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  1. I think you just have to unselect "paratroopers" and select "supply containers" (or somenthing like that) in the "complex trigger" property... (you find it at 2:25 of the Sketch video)
  2. Sketch, I did a couple of test. The spy mission works perfect, instead the paratroopers mission dosen't cause somenthing it's still set on "Allied" (For example "Check zone advanced" IN and OUT, but I think also somenthig else.) [and the Ju52 can carry 12 paratroopers]
  3. Just my opinion: In this case your energy advantage is too big, so will be not so easy. Let's say that ideally if you are at 5K your best target is the guy that fly at 3/4k. So, firstly you should consider to don't attack. But if, you want to avoid to arrive too fast close to the target (not just for the overshooting problem, but also cause it's much more difficult to aim correctly). Assuming that you just scanned the sky so you are pretty sure nobody is at your altitude of higher, cut the throttle immediately and turn to take their six. Cause you still have much more energy you can consider to put the sun behind your back, so they will not be able to see you coming. Start to trade altitude for speed but don't point directly to his tail -> dive a little bit more, in this way you will arrive super fast but lower than your target: now you have to climb to put him in your gunsight, so your speed will decrease and will be easier to aim. Plus: remember you are still in idle, so if you miscalculated the distance you can increase the throttle keeping a really high speed. Others fighters will not be a problem for you cause now you are close to be a 262... If the guy in front of you it's really smart or lucky and he will do an hard break, you are still in advantage and can choose if run away and climb to be safe (95% of the time) or take some risk and engage him (5% of the time, just when you are tired to fly without press the trigger). Otherwise you will score a "safe" victory.
  4. Ehm, diciamo che il problema di Cliff of Dover è proprio che si vola spesso soli (o in pochi..) Su BoS è più semplice trovare qualcuno... Ma entra sul nostro discord quando voli che qualcuno lo trovi..
  5. Concordo su tutto. Al momento rimane un capolavoro (con qualche strano difetto) inutilizzato...
  6. Depends from your initial speed: If at the beginning you are pretty fast you have to be really careful about your manoeuvre. You have a better turning ability, but this means that you will pass out easier than a German pilot. So, try to be gentle on your stick and use some trick to turn without waist energy/pull to much G (like high yo-yo). If the Bf accept the dogfight and both of you loss some speed then you can pull a little bit more and over turn him so easily...
  7. I had the same problem some time ago and I solved that in this way: nvidia pannel -> increase the value of "frame for virtual reality" (not sure about the name cause it's not in english.) I hadn't the VR, but the game was much much better..
  8. Hey guys, sorry if i disturb you again. I am using this logic to spawn/despawn AAA and it works quite well, but I have discovered another problem. It seems that when you destroy a piece it explode, but once all the planes have left the area if you go back that artillery is spawned again. Is it possible to keep spawn / despawn but that a destroyed piece does not appear anymore? Many thanks! AAA.rar
  9. Nope, it's a streaming... OBS + VR plug-in that allow you to record just one eye... Unfortunately even if I set 'record right eye' seems that it doesn't work with Reverb, so you see the left one (that's why is not aligned to the Revi). The Track IR video is made from the Sim's track recording
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