doubt they do but you never know). I would say that is probably more accurate than a 2019 release.
  11. As much as i respect what TFS is doing CloD for me is still unplayable. I don't think they should really be taken into consideration when planning for a new module for the BOX series.
  12. One of my favorite birds, i have a soft spot for heavy fighters.
  13. Nobody knows yet. But it was never ruled out, just the amount of work to obtain necessary data on Japanese aircraft is quite a hurdle to overcome in the short time frame they have for releasing a product. Plus all the other tech that needs to be built from the ground up to make carrier operations work.
  14. All big boy HE shells have always been weak imo. Especially the p39's 37mm melon lobber. The new DM feels a lot better for the smaller calibers though.
  15. Best ww2 combat sim to ever exist. Its only getting better and i hope its development continues for years to come!
  16. Very well put. I hope the engine timers are just removed all together considering fuel concerns preventing people from just givin it the onion for the whole flight and with MW50 and water injection running dry after certain amount of time.
  17. Same here! We need some more Wololo in this thread!
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