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  1. I would have never guessed that the Dora was ready already! Also at the speed of release for the FC content we will be done volume 1 soon! Very exciting stuff.
  2. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    I love the new loading screens!

    The new ones look really good, it's amazing how little things like that make the game feel so new.
  3. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    Considering switching to this from war thunder. Thoughts?

    @Rolling_Thunder This all has to be bait right? I have almost 1000 hours in WT, it is not even close to GB in any way.
  4. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    Developer Diary 219 - Discussion

    Great stuff! I am amazed to see the p51 already in game! The tempest is looking really good as well!
  5. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    [MOD] BF109G4/R6 by default in BOK career Mode

    I love this mod, thanks a bunch for making it.
  6. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    Tips and trick to improving visual spotting?

    The spotting in Box is far more realistic than anything else out there, rendering a 2d dot at 20km is something that shouldn't exist in a modern sim. Spotting planes isn't easy, if it was I'm sure the air war would have turned out a lot different.
  7. I don't think the timers are going to stay forever due to the clear limitations they place on certain aircraft. Most of these timers were for logistical reasons and not engine death if they were exceeded. I think so? Your guess is as good as mine.
  8. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    The Hurricane....continued

  9. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    They should make a model of Yossarian to be added to the bombardier position in the B-25, when we get to Italy that is! Cant wait to fly around in BoBp!
  10. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    In-cockpit pilot

    It would just be a massive pain for the Devs and I think once people got over the fact that it was added most would just turn it off because it would obscure instruments and lever positions.
  11. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    DD today?

    We were thinking it for sure, but just to be safe we should all wolololo harder for the next one
  12. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    That P-38 is looking gorgeous already! Same actually goes for everything in this DD! Truly impressive stuff.
  13. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    The new sounds

    Yes but i was talking more in general since the sounds have been vastly improved on the newer aircraft and stuff.
  14. -LUCKY-ThanksSkeletor

    The new sounds

    I love the new sounds that have been coming out recently, was just curious to how others feel about them vs. some of the older sounds because it seems like some of the older sounds cant even hold a candle to the new ones.
  15. Great work as always team! Can't wait for more flying circus content! Now.... There is a long nosed thing that comes next right?