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  1. Next mission: Sunday 1-11-2020, 19.15 italian time (GMT + 1)Link to partecipate to the next mission: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhnYV3MWzsceh2JMJ6fGrv69719w?e=hmXzAz Hi guys, finally we can announce the first mission on the Tobruk map!!Thanks to the help of Italianwing we wil organise at least 3 missions on the Tuttovola server. No more flying around the map without a specific purpose, finally join a mission where your commander will give you a task and you will have to do your best to complete it. Those who have already flown with us know how fun it can be to fly in this way, don't waste time and sign up now! (Send me a private message to receive the server and TeamSpeak passwords) For the first mission we will use a very particular planset, as similar as possible to the one actually used: Cr.42, G.50, Br.20 vs Gladiator, Hurricane and Blenheims. (G.50 and Hurrican will be limited in number.) As always, each faction will receive a briefing before the mission with the objectives to be destroyed / protected, but be careful: new orders may arrive during the mission! Have fun!
  2. Update: The map is ready! Still remain the "spawn-point" problem. I had to move them cause of the wind condition, but now it seems that when spawn it ignores the points put by me and reads the default ones (in the middle of the woods). I will try to solve later. Remember to subscribe here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhnYV3MWzsceh17WgCcYmO16Ru0X?e=kGNR5q Briefing will be out soon here: https://discord.gg/7jYsyKB Join us to help your team's organisation! TeamSpeak for in-game communication: (ask to me for the password) and, last but not least: we are going to the Desert!!! Sunday, 19.15 (GMT+2): dust and polish your old biplanes! (soon the official announcement)
  3. But you couldn't stop Noofy and me to leave some candy present over Manston... 🤠
  4. On BoS you can have at max 84 players. Even in TAW most of them collaborate in small groups, like 4-5 planes each. I saw few sortie well organised with 15+ planes and those are great!!! But the truth is that basically you have small independent groups not coordinated. As Italianwing we organised a mini campaign in which both army had a commander, every group received orders from him and must reach their goal. The server was fun and the experience was great! As it ended I cannot enjoy BoS anymore. Tactical war is pretty boring for me. Then I try CLoD and now, even if with only 30 players in the server, we are having a lot of fun thanks to billion of AI's bombers that I can place in the map (more than 100 airplanes in a mission). They don't need to be human, are just an excuse (protect/attack them) to give a task to the two armies. And the emotions are pretty similar to the BoS campaign. So my idea is that doesn't matter so much the game, what change the experience is the organisation of the event. CLoD and Bos have both good and bad things, but for sure it's easier to organise this kind of events on CLoD thanks to a better AI management.
  5. On BoS you can put 9 AI bombers. If you put 10, it will crash. On CLoD you can play this on multiplayer:
  6. Thank you all for your feedback, much appreciated Here the link to subscribe for the next one: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhnYV3MWzsceh17WgCcYmO16Ru0X?e=kGNR5qUpdate:We have a new rule for the next mission:The best fighters will be limited in number, so Pilots try to get your plane back home!I also divided the fighters into groups of four, each of which must have a flight leader.In this way, during the team briefing on Discord * in the days before the mission, it will be possible to assign a particular task to each section.Here the new rule:Each pilot of a Bf109 or Spitfire will have only one "top" airplane availableThe Bf109 E-4 will depart from Colembert, while the Spitfire Ia (100 oct.) From Lympne.Any airport with the blue or red icon will be usable to perform Refuel and Rearm (but you have to be undamaged).In case of loss of the plane you will be forced to take-off from Calais Mark [Bf-109 E-3] or from Canterbury [Spitfire I (100oct.)].Have fun and check your six!*If you have difficulty with the Discord app you can try using the browser version, it shouldn't create any problems.
  7. ATTACK TO DOVER CH AND MANSTON AIRFIELD - 12 August 1940 Shortly after 0900 hours, twenty Bf 109 and Bf 110 fighter-bombers of Erprobungsgruppe 210 attacked the Chain Home radar stations at Dover, Rye, and Pevensey, knocking them out of action for six hours. Actually, this was the first "bomber" action made by Bf-110. (We did it yesterday, super low level attack to avoid to be spotted by the radar! Finaly we had blind british 🥳) While emergency repairs were being carried out, Do 17s of I/KG 2, escorted by Bf 109s of JG 54, attacked RAF Lympne, damaging hangers, offices, and the landing ground. (I moved this attack to the beginning of the mission for "cinematic" reasons) At about 1100 hours, twenty-two Ju 87 Stuka dive-bombers of IV/LG 1, escorted by Bf 109s of III/JG 26, were despatched to attack two convoys codenamed ARENA and AGENT in the Thames Estuary. The naval trawlers HMS Tamarisk and Pyrope were sunk. Fifteen Hurricanes from Nos. 151 and 501 Squadrons were scrambled to intercept, shooting down one Stuka and damaging several others before the escorting Messerschmitts intervened. Two Hurricanes were lost and another two damaged. (I moved the convoy closer to make possible a second sortie) At 1151 hours, a large formation was detected heading towards Brighton. The incoming raid comprised sixty-three Ju 88 bombers of KG 51, escorted by 120 Bf 110s of ZG 2 and ZG 76 along with twenty-five Bf 109s of JG 53. The bulk of the bomber formation attacked Portsmouth Harbour, destroying the railway station, oil tanks, and shipping, and killing ninety-six navy personnel and civilians. A smaller formation of fifteen Ju 88s split off and attacked the Chain Home radar station at Ventnor, knocking it out of action for three days. Almost sixty Hurricanes and Spitfires were scrambled from Middle Wallop, Tangmere, Warmwell, and Exeter but arrived too late to prevent the bombing. Eleven Ju 88s, five Bf 110s, and two Bf 109s were shot down for the loss of thirteen British fighters and four damaged. At 1245 hours, twenty Bf 109 and Bf 110 fighter-bombers of Erprobungsgruppe 210 made a low level attack on RAF Manston, immediately followed by a medium level attack by eighteen Do 17s of I/KG 2. An estimated 150 high explosive bombs hit the aerodrome, destroying two hangers, the workshops where a civilian clerk was killed, and damaging two Blenheims. A Spitfire of No. 65 Squadron was also damaged while taking off during the attack. (I changed Do-17 with Ju-88 to allow those wishing to participate as a bomber) At 1743 hours, RAF Hawkinge was attacked by Erprobungsgruppe 210. Hangars, workshops, and other buildings were destroyed, and two Spitfires were seriously damaged with others being struck by splinters. Two civilians and five airmen were also killed. Despite the damage, both Manston and Hawkinge were back on ‘top line’ within twenty-four hours. German Losses Airmen: 52 | Aircraft: 32 British Losses Airmen: 11 | Aircraft: 18 THE SERVER NUMBER -) 65 AI -) 30 players I would like to ask a couple of questions: -) There seems to be no stuttering or lag issue this time, if not please let me know. -) How were the times of the mission? Too long / too short between attacks? -) Other ideas to improve the gaming experience? P.S. We are considering bringing the same gaming experience to African theater as well. Could it be of interest? The time would be 19.00 (GMT + 2), or Saturday or Sunday (depending on the ATAG event, we would choose the other day)
  8. It's attitude, not altitude. (But at the beginning I was surprised too.. 😅)
  9. Yes, I will try to organize it for the day that is free. We have plenty of servers with this planeset, why not to try somenthing different? Otherwise the early planes are basically useless... And, if there will be enough players, we can introduce the laters planes in subsequent missions...
  10. I like this... Any informations about the battle front?
  11. I was thinking about creating a Desert Wing event for the weekend, similar to what I'm doing for the BoB ... Date: 31 dec 1940 (Capodanno a Tobruk 😄 ) Any idea about the planeset? I thought about: -) Cr.42 -) G.50 @ATAG_Noofy -) Ju-87 -) Br-20 +) Hurricane (which version?) +) Gladiator (Not sure if they were in Africa) +) Blenheim (which version?)
  12. We have briefings! You can read them on ITALIANWING discord or send to me a private message.
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