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  1. The key issue is single core performance. Your i7 will move the IL2 single core activity from core to core giving the impression of low utilisation. High end CPUs are running a single core at 5GHz+ so I am afraid yours is looking a bit weak. VR requires a lot of CPU activity for rendering which is why you are struggling.
  2. As I understand it motion smoothing is for SteamVR only devices like the Index & Vive Devices that use another driver layer like WMR and Pimax have their own drivers for reprojection So an Index will have the option of motion smoothing and the Reverb reprojection
  3. Inside out tracking isn't necessarily a + if you want well tracked controllers. Not an issue for me but the Road to VR preview wasn't very complimentary about the controller tracking. For me it falls somewhere between the Rift S and Index in which case it seems a bit pricey - if you don't need controllers the Index is probably cheaper and if you want good quality controller tracking you might need to wait for the base station upgrade option or separate base station tracked controllers which pushed the prices right up into full Index kit territory, without any of the extra benefits of the Index (optics, FOV, refresh). Plus the issue with a small sweetspot and difficulty getting a comfortable position to optimise it is not great. I am not sure what niche it is aimed to fill, though I guess it will sell as the next Vive? Though for existing Vive users with base stations the Index seems the more obvious upgrade to me.
  4. The article talked about higher resolution than the prototype aiming for 46 PPD, so I think it is a plan at this stage.
  5. No the weight seems to be evenly distributed on my bald head! The Reverb is a bit more front heavy but then it is so light it is ok.
  6. I have an 8600K @5GHz and 2080Ti and running the Index at 120 I would see 40fps in busy action and 60 flying high alone. Admittedly I didn't drop the settings so it looked horrible as I saw no chance of getting anyway near 120 and 60 didn't feel that much better than 40 to be worthwhile chasing for.
  7. Lots of things to do before launch, refresh rate, higher resolution, low persistence, slightly larger FOV but interesting nonetheless even if it shapes the way for a larger FOV version for gaming.
  8. I don't believe so, pretty sure Revive requires SteamVR, after all it was designed to reroute from the Oculus to the Vive (which uses SteamVR)
  9. Curious as I find the weight distribution of the Index one its excellent features, given it is about twice the weight of the Reverb. In my case though the extra clarity of the centre of the Reverb display just won me over. Once I got past the testing phase to using it and not looking for the sweet spot I just naturally look in the centre and move my head. The difference in sweet spot is very noticeable in back to back testing, where I look at a gauge keep my eyes on it and move my head for example. In use I don't notice it. That could be just me of course!
  10. I believe that option has been obsolete for a while and is automatically set now.
  11. I guess because that is what Microsoft refers to it in Windows Mixed Reality? "driver_Holographic_Experimental" : { // Motion reprojection doubles framerate through motion vector extrapolation It is also what SteamVR refers to in settings where it says Reprojection On for the Reverb if the settings file has been edited to enable it
  12. Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR beta fixes the scaler in SteamVR. That is why it is different, assuming you are running the beta of course!
  13. The tracking with the Reverb hasn't missed a beat, nor has the Index with a single 1.0 base station*! I set mine high and up to the left. I am surprised with both how far I can turn my head around without losing tracking. *As long as I don't touch it, I get a lot of EMI issues with the Index where it will go grey if I touch the headset, though I do have a lot of kit including a direct drive steering wheel which is the likely cause. I have tried ferrite cores to no avail. No such issues with the Reverb.
  14. Great images. Though I think the 188% vs 140% is always going to confuse. 188% using the non WMR beta and the Reverb equates to a resolution of around 2200x2160 per eye (hence 9.5 million) 140% using the Index equates to a resolution of 2384x2648 per eye (hence 12.6 million) The scaler is off in SteamVR for the Reverb and fixed with the beta version of WMR for SteamVR (where ~74%) yields the same resolution
  15. I am still at the noob stage where checking my six is usually because someone is shooting at me so I am in too much of a panic mode to notice what I am moving!
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