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  1. Abbiamo anche dei bellissimi (๐Ÿ˜ฌ) video della nostra Scuola di volo!! E se hai bisogno scrivimi pure, sempre disponibile a dare una mano...
  2. I think could be possible add 0 gasoline and create a "learn to ditch" mission
  3. Yes, should be this... I will try! Thank you very much!
  4. Hi to all, I'm sorry for this request, but I really know nothing about mission editor... I tried to read the manual, but I'm more confuse than before ๐Ÿต.. So, I guess is possible to add a text visible while you are flying a mission... What I want to do is that appears when the airplane reach a particular point of the map/after tot minutes that something else happened.. If somebody can explain me how to do that on the easier way, or in wich page of the manual I could find that... Thank you very much!
  5. Alternative spotting means that is super easy to see airplanes far away from you, but nothing change when they are closer than a couple of km... So, you can recognise in this way: see an airplane, zoom in and he get smaller, zoom out and he's back to be big... If this happen, you are in a server with alternative spotting...
  6. Yeah, you are right... There is not the Italian version of the game ๐Ÿ˜–
  7. Already a lot of nice tips.. and I think that if you speak with an experienced player your skill will increase super fast! Also, if you play together he can give you suggestion during the whole flight and you will learn a lot!! If you see me online, feel free to write to me, no prob!
  8. @Utopioneer great idea!!! Could you tell me where should I install your folder? I really have no idea, but I want to try your work cause can be a great start for new pilot of the group.. And also a Russian one (or bomber version) focused on complex engine menagment (or aiming bombs) could be really a great idea.. Thanks again
  9. Wings of liberty has GPS, but not icons and not "everythingfunnyyoucanaddtoyourairplane"... Combat box no GPS and no icons, it's using just bodenplatte maps/airplanes... TAW no GPS and no icons, airplane goes from '41 to '43, chancing with the map's rotation... (Now this server is stopped, should be back in a couple of weeks) This are most populated ones, all of them has complex engine menagment (little hard at the begging, but if somebody teach you how it work you can learn super fast and is quite funny than..) Otherwise there is EF front, few player but you have GPS and icons.. The problem of server with icon is that is almost impossible to surprise somebody, so you have to be really a good pilot + have best aircraft for score a win... The problem of server with no icon, is that basically it's almost impossible to spot somebody.. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So, I suggest you to visit our server: Tuttovola... You have no icon but you could use external visual, so it's a little bit easier to spot somebody... And also when there are no other players, there are some AI..
  10. Try to reduce your resolution... Like for example 1920x1080... Then pixel should be little bit bigger..
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