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  1. Some is clickable, some other no. Check it here: https://k2s.cc/file/37f60c8610961/Flashcards_All Aircraft-en - v.2.pdf (You can also find this in the game manual)
  2. @sallee you can find explanation for each aircraft in the cards. Here H-111 "Course mode" will just keep the heading, while you can still change your altitude. "Mode 22" keep heading and altitude.
  3. The official answer is: maybe in the future..
  4. If I'm sure he cannot see me I get close also to 100/50m, but in an other situation 300m is a good range
  5. Did you check if you have some death zone in the axis control settings?
  6. Instead of use the stick, try to adjust the airplane's trim. I found out that when it's correctly trimmed hit somebody it's not so difficult, otherwise it's a real challenge
  7. It could be the air flow: when canopy is open the air flow is so strong that you cannot keep your head out from the frontal glass... That's why is stuck in the center
  8. I would prefer the SM.79 Tobruk Tour.. 😇
  9. I was talking with a real Italian fighter pilot and he told me that with seat belt of course you cannot rotate your head in GB way's... So I decided to make some experiment: I limited my TrackIR profile making it similar to my max head movement without moving shoulders. The result was that I lost a lot of the rear view, and helped my to understand how easy was to be attacked at 6 o'clock if you fly alone... Limited rear vision increase the value of your wingman.
  10. I can understand your point about VR, I tried it once and was impressive: really close to be on a real plane. That's why I hope TF will find sources for add it as soon as possible, then a lot of others players will join Afrika. Not so much the one about multiplayer: could be fun to fly single and co-op missions, especially if they are well designed... But you are still playing against an AI that basically has two problems -> could be too good or could be too bad. What I love in CLoD is the possibility to have a lot of AI as "background" while two groups of human are using their brain to fight eachothers. We organised a really fun campaign on BOX, that had just two limitations: limited number of players and AI absence. Hope Afrika can help us to solve this.
  11. We had. Was the first western front TAW. And I died on it. (Over Mach 1 dive 😅)
  12. I appreciated that too... Thank you for sharing @cardboard_killer
  13. Did you try at some different moment of the day? Early morning/evening?
  14. @JG300_Faucon I had the same issue, solved buying it through my PayPal account (that use the same credit card)
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