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  1. 2 minutes ago, LF_Gallahad said:

    Has somebody shot down a Bf 109 with a 50 cal? No? Then all is a guess. Footage is footage but we don't know about what has not been recorded. The same with pilot reports who managed to come back to base with their planes and call them "The sturdiest plane ever flown". I am sure the 80% who didn't make it won't tell you that.


    Couldn't agree more. The footage we see is such a small fraction of the events taking place that more than likely the specific films that survived are handpicked because they show something out of the norm. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Sybreed said:


    that also explains why so many people posts "ace in flight" videos on youtube. Shooting someone down requires so little ammo you can down an entire squadron by yourself xD


    There have been plenty examples of pilots doing this exact thing in ww2. With good aim it makes total sense. 

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  3. 16 minutes ago, HarleyDavidson said:

    just get high enough and dive on your opponent, shoot then run


    ^Welcome to ww2 air combat. 


    The p51 flies very well at altitude compared to the German aircraft, try to get as high as you can and keep your energy up all the time. You can dance forever then. The p51 is crazy fast and keeps its speed very well. Getting away from turn fighting will make you a much better prop pilot. Even with aircraft well suited to turn fighting it is always more advantageous to keep speed up and boom and zoom. 

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  4. The problem is quite apparent but I'm not for getting rid of the timers all together, I fly with zero HUD and GUI and I fly the allied birds with just more caution.I have not broken an engine yet and I feel that I have more than enough combat power time. 


    If you try to mix/max power all the time it just complicates things and becomes more of a problem than it really should be. 

  5. I have said it many times before but if you are playing the game in 2.0 with a headset it will always sound flat. A good 7.1 surround headset COMPLETELY changes the game. Engines sound incredibly realistic and the new 109 sounds are 10x better than before. They might just sound worse on a 2.0 setup because the old sounds were far more basic without as many layers. 

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  6. 43 minutes ago, Eli_201 said:

    Hi all

    I mast to say that the smoke of the engines is extremely  visible, this is not a phantom.

    I hope it will be fix to reality.   


    Fuel in ww2 for the Germans especially was a much lower quality than you see today making it burn "messy" . Make sure your mixture is set properly and the smoke almost disappeares completely in the allied birds. For the late war German aircraft there will always be a trail of smoke from the engine, it is perfectly accurate. 

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