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  1. For some reason when I try to keybind/Map the ESC key, it dosnt work in game. It shows it correctly bound but wont bring up the menu screen when I press my button. Same goes with the "Recenter View" binding...?? I use VR and these are an essential function to access settings.
  2. Cant get IL2 to start. Keeps trying to update and fails. NOTHING i can do?! grrrr
  3. Cheers. Ive done just that but then what? I then assume the joining player types in your Web IP in the USE IP ADDRESS box? (ie search "whats my IP" and use that?) Does the host then START or wait in the lobby page for someone to join? how do you know they have joined? Can you join mid game? Can you become someones gunner?
  4. Please can someone make a comprehensive 'how to host' and 'how to join' co op multilayer? Despite successfully hosting/joining IL2 1946 in the past, I can't get the great battles series to run multilayer Co op.
  5. Brilliant! You have done it again dburne! Damn grip only partially seated!
  6. After a few years away from IL2, Im back! Where are the NZ / Auz servers for multiplayer please??
  7. Many thanks. Yes.. I was in expert mode. ps. Is this the dburne Who has helped me with toggle switch coding in dcs? Cheers
  8. IL2 senses my Pitch and Roll axis but I cant map the joystick buttons on my MGC Pro MK2. Ideas?
  9. Am I missing something?? I cant get an external aircraft view (F2) now Im using My VR (Rift).
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