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  1. good luck finding a high quality recording of a klimov. Is it even legal to have that opinion?
  2. I have never had any stutters at any point in the games history. Worst thing I experienced was screen tearing in full screen even though gsync was on. Couldn't explain it. If you could possibly try to uninstall the steam version and download the official launcher and run it from that to see if there is a difference? Clod with the older TF patch (not blitz) used to run fine but now for some reason my UI is completely bugged and my fps is terrible. Having to go through steam just killed it I guess.
  3. How is it beyond off topic? those are two conflicting statements that give us plenty to talk about and discuss/share our knowledge etc. Having heard both of these aircraft in person i would say they sound extremely similar in terms of decibels. Now if there was some sort of sound leakage into the cockpit of the spitfire and that the P-51 had better unintended "sound proofing" that could be the reason people say the spit is a much louder aircraft, I just have no idea if that is the case. If that is the case then it conflicts with what was mentioned earlier about the spitfires guns being crazy loud and the stang pilot saying you couldn't hear those 50's at all.
  4. I completely agree, you think after spending years on these flight models they would be incredible.
  5. If this becomes another topic about engine timers and limitations we are going to need a certain someone with a certain GIF very soon.
  6. I'm only 21 can I still act like a child for at least a few more DD's sir??
  7. Should we Wolololo just to be sure it will be interesting?
  8. I desperately want some early lagg variants, I love being the underdog fighter and just making it work.
  9. What is it that makes all of the Japanese aircraft just so good looking?
  10. The tracers are a nice size I think length wise, I am too of the preference that the could be a bit "thinner" but that's just me. I'm perfectly happy with them now as it stands. Different colour (for certain nations) and ammo options would be a nice addition though. Does anybody actually know what colour tracers were used by the respective participants so far??
  11. I hope we get the the Pacific first, if that is a major hit it as well as BoBp we might see something like BoF become a reality(I hope). Going with France might be a bit more of a gamble than let's say just going to the Pacific. I think a French and early BoB scenario would be an awsome edition the the franchise.
  12. I doubt we will see random failures, but I'm curious to see what quirks are implemented. Can't wait to fly it!
  13. I have had tons of cases of all aircraft blowing up instantly, just the other day i landed a massive burst into a fw190a8 from 8 freedom dispensers , not sure if it was ammo that exploded or the fuel but nevertheless it was a big boom.
  14. All the Japanese aircraft in general just look amazing. Great liveries as well.
  15. It would be an instant buy from me as well, the battle of France can even lead into a BoB expansion thus flushing out the western front a bit more. I know Clod exists but if we are being honest here I don't think anybody would rather fly in that engine anymore if they didn't have too.
  16. I'm not seeing enough Wolololo! in this thread, how do you guys expect to get a DD without our weekly praying??
  17. Nobody likes the timers, but nothing should be done with balance in mind. This is not a competitive game and on top of that the MP community is much smaller than the SP community, a lot of us prefer immersion to air-quake style game play.
  18. Yes this is what i was trying to imply, it just makes no sense that these engines would have been approved for combat use if they were so fragile. I feel like this was one of the early decisions back in 2013 when they tried to make the sim like "wt" in a way with unlocks and horrid progression mechanics. I bet its not a simple fix either, otherwise we probably would have seen some change already.
  19. It's just a forum rule, just make it a spoiler because otherwise it will be taken down, we all hate this rule together but we also want this forum to remain in existence.
  20. I have to agree that the engine limitations currently are not my favourite, I would be a very happy camper if they just got rid of the timers all together, fuel consideration alone would be a massive deterant of just "firewalling" it everywhere. For certain boosts I can definately see damage occurring over time but that's between multiple flights adding to the engine wear each time. No chance these engines would blow from too much "combat power".
  21. This has been brought up plenty before, (I haven't heard of the p40 being too tough though?) the gunners aren't as good as you make them sound. Its all down to tactics. Fast slicing attacks will fix your problem.
  22. The Dora has won my heart I think, the more I fly it the more I like it. Never been a big fan of the 109's except the g14, g6 and e7.
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