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  1. I'm seeing 10c cooler temps on my 1080ti setup and much smoother performance in a number of games.
  2. After the latest patch, when playing in single player - quick mission, the game stutters a lot when shots hit aircraft. I get a server error on completing the mission. Anyone else having this - any solution?
  3. My two cents having seen the German tanks up close in Bovington: 1. Ferdinand - Huge and massively armoured, more than any other AFV I have seen. I'm 6 ft tall and pics below give idea of height of the Ferdinand! 2. Tiger 1 - Smaller than I expected it to be, lovely engine noise. 3. Panther - Huge! Much bigger than the Tiger 1, surprising given it is a medium tank and the Tiger is a heavy. 4. Panzer 3 - Very quiet engine - sounds like a regular bus engine!
  4. Cant wait to fly the Tiffie over France on interdiction missions in miserable grey rain and fog. Maybe even shooting up V1 sites. This sim is going in a great direction - DCS is showing us how not to do it at the moment. Flight simmers have never had it so good.
  5. I use ThrottleStop to overclock and undervolt my 8700k. Running stable at 5.0Ghz on all cores and 30 Mv undervolt. One core clocked to 5.1 Ghz to allow for games that still rely on one or two cores. I undervolt to keep CPU running below 1.4 v. CPU sits at 1.2 - 1.3 usually. CPU runs at 50 - 65C on stock Dell watercooling when in use when 20C ambient.
  6. Dual 1080ti in SLI Bridge, and I noticed no FPS drop (Locked at 100 FPS), but do now see 'ghosting' when looking around quickly externally with mouse. I expect an uninstall and full clean reinstall will sort it.
  7. I think you can set the app to work only on idle, and you can also 'Pause' any work - through the taskbar icon, or the webviewer app. I also set the app to only use my GPU's, not CPU.
  8. Hello fellow simmers. Major universities and research centres have called for computational access to GPU's to support research into COVID-19. All the details are here : https://github.com/FoldingAtHome/coronavirus Perhaps you could lend a few of your GPU hours to the cause.
  9. IL2 does support SLI, I see 80% utilisation on both cards. What improvement did you see going from SLI to the 2080ti? I'm getting a solid 100FPS will all settings maxed at 1440p with two 1080ti via HB Bridge on IL2. DCS doesnt use the second card in SLI at all, and if you 'force' it, you dont get any more FPS.
  10. Do you mean this issue? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12255-graphics-models-and-maps/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-815459
  11. New clouds are awesome! I can finally destroy small ships with canon fire! FPS is BACK!! no more 50 FPS, the game now runs smoothly again between 80 and 100 FPS again - AMEN! Flight model of Tempest is even sweeter handling ?! Small bug with ships wake being 'overrun' by wave simulations making for strange blue effects - ships wakes disappear and reappear at distance. Terrain x,y,z bug remains - with terrain tiles and ground objects misaligned in game until restart and duplicate terrains. Pic shows terrain drawn at 1200ft above 'ground' ! Overcast clouds show distinct mini layers - kinda like DCS overcast clouds, maybe some fine tuning to happen? Game crashes randomly to desktop... Pilots in P-51 often pull a Kate Winslet in Titanic and stand up in seat with arms stretched out to sides holding a flare pistol?! Otherwise, simply beautiful - I spend as much time flying to look as to fight!
  12. My FPS fell off a cliff with the new update too and now have micro stutters. I found changing clouds to Medium (from high) and upping nvidia control panel transparency to 8X , I gained back most of the FPS I lost with acceptable aircraft images when flying through clouds (otherwise horrendous blocky pixeled images!). Turning off Gsync and Shader cache seems to reduce stutters too. I've no solution to on the ground FPS - which has fallen from 90+ to 25 - 30 FPS. On DCS I get c. 200 FPS with all settings on full ;-(
  13. New update is awesome! unfortunately I’m seeing 30% reduction in FPS in all maps regardless of settings 😰 was averaging 71 - 85 and now am seeing 45 - 56 RTX 2070 on razer blade
  14. Brief description: Terrain duplication (z axis) Detailed description, conditions: In any mission or any map, terrain tiles will be duplicated and drawn on top of one another. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See screenshot showing airfield with secondary terrain visible below the terrain the models interact with (land on) Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10 Pro 64bit (1903), Nvidia 431.60, RTX 2070 MaxQ, Razer Blade Advanced laptop output to Alienware AW3418DW
  15. Brief description: Terrain z axis alignment Detailed description, conditions: In any mission or any map, sections of the terrain tiles will be misaligned with their 'neighbor' tile along the z axis. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See screenshot showing a terrain tile along two sides misaligned with neighboring tiles Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10 Pro 64bit (1903), Nvidia 431.60, RTX 2070 MaxQ, Razer Blade Advanced laptop output to Alienware AW3418DW
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