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  1. Wololololo We all have to do our part.
  2. Is that the date when TF 5.0 goes into early alpha testing?
  3. Won't our sun be turning into a red giant by the time that is released?
  4. It could have a crazy amount of mods, but I would say we get the 8 pew pews version 100% as a baseline. Edit: looks like the majority of the hurricanes delivered were actually the 12 gun mk2b variants.
  5. I love the hurricane and yak9t so I'm a happy camper! Something about big guns in small planes....
  6. I'm glad you found the 7.1 setup worth it! It totally changes the sound and really brings out the true depth of FMOD.
  7. If you turn the game volume up and lower it in the windows sound mixer you get a better sound, also if you have a 7.1 sound setup for your headset. This actually changed the whole game for me and now the engines actually sound like engines. 2.0 sound really is lackluster in comparison
  8. We should all speculate more, complain more and judge a product that hasn't even been released yet
  9. PACIFIC OR BUST! I won't feel at home till I am lost over the Pacific in a Zero, or defending the home islands in a Frank!
  10. Icons and the techchat really ruin immersion and the point of a flight Sim in general. If you need the icons to spot anything you should really work on your spotting skills. I have never used the icons and have no trouble spotting aircraft at all. Using the techchat is one of the biggest cheats around and defeats the whole purpose of learning to actually fly an aircraft. With the 10km spotting bubble being increased to 100km this will fix a lot of the problems people are finding in game, especially for the bomber boys.
  11. You need to also watch for the reloads and identify what gun is actually firing at you. If it's just a small caliber machine gun you can play a little more aggressive but if your facing down any sort of 20mm and up cannon try to either knock it out fast or wait for it to lock onto something that isn't you then go for the kill. When I'm ground attacking in a 110 I always go for the aaa first. I have had far more success then leaving it and trying to take out my main objective.
  12. Japanese planes in general need more love, PTO cant come soon enough. I just want to defend the home islands!
  13. I am one of those weird guys that prefers my trackir and a widescreen 21:9 monitor. I would recommend getting a higher refresh rate 2k or 4k one if possible.
  14. Yes please, I just wanna blast shipping and subs all day
  15. It's all tied to your account, you would only lose your settings, skins and mods. As long as you still have your account information you will always have IL2 available to download. To do this just sign into the IL2 website and download the launcher.
  16. This was a juice one, the end of September can't come soon enough! Love the pilot fatigue feature being added.
  17. No games really have engines that utilize even 6 cores on a CPU, it's why intel rains supreme in gaming because of its single core performance. I do agree the engine feels a bit outdated but compared to a lot of games out there it's far better. It's also unique which makes things better and worse in some aspects.
  18. The "/s" is Internet speak for sarcasm. So yes.
  19. The big thing for me is immersion, the long missions with full realism settings really do make for an enjoyable experience. It makes fights more meaningful and when you are outnumbered 5:1 the ai are more than a challenge. This is with PWCG mind you. Without that I would probably play more MP.
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