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  1. It can be endlessly debated. I personally think the weapon sounds are a bit too loud in box compared to the noise of the engine. I was fortunate enough to recently get a flight in a B25 and I can tell you that those 2 engines make it impossible to hear anything. I took off my noise canceling headset for 1 second and immediately put it back on. The noise is staggering.
  2. Wasn't that the thing that barely got off the ground? Wasnt it made obsolete in 1942 by conventional prop aircraft?
  3. If I have done my math correctly, I think we get an update in 2 weeks. Just to be sure though can somebody check my math? Better safe than sorry.
  4. H U R R I C A N E It would sell like mad. The I16 is super popular and my personal favourite aircraft to fly for the motherland. Everybody likes an underdog.
  5. Russian: I16 German: FW190D9 American: P47 British: spitfire MkVb The PTO can't come soon enough, I need me some Japanese planes!
  6. Why would it tell you anyways? Do you play with techchat and gui on? Screaming all day everyday about the same issue, complain about realism and you play with techchat and Gui on? For shame good sir. For shame.
  7. I unironically love the look of this plane, has that kind of A10 warthog ugly good looks.
  8. The B9 rivals even the spitfire for good looks.
  9. My bet that is engine timers are being looked at, there has been a crazy amount of criticism over them in the recent months.
  10. I want to believe next week but it's still to close to the previous update. I say 2 weeks.... Wolololo
  11. This is amazing work! You have a real talent.
  12. This is cruel and unusual punishment
  13. I guess I should take some comedy classes because I'm apparently really bad it it.
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