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  1. Same here! We need some more Wololo in this thread!
  2. This thread is the reason why we can't have nice things lmao
  3. The only other 2 aircraft we have seen in screenies are the Dora and the 262, could they be next?
  4. I will probably need something stronger than beer for this one...
  5. Yup that's how it should be, very little noise from the guns should be heard especially for wing mounted weapons, if they are located in the nose i can see why it might be louder but not much.
  6. I really hope they improve the Tracer smoke and tracer effects, feels like i'm in Star Wars sometimes. I am confident they will though, its all a matter of time and i have been amazed at the quality of work they have been producing lately.
  7. The 109 is hard at first for a lot of new pilots but it becomes quickly a weapon of mass destruction when they figure out how to actually fly it. Much can be said about the FW lineup as well. I have always found that the allies planes are far more forgiving if you make a critical mistake in the middle of a fight, since they are superior in most cases of lower speed maneuverability and i have gotten away many times due to that. I am a huge fan of the spit for this reason as well. I always have loved that you can shoot down any aircraft with any aircraft in this sim, you can bet that when the PO-2 comes out i will be trying to be the first guy to shoot down a 262 with it.
  8. Clod for me is still a broken mess, at least on windows 10. Running a 3440x1440 resolution seems to cause a host of GUI errors and when I hit escape I cant click anything and I have to just exit the game entirely. For once I just would like the game to actually work on modern machines with a modern OS, hopefully TF 5.0 fixes these issues.
  9. I love how this thing looks, but apparently its performance was terrible.
  10. yes it was 5 years ago, but i'm sure its only 2 weeks away now....
  11. In all of my various careers i have had aircraft disappear at various distances, friend and foe alike. I have had aircraft i was chasing to shoot down pop out of existence right before my very eyes. Kinda spooky since i don't know if they will re appear behind me.
  12. I wouldn't mind a little guess work, how would we even know anyways? Its not like any other sim has modeled them with any detail even close to what we would probably receive anyways. I would like to see a late war setting as well because the later Japanese aircraft just look so good. But that is just a dream.
  13. The Dora looks amazing! Truly looks like a machine fit for fight!
  14. I would love to see a China scenario but its too much of a coin toss on whether it would be successful or not. I think a lot of people are simply not informed well enough about it to care, i can tell you as soon as i started to research the battles that took place over china i found it to be a very exciting period in aviation. (plus i love a good underdog story, who doesn't?)
  15. The AI turn fight in the German aircraft way to much, in my Bf109 career our attrition rate is crazy high. In my VVS career's it has been much easier to get kills and survive since the friendly ai still turn fight a lot but its to their advantage.
  16. Get the 8600k, a little bit more money but its worth it entirely. Depending on your monitor and FPS minimum i would say if you wanted 2k res then go for a 1070/1080 (really cheap now because of the new card launch) but for 1080p it should be a great build!
  17. Great stuff! I always forget how good the 262 looks in the air.
  18. Great Ju 87 skins! I feel the Ju 87 and Bf 110 G-2 have some of the most underrated liveries out there.
  19. Also the forum has grown a lot, of course there will be a few people that have trouble communicating with the world in a respectful manner.
  20. These skins are out of this world! I have no idea how you can produce such high quality skins so fast! I wish I could try them all out but I'm in Japan currently, a long long way from my PC!
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