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  1. It was simply an exclamation. I was ready to quit entirely in favor of DCS, even though I bought the entire BoX package minus the tank thing. What is better? I can see other planes at reasonable distances now. It makes not dying SO much easier.
  2. No special settings, no mods. This patch is one hell of an improvement in this department. Now, I hope some work on un-stupiding the AI happens. They're downright suicidal. I just had a G-14 ram me after I ran out of ammo on the 1st of a pair, and landed at a nearby airfield. Damn thing caused a CTD, but I caught a quick glimpse of the carnage. It was sort of spectacular, but I'd rather they fly a wee bit smarter and a lot less prone to hitting the ground. It's nice not feeling like I might go randomly blind though! Flying is much more fun when you can see.
  3. I have a rift S, and this has been happening for me as well. I had not seen the thread Sgt_Joch posted though, so I'll be giving those suggestions a try this evening.
  4. Just the info I was here looking for. Thanks.
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