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  1. This is the main reason why I stopped to play TAW... My target was to reach at least 250 GK with no death. Then during a mission a guy (I should check, but I think is from your team) found me and shot to me all his ammo.. Lucky me was a P-40, so my H111 can barely still fly.. Then I saw him get close to my flank and point me to ram, but the map ended before he can hit me! So, I have no problem with this tactic (we were over his territory) and I was just lucky (like when the professor make you a question but then the bell rings... What is wrong (in my opinion) is that lately I found him again, he was red and after few minute I connect he became blu (with exactly the same nick). Of course I wrote to the chat that I was going to bomb 1123 while I was in 2411, but then asked my self what kind of competition is this if people act in this way...
  2. Right, when coulds are the background should be pretty easy to spot him. But not when he's inside the could! Actually seems like that if he's below and you above (or viceversa) clouds hide him, but if he fly through it's super easy to see him
  3. Original audio from: "Giornale Luce C0134 del 10/04/1941" Italian news on the Battle of Britan. (You can use subtitles)
  4. Hi to all, I'm not sure it's the right place, in any case I saw that some part of german canopy still have some scratch. Not sure if it's a bug or the real idea, but you can see that: - on the front right canopy of Bf 109 (for sure F4, G4 and G6.. I didn't check the others) - In the left back of Mc 202. I add a picture of Bf
  5. Interesting.. usually aircraft are pretty hard to be spotted against the terrain, but combat box is one of the best server in this.. and also after last patch the things are a little better... Did it disappears in the air or back to ground? There is also a "invisible plane" bug, but usually this happen when you fly a close 3 planes formation...
  6. Yes, it will work automatically
  7. Nothing will be realistic until somebody will give to the whole team a coordinated "mission's order"
  8. @Fabioccio non importa, è stato ricreato sulla mappa di Kuban con Bodenplatte, se hai quello puoi giocarlo normalmente. Non appena verrà rilasciata la vera mappa della Normandia verrà aggiornato...
  9. Super nice!!! Which programme did you use to make the video?
  10. Due to last patch, they have to upgrade the server and then it will run again
  11. It's because the last patch.. Servers admins have to do the upgrade and then the servers will run again... Just have to wait some hours
  12. In my experience, as attacker or as fighter covering a target, AAA will never hit you if you dive fast and stay low after the drop... You don't need neither to move to much to escape, maybe just a little of "dolphin", or up and down but always keeping your speed really high. So on the first dive probably you will drop before AAA start to shoot at you. (Except than if it was always firing to somebody else) For second or third dive (or if you do the first one with a ju87 Stuka) it's a different story. Medium flak is usually enough to shoot down at least one plane per attack. Best solution is have an escort fighter than can drag AAA right before your attack, or better that fire to them right after your first dive. He also don't need to destroy it, but if he fire close enough enemy soldier will run away screaming, so they will not fire for some minutes..
  13. Ok, I'm in Italy so we have a pretty different time, but if you write to me a PM when you are free we can try to organise a fly. I basically fly German, but I want to learn also allied... And my English is not perfect, but I can work on it.. Let me know 😉
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