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  1. This but for every aircraft. They all cruise far below the speeds at which they should. It's not like we need to save a lot of fuel given the shorter distances we are flying.
  2. I am going to cry if the razorback jug is like this as well.
  3. I don't fly the 110's much but do you have the auto pitch on? Or auto rpm? I can't remeber if the 110 had a manual or automatic switch for that stuff.
  4. Yes there is. In the options menu in the bottom right next to the mission start there is a menu to select runway start. The same menu where you can choose difficulty and career speed.
  5. Pretty much sums up every BoB or North Africa discussion. Cant have one without the same characters getting all upset. Isn't there a section in the forum for Clod? you think they would just head on over there to talk about it.
  6. This was my understanding as well. Its a very complex issue to deal with, on the surface it always looks so easy.
  7. For me after blitz it got FAR worse. I hover over some UI elements and they dissapear into a blurry image. When you try to exit a mission the game locks my cursor to the center of the screen whenever I click anything.
  8. As is the Blitz edition. Constant crashes, UI bugs, worse ai, dead online community, dead game. TF 5.0 when it comes out in 2025 would have to somehow resurrect that mess. I don't think it is doable.
  9. There has been a serious lack of Wolololo for a while now. This is our punishment.
  10. As much as I love all these aircraft, you and me might be the only ones who would play this expansion.
  11. This so much. 109's just don't look right without a drop tank below them.
  12. *Chanting along to the beat of your stamping* Wololololololo!
  13. Couldn't agree more. The footage we see is such a small fraction of the events taking place that more than likely the specific films that survived are handpicked because they show something out of the norm.
  14. There have been plenty examples of pilots doing this exact thing in ww2. With good aim it makes total sense.
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