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  1. Did you check to have armour piercing rounds and not the high explosive ones?
  2. Tuttovola server is available, if needed. We did a test with 80+ players and we had no problems
  3. Joystick Gremlin It's a little bit tricky at the beginning, but allow you to "double" your buttons: - set a joystick button as "ctrl" (i.e. button number 7) - go to the in game key setting and, for example, set: +) Flap down: joystick button n° 4 +) Flap up: ctrl + joystick button n° 4 So, now to use your flaps you just have to press: N°4 -> flap down N°4 + N°7 -> flap up
  4. Considering that it shouldn't fly with just one wing, we will have to wait a still a little
  5. Awesome!! Thank you very much, I need a holiday too so I will write in the next day with the necessary info Thanks again!
  6. Yeah, exactly this! Do you think is difficult to create something like that? Would be perfect for our next campaign
  7. Hi @Enigma89 and @=FEW=Revolves, I saw your amazing work with the stats! It's really a great job! I was wondering if it's possible also to create a "military grade" mod. Like: when you reach a determinate hours of flight/destroyed targets/destroyed aircraft you are promoted to a new grade. Every time you died, you have to start from the beginning... I think this could immediately give an idea about the performance of a player!
  8. LOL. Thanks Cybermat. For what I know Germans had an advantage at the beginning cause they were using large armour division, while the Soviet tanks were used in small numbers as infantry support. Was still like that in 1942?
  9. Mmm.. @Lofte What about T34&KV1 vs PzIV&PzV? They seems to have pretty similar gun&speed...
  10. As much historical as possible, but keeping things fun for both sides... What is your suggestion?
  11. Great, thanks again... So KV1, Sherman and T34(42) VS PzIII and PzIV... But considering speed and gun caliber, is this set balance?
  12. Many thanks, but I guess that any other tank in the game is even less historic, right?
  13. Hi to all, I was wondering if a set of - KV1 - Sherman - T34 (42) + PzIII L + PzIII M + Pz VI could be considered balanced and quite of historic for a Stalingrad battle. If not, do you have any suggestions? Thanks 😊
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