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  1. Well if we want to split hairs and be exact the figures quoted were 4.2 million in March 2019 and the PS4 sales at that time were 94.3 million so one in twenty two. Don't think it changes the conclusion that one in twenty two people effectively spending more than the cost of the console to enable it to play VR is a decent figure. That is more than EV cars sold last year (3.2%) would you suggest that market is irrelevant?
  2. When one out of 20 equates to 5 million units it I would suggest it rather makes it a worthwhile market to investing in. Bear in mind that PSVR costs more than a Playstation. Cost is the most prohibitive aspect of VR as this poll displays. So, yes I think one out of 20 is good. Anyway, regardless of who is right or wrong on the mainstream future of VR I believe there is sufficient development both hardware and software for it to be of interest to enthusiasts. Whilst I might think twice about buying a car I need to trade in in three years time and its residual value I wouldn't base a decision on a VR headset based on investment predictions for the future. It is for the now and things I want to play.
  3. From the article I linked to above: In March, Sony announced it had sold 4.2 million PlayStation VR (PSVR) headsets. Earlier this month, Playstation lead Jim Ryan told CNet, “The current generation of VR has exceeded our expectations. When you step back and look at it—and this is the way I like to look at it - one in 20 of the people who found the money to go out and buy a PlayStation 4, and all the games and peripherals that they enjoyed with that, have also found the money to then go buy the PlayStation VR and all the games and peripherals that go on top of that.”
  4. The growth represents an 80% year on year increase May 2018 to May 2019. That seems pretty significant and the prediction is for the growth to increase. Hardly an uncertain future. Look at the reaction over the initial lack of support for VR in MSFS 2020 and the change of stance, momentum is growing.
  5. Your comments are based on 2018 figures, this is how Forbes described VR's future summer 2019: Yes, 2018 was a challenging year—growth slowed substantially compared to 2017—but a new report from Futuresource Consulting confirms that the future of VR is bright. Worldwide, VR market volume is expected to reach 98.4 million sales by 2023, generating an installed base of 168 million units with a worldwide population penetration of 2%. Growth is forecast across all regions and countries, with China leading the way. https://www.forbes.com/sites/solrogers/2019/06/21/2019-the-year-virtual-reality-gets-real/#66df0d276ba9 and the growth of headsets connected on Steam reached over a million per month in May 2019 and projected to reach two million this year Its use is subjective of course but the future of VR seems bright considering the take up and new devices launched in 2019. Things do seem to have picked up after the lull after the CV1 and Vive were launched, I think there will plenty to get excited about with new investments. The time it is right for any individual playing their favourite genre and how they play it wil vary such there can never be a right answer. For instance for sim racing if online competitiveness was the primary factor I would likely choose triple screens. Personally I prefer the immersion of VR. It is so subjective that the only way to find out is to try it, as the devices are getting more mainstream and sold on Amazon the ability to try before buying is getting ever easier. It is all about entertaining ourselves!
  6. Yes I don't think those other devices count. I have never really got my head around the limit though, I am running a lot of devices but it seems adding a new one sometimes will remove another one I want even if at or below 8 devices. You could try unplugging your rudder and throttle & joystick and see it if shows up. Then add the others and see what happens. Alternatively using something like Joystick Gremlin and Vjoy and mapping the Saitek controls to a virtual joystick might work, or use Joy2key to map the Saitek buttons to key strokes if all else fails.
  7. How many devices do you have connected? Does it show any other devices in devices.txt other than your rudder and throttle & joystick?
  8. I have been using dynamic resolution factor set to 0.5 and turned off reprojection (Reverb). So rather than dropping to 45 every so often the graphics just get reduced. Flying low with a number of planes around can get a bit low res but it does stay very smooth.
  9. That is curious as I just set up my pedals a few days ago and used the repeater function to get it to work. I ticked Input Repeater, went into IL2 to bind the axis, pressed one of the pedals and it came up with my race pedals, then pressed retry without pressing a pedal and the vjoy device showed up so I accepted that. Turned off Input Repeater and all worked! Edit: Just tried this again and it didn't work, maybe I just got lucky somehow!
  10. Did you manage to see it working in Joystick Gremlin, i.e. the pedals moving as a single axis? Can you see the vjoy device in usb game controllers in Windows, you can test it here (make sure you have activated the profile in Joystick Gremlin - it should say running down the bottom on its status bar) The tricky bit is IL2 will likely "see" your actual race pedals device before the vjoy device. The way around this is to use the Input Repeater function in Joystick Gremlin (Under Tools). Turn this on go into IL2 to bind the axis. It will find your race pedals when you press them first. Then retry but don't press your pedals, the vjoy axis will be presented by the Joystick Gremlin repeater function and it will see this. Accept this. Then turn off the repeater function in JG and you should be done.
  11. I would imagine a poll entitled “What do you think about VR” on an IL2 forum would assume people have tried it for IL2...
  12. IMHO what makes sim racing and flight sims work so well in VR is that we can use our realistic direct drive steering wheels and flight controllers and throttles and it just works right with all the physical feelings whilst seeing a virtual representation in front of us. Controlling some virtual device with weightless controllers that feel completely different to the real controllers just doesn't work for me. Also simplified "VR designed" graphics is a real turn off for me, something like Superhot VR just has zero interest. Whereas Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond looks the ticket. Now if we only had a proper M1 Garand controller...
  13. Rather than transfer to Steam you just need to link your Steam account to the IL2 store. I originally bought BOS on Steam then have bought pretty much everything else direct from the IL2 Store. It doesn't show up as DLC in Steam but does in IL2. Works simply, everything I buy on the IL2 store (if my wife is watching that is nothing!) gets added to my IL2 installation which I launch from Steam.
  14. VR can take some investment of time and some missions can push it too far. From a competitive multiplayer aspect I can see that an experienced TrackIR player might prefer that option. For sheer immersion I am totally sold and would recommended it any flight combat sim fan with the caveat of needing to invest some time optimising their experience and getting their "VR legs" plus needing to invest in a decent PC and a current VR headset.
  15. It is indeed. After several years of VR ownership (DK2, CV1, Od+, Pimax 5K+) it was only when I got a Reverb that DCS (which I first bought when I had a CV1) came alive in VR for me. I was sufficiently taken with combat flight sims I stumped up for IL2 which I also enjoy immensely in VR. Previously I had tried TrackIR but it wasn't for me. I also sim race and find iRacing & DiRT Rally 2 very immersive in VR. For various reasons sim racing worked better for me with the older generation VR headsets. I have also tried the Index and think that is great for combat flight sims too. The tricky bit is that we are all wired differently and VR seems to be a lot more subjective than gaming on monitors. All I can say is I thoroughly enjoy IL2 & DCS in VR using a Reverb and wouldn't be playing them (nor buying content) otherwise.
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