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  1. All of it looks amazing! I own every single thing you can own in ROF and this will be an insta buy for me! Everything you guys do is top notch!
  2. Great work as always. You truly are a master of his craft!
  3. I couldn't find a 4k one that looked like this.
  4. If you have some spare time and are looking for an idea. There is just something about the lagg...so ugly yet that makes me like it even more! Just wish we had some more lagg variants in this sim to fly.
  5. It looks awesome! Thanks a ton! I don't know how you do it so fast!
  6. YOUR WORK IS AMAZING! Any chance of some more lagg skins? that poor plane needs some 4k love
  7. I Prefer IL2 for combat flying in a WW2 environment, It has a clear direction and has great online and OFFLINE features. DCS is severely lacking in offline content for ww2, the birds they have while modeled with a lot of detail are still very simple to study and learn compared to their more modern birds. I see DCS as a study sim that is more educational than entertaining. The jet combat is where it really shines and they should really stick to that IMO. All the ww2 aircraft are fun to fly for a bit but the netcode and network lag that occurs online is horrendous and the visuals for the damage model are very bad still. If they somehow by 2050 they produce a career like feature for DCS ww2 i would be amazed. IL2 has blown me away with their ability to pump out content and deliver what they promise close or even ahead of the time frame given to the consumer. DCS seems cluttered and confused at times on what it wants to be and in turn the time it takes to release content is VERY slow.
  8. Great to see other dirt riders here, in 2017 i picked up a brand new KTM 300XC, try to get out riding every weekend.
  9. I am a fan for sure, i do like the look of all the blisters and the more aggressive look all together over something like the K4.
  10. I fixed it with a re install of windows 10 about 6 months ago. Has never happened since but that could just be random luck.
  11. i do have all my drivers and firmware up to date. its just a windows 10 thing that some people have, if you use a USB hub to plug devices in it thinks they are mice and keyboards i guess. kinda funny looking when you look in device manager. havent had this issue for over 6 months now, just went away
  12. i have this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally i found another person with it. So it is probably a windows 10 thing recognizing joysticks and rudder pedals as keyboards, according to windows 10 i have 11 keyboards and 3 mice plugged in. But the mfg crosswind pedals were not my problem, my Thrustmaster Warthog stick and throttle seemed to keep windows from booting. If you notice the debug codes your MB puts out it will tell you whether or not your pc has handed itself over to windows 10 to complete the booting process. Mine would always fail when it was passed over to windows 10. It comes from to many devices being plugged in at one time. BUT.....i do not have 11 keyboards and 3 mice plugged in...let alone that many usb ports occupied. The Fix....i wish i knew. When it fails to post i unplug the joystick and throttle combo and it will boot no problem and go away until it randomly comes back.
  13. i do not know but i do not want to pressure him into releasing them for the public to use. Its his choice and that's that.
  14. his sounds are very good but i think he wants to keep them for his use only which is totally fine IMO.
  15. They both have a unique style, it might be a small challange at first but you have to understand both of these planes reward patience and control. Happy hunting!
  16. I don't hate it but I sure don't love it, the US style seems to be a lot thinner with the reticle and I like that, the mc202 has a real thick one that is very spaced out. Not so much the lines of the reticle, but more so the size and thickness of it. Won't keep me from flying the 202 though, one of my favourite's to take to the sky in!
  17. Yes the sight we have is correct unfortunately
  18. The engine sounds in this game are so close to being very good, they just need to be tuned a bit I think (radial engines especially). The gun sounds are super hit and miss, the British 303 Cal. And the German 13mm and 30mm guns sounds great while everything else is very strange and loud sounding, from inside the cockpit they should sound muffled. I really hope an effective way of modding them is found.
  19. Really wish we had this sight in game, the other one is by far the worst gunsight I have ever used. I even prefer those silly maginified ones on the Ki 43
  20. Come for lagg skins....see a Japanese painted bf109...not sure if that belongs in here tbh.
  21. Could not agree more. The spotting in this sim compared to others is simply the best IMO. I do not mind that it is harder than in real life due to the fact that we don't have combat stress and sweaty scratched goggles and chaos everywhere in the sky when we are flying.
  22. Okay so I have somewhat figured out the issue. Seems full screen mode in game is kinda broken to some extent on my machine, no idea why but it is what it is. So what fixed it was switching to borderless windowed mode and then restart the game, then come in to the game and switch it back to full screen. This fixes that issue completely.
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