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  1. How is this a thread? Why was this question asked? Make it 2 K4Y's please and thank you
  2. There is not nearly enough action in here! WOLOLOLO
  3. If the PTO is next I will be so happy. Japanese aircraft are my bread and butter.
  4. We all understand the issue, there isn't much sense to it. The Devs are clearly aware now. Nothing is done for the sake of balance and it should never be. This isn't a competitive game and it never will be. Multiplayer is also not a priority since its player base is a fraction of the size of the single player base.
  5. Let's please not ruin another thread with your timer nonsense. We all dislike the timers. We get it. Stop posting about it on every thread.
  6. It was cleared for all the standard bombs and rockets the RAF was using at the time. Why wouldn't you want the option to be added? Less features = more value?? How does that work.
  7. Just fly what you find fun to fly, it's as simple as that. If you take MP too seriously you will end up like a few people here who get their panties in a twist when anything bad happens to them.
  8. I'm on 1903 and have no issues so far, problem is windows updates seem to be a complete gamble for some reason and work for others and literally brick others PC's. I remember an update about a year ago that put me into an infinite recovery loop.
  9. Hmm sounds very strange that 1 program isn't working with windows 10. I would try to install it Via the launcher from the website if the problem persists!
  10. I would prefer my FPS to stay high and have a more difficult AAA system in game. You are not wrong in saying what we have isn't accurate but its more of a compromise than a inherent flaw that should be fixed. With the lower difficulty levels of AAA gunners they seem much more realistic. I rarely get hit by them and if i do its because i made it easy for them to hit me.
  11. Ahh I see, yes some bass needs to be added for sure. Though not only to the 262, all the planes could use a little bass boost to give them a little more "feeling".
  12. Yes I know jets make sound, they are noisey buggers. So your talking about the external fly by sound? Or the noise inside the cockpit? Which one of those is too quiet?
  13. what if they just cant swim? As for the life jackets I think that's just yellow cloth, Milo from M&M Enterprises had a great deal going down in Egypt for cotton, needed to trade the rubber life vests to acquire it.
  14. ?????? I possibly don't understand what you mean by roar, are you talking about the flyby sound? or the sound inside the cockpit? Sound setup also makes a difference, my 7.1 headset changes the sound of the game entirely compared to a 2.0. Makes certain sounds much more pronounced and radials sound much more like radials.
  15. Mine is quite loud actually, what kind of sound setup are you using?
  16. The Audio quality of that video is nothing short of garbage. I will say this again, sounds echoing around and off the ground sound a lot better than if something flew by at altitude. Im not saying the sounds are perfect but they have been constantly improved over the years and i suspect there will be major changes again as the sound of the new aircraft is clearly much better. The sound engineer has come a long way and its amazing to see that.
  17. A great victory indeed. Huzzah's all around.
  18. The one you hear flyby in the fake jumo has the sound echoing off the ground and stuff all around you, I know in il2 this probably is a factor but it would sound a lot different if you could hear it flyby at altitude.
  19. good luck finding a high quality recording of a klimov. Is it even legal to have that opinion?
  20. I have never had any stutters at any point in the games history. Worst thing I experienced was screen tearing in full screen even though gsync was on. Couldn't explain it. If you could possibly try to uninstall the steam version and download the official launcher and run it from that to see if there is a difference? Clod with the older TF patch (not blitz) used to run fine but now for some reason my UI is completely bugged and my fps is terrible. Having to go through steam just killed it I guess.
  21. How is it beyond off topic? those are two conflicting statements that give us plenty to talk about and discuss/share our knowledge etc. Having heard both of these aircraft in person i would say they sound extremely similar in terms of decibels. Now if there was some sort of sound leakage into the cockpit of the spitfire and that the P-51 had better unintended "sound proofing" that could be the reason people say the spit is a much louder aircraft, I just have no idea if that is the case. If that is the case then it conflicts with what was mentioned earlier about the spitfires guns being crazy loud and the stang pilot saying you couldn't hear those 50's at all.
  22. I completely agree, you think after spending years on these flight models they would be incredible.
  23. If this becomes another topic about engine timers and limitations we are going to need a certain someone with a certain GIF very soon.
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