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  1. 4 hours ago, LLv34_Flanker said:



    The recoil of a gun is high. For example the recoil of Gsh-23-2 23mm gun on is 3500kg. Installed on Mig-21 etc. The recoil of the 45mm gun on Yak-9K was enough to throw off thec aim after 2-3 shots and also did cause structural problems. The 37mm guns on the IL-2 were not a success either, recoil causing yaw. Finns called the P38 the rocking chair due its 37mm gun rocking the plane etc. So is CloD modelling that much off after all? 


    It is I would say it's exaggerated to say the least. I feel like you would have extra vibration added more than yourself actually being rocked around by the action of the weapons. 


    The structural problems were mainly caused by poor mounting of the weapon in an airframe it wasn't designed for. Not really the same thing as let's say a bf109e4 with wing cannons that were designed to be there. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Yogiflight said:

    That the Focke Wulfs finally cruise with the speeds they should and not with around 300km/h.



    This but for every aircraft. They all cruise far below the speeds at which they should. It's not like we need to save a lot of fuel given the shorter distances we are flying. 

  3. 1 minute ago, GreenSound said:

    CLoD fans bring it up every time someone mentions North Africa or the BoB


    Pretty much sums up every BoB or North Africa discussion. Cant have one without the same characters getting all upset. Isn't there a section in the forum for Clod? you think they would just head on over there to talk about it. 

  4. 9 hours ago, Novice-Flyer said:

    You guys are likely talking about the original Cliffs of Dover which 1C Maddox released as a buggy mess.

     As is the Blitz edition. Constant crashes, UI bugs, worse ai, dead online community, dead game. TF 5.0 when it comes out in 2025 would have to somehow resurrect that mess. I don't think it is doable.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, LF_Gallahad said:

    Has somebody shot down a Bf 109 with a 50 cal? No? Then all is a guess. Footage is footage but we don't know about what has not been recorded. The same with pilot reports who managed to come back to base with their planes and call them "The sturdiest plane ever flown". I am sure the 80% who didn't make it won't tell you that.


    Couldn't agree more. The footage we see is such a small fraction of the events taking place that more than likely the specific films that survived are handpicked because they show something out of the norm. 

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