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  1. I have a issue that is making the sim literally impossible to play since its new release. The UI becomes completely non responsive after i press escape to go back to a previous menu, furthermore steam will come up with a pop up menu that covers the entire screen with a very comically low res image. I did not have this problem with the other TF patches but now its totally broke. I have windows 10 and a high end PC (i75820k OC to 4.6ghrz, 2x gtx 1080's SLI and 32gb of ddr4 ram plus the game is installed on my 2TB ssd) i have tried it with sli on and sli off. No change. I have reinstalled it several times following the procedure they recommended for people that were having problems initially but still no dice. I do have a widescreen monitor resolution is at 3440x1440 but i have tried the game on my secondary as well but still no success. Information is next to none right now and have not found a single person that has this issue as well so if there is anybody out there with some clever ideas or has had this issue before i would be very grateful for any input at all whatever it may be.
  2. I really hope they go this route if the pacific needs more time. Italy has some of the most beautiful countryside and the planeset would be a nice gap filler for some of the american birds and we would get some sexy new Italian planes as well.
  3. I like the approach to try to talk more horsepower into the engine but I would speak to your crew chief, he might have a few modifications to increase power.
  4. Thanks i will be flying her with much more confidence now that i wont blow the engine!
  5. Thanks for the tips! i have been following this for the water radiator but i was setting the oil rad to high. my mixture is set to 66% for normal and combat power and i raise it for WEP power is that the correct thing to do?
  6. I have done some more testing and it seems that something is definitely amiss here. It does seem like there is no blast damage at all being dealt to the body of the aircraft. I have tested out the HE rounds and the AP and from what I can see is they only act differently on the wings of small fighters. The AP will not always result in a wing being blown off wich I guess makes sense but the HE will 90% of the time blow off the wing. But on the body they act very similarly with around the same amounts of hits needed to down the aircraft. It sure seems like it could be a HE damage model issue not having the explosive effect that blows components off like it should be when hitting the tail directly for example. Other than that I quite like the bird. It's definitely growing on me, even though it's kinda slow and has a very twitchy nose making gunnery a little tricky at times.
  7. yea i was surprised by the velocity not being as slow as i thought, the fire rate could be better though. I would like to assume the aircraft is damaged quite a lot but what amazes me is the ability for it to still pull defensive and sometimes aggressive maneuvers. on one occasion i had multiple hits to the tail of a bf 109 and nothing had even blown off yet and i could see that it was still functioning. The tail seems to be the worst place to hit with the big ole 37, so many times it results in little to no damage. I have tested it on other fighter aircraft as well and its the same story for pretty much all of them, body hits do very little and a wing hit is an insta kill every time.
  8. I have started up a P39 career and have been noticing that the cannon when i can get a hit with it barely doing any damage when hitting the body of the aircraft (light aircraft specifically) , the wings blow right off but the BF 109 isn't exactly a tank in that regard. What was strange to me was i was hitting the body multiple times with the melon lobber and if it wasn't a pilot kill the aircraft seemed to be damaged very little otherwise. I guess i am just wondering if anybody else has had this experience with the 37mm cannon or am i just assuming it does more damage than it actually does. From doing research about its damage it seems even 1 hit is enough to bring an aircraft to its knees but i am hitting a small fighter 4+ times and it is sometimes still able to be defensive and in some cases outrun me at low altitude.
  9. was there really no dedicated rat squadron in Moscow at that time? seems a bit strange to me but if that's the case so be it. I would like an option to create a fictional squadron with a specific plane from that time period, for instances where the squadron is split between two aircraft types such as what OP describes.
  10. I would really love to see late war Japanese army aircraft in this sim, but if they do indeed go to the pacific that will be huge. Hopefully they can figure out the issue of finding documents on the Japanese aircraft, would be a shame if that canceled the pacific theater all together.
  11. I have to agree, i used to really want other scenarios and more western aircraft and now all i want is a yak9 and a la7.
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