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  1. MORE 4k MC202 SKINS! That bird doesn't get enough love. Thanks for the skin!
  2. That e7 is a true hero, never turn fight with a p47. Even zero pilots know that!
  3. The plane feels very good without the flaps, but with them it becomes super broken. I hope the flaps for all aircraft are looked at because they produce some really whacky physics.
  4. So much this, it is far better than it was back in 2014 and is very far from immersion breaking.
  5. I hope for a lot of planes, but this team already pulls off miracles for its size so all we can do is wait and see my friend. I hope BoBp does well so they can expand!
  6. I have this happen occasionally, it's been an issue for a long time. I have no idea what causes it but lately the issue has rarely occurred. It used to be almost every other mission I flew.
  7. This is by far the best thread on this forum, well... The most productive anyway! Wolololo
  8. In ww2 birds I feel like the effort isn't worth the reward, at all. I play DCS a lot and after a while starting the p51 or spitfire becomes tedious after the 40th time. In modern aircraft with more systems I feel like it is more worth the time it would take to implement it.
  9. I caught myself sometimes thinking the same but they sometimes move right into it, twas all in my head all along!
  10. The ai in 1946 may seem better in some aspects but it falls super short in others. It is a very complex task to create proficient AI but I don't think the AI in GB is nearly as bad as some people say, the fw190 ai seems to be bnz way more and the more agile allied aircraft try to lure you into turning like they should.
  11. I like the immersion factor of some AI planes not doing the right thing because in reality the majority of pilots didn't either. Also since the ai almost always breaks when you surprise them from behind I think they are a step up from a lot of pilots who don't have eyes on the back of their head. Most of the aircraft shot down in ww2 never saw what hit them.
  12. Great stuff! Flown a few p47 sorties with no issue! Edit: I just had my first ground attack mission and the generator failed to load any bombs for my wingman and myself.
  13. I would love to fly a highly detailed me410, i feel it would be an awsome addition the to the sim
  14. Love the prospect of having more jets in the Sim, the thing that has always made il2 more fun was all the "what if" stuff you could do. They currently have the perfect platform for this and can't wait for what the future holds!
  15. In most games I would agree that you should have vsync off if you have a gsync or free sync monitor but with il2 it doesn't work correctly at all, turning on both limits my fps to my refresh rate and there is zero stutter or tearing. With only gsync on there is very bad screen tearing with trackir and massive amounts of stutter. I'm running a i7 8086k @5.1Ghz, 2x 1080ti, 32gb ram. Monitor is an Asus 34 inch 2k with a refresh rate of 100hz.
  16. IF you have a gsync monitor leave vsync on in game and set your target fps, if you do not have a gsync monitor i would recommend having it off unless screen tearing is super bad.
  17. I doubt the whole server would be flying k4's and d9's though, and if that's the case that's obviously what people want to fly so why kill your server by limiting them? In the end it's a flight Sim, not an actual competitive game and if you are looking for immersion multiplayer is probably the furthest thing from reality you can get.
  18. I fail to see why people care about limitations in MP, its not like a super immersive experience like in a career. The chaos of air quake has always been a crazy and fun time for me as it always eventually seems to turn into that.
  19. Well, I tried lol possibly just could be stress on the servers atm should be fine in a day or two
  20. Just wait it out it will fix itself eventually. If it is stuck i would try a fresh install of the game if you haven't done that in a while and remember to backup any skins and mods you want to keep afterwards.
  21. Huge Thanks once again! I have no idea how you guys push this stuff out so fast and have it be so polished at the same time. You sure are a talented bunch!
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